Nathaniel Stearns CFHSV Full-time Coach & Business Manager


Nathaniel is a CrossFit Huntsville Business Manager and CFHSV Coach that was first introduced to CrossFit in 2008.  He is CF Level 2 Coach with a specialty CF Gymnastics Certification.  At the time, Nathaniel was coaching basketball at the colligiate level and also working as a Social Worker for a local non-profit that provides pediatric healthcare for those who are otherwise without access to healthcare.  In 2012, Nathaniel became a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and joined the CFHSV Coaching Staff.  CFHSV has allowed Nathaniel an avenue to combine both his passion for coaching,  fitness,  and sport along with his desire to empower,  educate,  and encourage people to take ownership of their own abilities,  potential,  heath,  and fitness.  Nathaniel believes that CFHSV provides the passion,  knowledge,  guidance,  and community support to make individuals stronger than yesterday both inside and outside the gym.

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