Friday, 02 September, 2011

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Partner assisted hamstring stretch



CrossFit Total

Back squat, 1 rep
Shoulder Press, 1 rep
Deadlift, 1 rep

Kevin Hare: Squat 365, Press 155, Deadlift 500. Total 1020lbs
Keegan Martin (age 17): Squat 355, Press 135, Deadlift 400. Total 890lbs
Matt Ross (age 15): Squat 300, Press 115, Deadlift 305. Total 720lbs
Alyssa Ross (age 17): Squat 215, Press 95, Deadlift 315. Total 625lbs
Katie Fairman: Squat 230, Press 95, Deadlift 275. Total 600lbs
Post total to comments.

Compare to 110513.



3 x 15 Reverse hypers



10 minutes of DROM hip drills


Max effort 3 pin pull deadlift


Snatch grip deadlift @ 3010, 2-3 x 6

3 x 10 Reverse hypers

200m sled drag


Touchdown for CrossFit” with Matt Chan and Knowshon Moreno, CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

“SEALFIT: Post Camp Fran” – video [wmv] [mov]

WOD Demo with CrossFit Oldtown – video [wmv] [mov]

30 responses to “Friday, 02 September, 2011”

  1. Powerlifting Rocks says:

    A trio of athletic ladies performing powerlifting board bench presses. Priceless!

  2. Dean M says:

    Great work 6 and 7am classes! PR’s all up and down the board from pretty much everybody. It’s very inspiring to see everyone progressing like that! Keep up the good work guys, you’ve really set the tone for the day!

  3. Larry Lowe says:

    BS = 275pr
    SP = 135
    DL = 335
    Total = 745

    I kinda liked the format of only giving us 5 minutes per lift/15 minutes total time to get through the total. The problem is the warm up. 4 minutes of all three movements is not sufficient. These power lifts have you clinching your entire body, so the entire body needs to be ready for the stress. I recommend increasing the warmup time to 10-15 minutes and including some KB work. Your whole body needs to be ready for the body clinch required to hit your PRs.

    Lot’s of PRs in 0600 – inspiring to watch!

    • Patrick says:

      5 min. to hit each lift.
      Trying for 1RM in 3 big lifts essentially cold. Thank you very much. But… NO!
      Let’s take a brief moment to think this through. We’re not all 20-somethings.
      I need at least 5 warm up squat sets to loosen up enough to even consider a 1RM back squat.
      Highly recommend rethinking this format.

  4. Jamie says:

    BS = 205 PR
    SP= 105 PR
    DL = 265 Pr (285X due to grip! grrrr!!!0

    Total = 575

    Way to go 6am class! Awesome to see PRs all around!

  5. AP says:

    BS 260 (PR by 35)
    SP 120 (PR by 5)
    DL 315 (PR by 5)
    Total: 695 (PR by 40)

    Great work by 0600, lots of PRs on the board! Also great way to end the week before my mission trip to Costa Rica. Keep up the solid work, I’ll see y’all next Monday.

    Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.
    -2 Timothy 2:15

  6. Erin B says:

    Looking great in today’s picture, ladies!

  7. Sam says:

    Just re-calculated my math from this morning. I don’t know if it was the 6am or crossfit brain, but i think i said 985 the correct math was 895. Not sure if i just flipped the numbers or just wishful thinking. Anyway, if anyone will, please change my score.

  8. I'm Totaled! says:

    BS = 400 PR for Crossfit depth
    SP = 225 Pr
    DL = 445
    Total = 1070

    CrossFit Total in 15 Minutes was interesting. Given the proper time in between Max efforts I think that I could have achieved a 1100 total. Gives me somthing to shoot for next time.

    Great job 0600!

  9. Tracey Rauer says:


    I will warm you up and set you loose on the first of the three lifts!!!!!
    NO CF total for time.:)

    Please come this afternoon, if you were already planning to.

    • Tracey Rauer says:

      That being said…we always keep you moving within a time domain on all three lifts. However, proper rest between those attempts is crucial.


      • Patrick says:

        Oh… thanks Tracy. Disregard comment above.

        • I'm Totaled! says:

          Patrick the Blue Knee Braces today were the BOMB!! If I would have had time for more than two squats I think I could have gotten 415+.

          Coupled with a great oly shoe it really helped knee stability and alignment.

          • Patrick says:

            I’ve become overly dependent on them. It’s a proprioception thing. That bit of compression and heat makes the knees feel more stable. But is probably more a mental than mechanical advantage.

  10. Brian says:

    785 for the 2nd time

    265 + 135 + 385

  11. Brady says:

    BS = 325 (PR by 20)
    SP = 175 (PR by 10)
    DL = 325 (PR by 10)
    TOTAL = 825 (PR by 40)

    Thanks for pushing me Aaron! I think you are right, I have a mental block about my DL. I’ll start working on it hard to get over that.

    CF Total for time was fun. I didnt waste time with multiple lifts. I like mixing it up.

    Great work and support in the 0600 – lots of fun as always!

  12. Carson says:

    BS = 175 (PR by 10)
    SP = 85 (PR by 10)
    DL = 270 (PR by 10)
    Total = 530 (PR by 40)
    Awesome work, everyone!
    I liked the timed programming this morning. We worked in pairs, but we went in heats. I treated it almost like a competition WOD: “OK, I’ve got 5 minutes to find a 1 rep max on this. Let’s go!” It made me start closer to my goal and in some cases beat my goal by the time my 5 minutes ran out on each move. Might not be the best approach for everyone, but I liked it. I think the approach to CF total has been different each time I’ve done it, lol. Today was no exception. 🙂 Great coaching, Dean!

  13. Rich says:

    BS 245
    SP 135(pr by 5)
    DL 365(pr by 40)
    CFT 745(pr by 35)

  14. steve price says:

    I tried to take off from the fire station for a few hours to come and do the “crossfit total” but it’s a no-go! Wish we could do this tomorrow morning! Great job to all you guys today! Ya’ll killed it!

  15. DaveC says:

    A few days rest and new socks did wonders…

    255 (PR +10)
    125 (PR +5)
    325 (PR +50)
    Total 705 (PR +95)

  16. Kerri says:


    620(PR by 45#)

    Great job to everyone today!

  17. Tracey says:


    tired by the end….need more dynamic work on deadlifts.

    total=575 (PR 15#)

  18. Patrick says:

    BS: 325 (-20)
    SP: 165 (-25)
    DL: 405 (-50)

    CFT: 895 (-95)

    I’m really disappointed with these numbers.
    Everything felt way too heavy.
    Expected some stagnation in strength gains… but Wow!

    I’ve been doing straight CrossFit, without any supplemental strength work for the past couple months. Plus working on goats. DU, running, OHS. Nothing else has changed. Diet remains so-so, stress, sleep, work are all about the same. Previously, doing 5/3/1 and cherry picking the WODs. If it was a long metcon…. count me out.

    But… on the plus side straight CF has improved my ability to go into and stay in the Pain Cave. Somehow, I just can’t get as excited about that, as I can get disappointed by a poor CFT.

    Any suggestions are appreciated.

  19. Greg 500 Scarpa says:

    BS: 300 pr
    SP: 175 no change
    DL: 500 (same as a couple of weeks ago)

    Total: 975