Friday, 04 Sep, 2009

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Rest Day

Economic Illiterates in Washington– John Stossel

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  1. Jakub Sikorski says:

    Weighted pull-ups 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

  2. Garth says:

    One workout I have been meaning to try on the road or a candidate for the hotel games is the Prisoner’s WOD. AMRAP XX minutes — Stand on one wall and do a burpee. Walking lunges to other wall. Burpee. Repeat. Kind of tedious, but that is why it is the prisoner’s workout. I have the Hopper Deck cards. I will share them with fellow travelers who want to check them out.

    My recent schedule: Sun eve = plane. Mon eve = Zone class. Tues eve = plane. Wed eve = plane. Thurs eve = did not want to do 5K after not working out in a week. I needed some weights in my hands. Did row/thrusters WOD. At RSA gym, which made me depressed — I hate normal gyms now. They had a C2 but no good pull-up bar. Did WOD with C2, 45#dumbbells, and knees to elbows instead of pull-ups (similar timing). 18:56.

    Fri eve = plane. More of the same next week. This is not helping my progress.

  3. Justin says:

    lunge/pullup/situp 21-18-15… workout in 8:58

  4. klowe says:

    comments about the article of the day.

    Stimulus plans to creat jobs is a great thing…but providing new cars for people that really can’t afford them is completely absurd. How many of the people that participated really budgeted for the new 400-500 dollar a month car payment prior to having all the incentives waved in front of their faces? I highly doubt most of the participants even considered purchasing a new car. Like other’s have said. This is a repackaging of the housing crisis. Giving people the “right” to a nice new car/house when their personal economics simply do not support it.
    Now…to the stimulus. Sure. STIMULATE all day long to creat jobs and tax me IF IT IS FOR PUBLIC WORKS!….(see our aged and crumbling infrastructure for example). Why does an autoworker HAVE to stay an autoworker? Why can’t these laborers learn a new skill and weld new bridges, drive machinery, or build an efficient interstate rail system? If “GREEN” is the flag that the cash for clunkers is waving to promote its benefit then it is a total sham and a wash! Taking that stimulus money to build an effecient rail system would create more SUSTAINABLE jobs, benefit much more of the tax payers, and be about 100x’s “greener”.

    The cash for clunkers garbage was just a simple “look what we have done – (insert line graph)”…..ploy by our Democratic Congress and President.

    Total Socialist BullCrap!

    just my .02

  5. Mandee Miller says:

    15 power snatch, run 400m — 5 rounds
    25:50 as rx’d

  6. Robb Dempsey says:

    Elizabeth as RX’ed 17:25

  7. Robert Montgomery says:

    Great Article:

    This isn’t dangerous. Wrestling lions is dangerous. Climbing mountains is dangerous.

    This is a walk in the park.

    You can stand there and scream, loading a thousand YouTube videos, a thousand screenshots of undereducated idiots throwing around barbells and calling it CrossFit. It doesn’t make you right. It makes you a YouTube-watching naysayer.

    What you’re lacking is honest proof. Statistics. A spreadsheet, a number, a definitive outcome, an analysis of variance showing that what we’re doing carries an outsized risk of injury.

    Frailty, immobility, and disease are the result of refusing to stand, of allowing fear to dictate the bounds of fitness.
    Of course, you’ll never find it, because it doesn’t exist. Instead, you’ll type hate mail on the nearest message board, insisting that thrusters break wrists and burpees break backs, that the clean and jerk is an abomination, the kipping pull-up an affront to humanity.

    Good luck. While you hold forth from the mountaintops, we’ll be pressing on, recognizing a singular truth that has escaped your narrow worldview: risk and reward go hand-in-hand.

    If you want the world’s safest fitness program, you’ll have to forego fitness. You’ll strap into a lever-controlled, pulley-modulated padded seat, moving through a predetermined range of motion, and you’ll stay fat. If you want to get fit, you’ll have to stand up, and the second you do, you’ll be subject to gravity.

    Gravity is a risk, and it would just as soon have you on your ass as on your feet. It would just as soon snap you in two as leave you whole, twisting your ligaments from their tenuous foundations or leaving them intact.

    Fortunately, gravity is also the supreme creator of athletes, the silent resistance that makes bones dense and muscles strong. It rewards every second of fight, every moment we refuse to succumb to its pull. The more advantage we give it through increased loads and coordinated movements, the more it gives back.

    Of course, the risks grow in lockstep, the hundred pound injury a mere trifle to the tragedy of its three hundred pound cousin. With every fight, there is the spectre of failure, insignificant or catastrophic.

    However compelling, these possibilities pale in comparison to the risk of stopping. Frailty, immobility, and disease are not the result of working too hard, of waging war against a barbell. They are the result of a padded seat. They are the result of refusing to stand, of allowing fear to dictate the bounds of fitness.

    The true danger lies in non-participation.

    Load your videos, and cite the miniscule incidence of rhabdomyolysis. Write letters to your constituency, warning them of the dangers of CrossFit, of our singular drive to massacre, maim, and kill. Yell and parade, and make as much noise as you can, and hope that the volume hides your lack of evidence. Time will prove you an idiot, fighting a force as inexorable as gravity.

    Eric Barber, owner of Next Generation CrossFit.

  8. Robert S. says:

    Hike 3.5 miles with toddler on back, 1 hr.

    Teaching toddler to go potty in the woods…..timeless!

  9. Craig Herr says:

    25 wall ball shots
    25 GHD Sit Ups
    (spent a good 5 minutes will Russell showing me and remindingme proper form on these)

    5 Rounds

    20:14 (1.5 hour hockey game before-I was gassed)

  10. klowe says:

    Next time do some GHD-wall ball shots. That is a whole new world of suckiness!

  11. Craig Herr says:


    That would be brutal!!

  12. Kerri says:

    As Katherine calls it “Fran in a boat” (or, maybe a d* canoe)…..
    1000m row
    21 thrusters as rx’ed 65#
    21 jpu’s
    750 m row
    15 thrusters
    15 jpu’s
    500 m row
    9 thrusters
    9 jpu’s
    Lots of sweat for a Rest Day…..
    Oh well, gonna miss tomorrow, so will have to make that up too…Headed to ATL!! Roll Tide!

  13. Katherine Berger says:

    hehehe. douche canoe.


  14. Daniel says:

    “Fran in a boat”
    Over a minutes slower then earlier this week.

    Cash for Clunkers is considered by many including myself as a success. Long term success is still up in the air, but I believe it was a perfect little program. It cost very little compared to other stimulus programs, it helped the auto industry rebound enough to resume hiring, to open new factories, and to ramp up production. Therefore more parts, more steel, more vinyl, more leather, more electronics, etc were ordered. The success reseted in the focus of the program I believe. The stimulus was directed at the U.S. consumer as opposed to just handing car companies a check. The auto industry had to fight for those dollars to be spent in their showrooms.

    Also people, myself included, went into showrooms and bought a car even though it DIDN’T qualify for C.A.R.S. The program lured me to the dealership when I otherwise wouldn’t have gone, and now I’m a proud owner of a gas guzzling Lincoln Navigator.

    The hope is that this small Vitamin B shot in the arm will give the industry enough cash flow to allow it to retool, plan and plot a new path for its companies. When business was down as much as it was earlier this year, the only forecasting most car company’s could do was to see if they could make it another week. This will hopefully give them several months breathing room to try a new approach.

    Stimulus programs such as this have long been a tool of more then just a DNC run US government for over a century. The run up to both WWI and WWII was funded by massive government spending. That spending created a boom in the economy that lasted well beyond the wars, and it spawned technological development and new industry that persist today.

    Stimulus spending is not liberal or socialist. Its just spending. The only debate should be how much to spend and what to spend it on. Labeling the stimulus as “socialist” and “liberal” just clouds the debate with useless adjectives.

    I agree that some industries should just be allowed to die a natural death. Nobody would be for a stimulus package for the buggy whip industry. Cars however represent a major slice of this economy. Commodities such as steel, plastics, integrated circuits, rubber and gasoline representing millions of jobs across multiple industries depend heavily on the sale of automobiles.

    I loved that the program was effective yet short. It wasn’t an extended stimulus like farm subsidies. Farm subsidies were started in what in the 70’s? Now if you take them away farms would just die. That’s because the industry has come to rely upon them. The Cash for Clunkers short term stimulus was a great idea and it was implemented nearly flawlessly.

  15. Russell says:

    Flawlwssly, except of course that refunds to dealers were supposed to take 10 days, but now are being promised sometime at the end of september. The same government that can’t effectivley oversee this simple a transaction is trying to run your health care. Where DO I sign up?

  16. Russell says:

    Spending money isn’t socialist. Using the government’s police power to redistribute the earned wealth if our nation’s producers to our moochers is socialist. So maybe cash for clunkers isn’t exactly socialist, but much of the stimulus is… Not that any of it seems to be working. Except for Ted Kennedy, who is a “shovel ready” project.

  17. Brad says:

    Russell is that you? Still awake at 0100?

  18. Larry Lowe says:

    great rest day pic!

  19. Craig Herr says:

    Thanks I often Nap in that position.

    The cash for clunkers is a joke. Let’s get more people big car payments they can’t afford. Talk to a dealership owner and see how he feels about the “promises” made to them about the program. Redistribution redistribution redistribution. Let’s all be equal. I would love to have a sub 2 min Fran like Russell and Kevin-maybe the Govt will give it to me let’s put it on the white board!!!

  20. Craig Herr says:

    I think owning a douche canoe is a right not a privilege.