Friday, 07 May, 2010

Posted by Mandee on May 7, 2010   |   17 Comments

“The Bear”
7 Intervals without dropping the bar of:
Power Clean
Front Squat
Push Press
Back Squat
Push Press

For 5 Rounds
*Increase load each round

Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man 2 Workout Routine
Who Owns the First Amendment?” by Michael Kinsley, The Atlantic.

17 responses to “Friday, 07 May, 2010”

  1. Garrett D says:

    95-100-105-110-115 Much tougher than I thought it would be.

  2. Aaron says:

    Made up Barbara this morning
    24:58 PR by over 6 minutes

    Tracey & Jake, thanks for staying on my ass. This wod sucks doing it by yourself!

  3. Barry S says:

    Today was 3 rounds for time of
    21 pullups
    15 push press
    9 deadlift
    400m run

    26 flat with blue band assist on pullups, 95#pp, 225#dl.

    really looking forward to pictures of Berger Baby Boy!!!

  4. Kerri says:

    The Bear..only appropriate now that we know little man’s name!!

  5. Emily D. says:

    I don’t know…I am starting to think little Bear doesn’t exist…still no proof! 😉

  6. Ryan says:

    I scaled a lil too much I think. Overall I like this WOD for sure.

  7. Emily D. says:

    ahhhhh…that is right…forgot the little booger would most likely be in the NICU!

  8. Robb Dempsey says:


    last round was a mental challenge getting back to the bar from the 4th round. Broke it up 3, 2, 1, 1.

  9. Emily D. says:


    Stupid push press…….just couldn’t do crap with it tonight…..super tired.

    I would like to thank the 5:30 class for all skipping out on me tonight……it was just ME and Jake!!!!!!!! It was 9,000 degrees……Jake sat on his yoga mat…..and I suffered 🙂 good times…….good times

    Doing a WOD at home tomorrow so we can cheer Robert on!!!!!!!

  10. Patrick says:

    75-95-105-115-135 (2:00-2:10-2:20-2:10-5:00)
    Resting exactly 3 min between rounds.

    I consider this one scaled.

    Did the “CF Football Bear” last year shortly after they launched that site. Used 95# sets across, didn’t record pull up penalties. I figured since we aren’t doing the pull up penalty, adding 2 round and increasing weight each round then it’s okay to drop the bar and break up the complex however we want. So I pretty much dropped the bar after each rack jerk, reset and did the next complex. It sucked both ways.

  11. Larry Lowe says:

    Full day in DC with the kids. Forced them to nap at 4:30 and I got a WOD in.

    Courtyard Marriott Convention Center WOD:
    5 rounds:
    8 flights of stairs
    20 pushups
    20 situps

    untimed, but did not stop. straight into next rounds after stair decent. Leg burner!

    Bear is one of my favorite workouts for some reason. Great workout in honor of the Littlest Ball of Hate! Congrats Russell and Kat!

  12. Robert S. says:

    Went down to Albertville today to get some practice done on the FFCC course.

    The faster I run the sooner the pain ends!!! Do work!

  13. Robert S. says:


    If you are planning on coming down to the FFCC tomorrow, I suggest being there right around 10:00. Earlier if possible. The runs will start at 10 sharp and it looks like Jordan and Myself will be running within the first hour.