Friday, 1 July, 2011

Posted by Mandee on June 30, 2011   |   9 Comments


4 intervals of tabata jump squats



Back Squat


These are tempo squats. Take 2 seconds to descend to the bottom of the squat, have a 1 second pause in the bottom, EXPLODE UP!



3 x 10 Reverse Hypers


Running Drills: Part 2” with Brian MacKenzie by Again Faster EquipmentCrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]


“The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of 60 minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is.”
– C. S. Lewis

9 responses to “Friday, 1 July, 2011”

  1. Headed to Ohio this weekend for a powerlifting cert with Dennis. Looking forwarded to being humbled by some of the strongest powerlifters in the world and being able to bring back some valuable knowledge for you guys to take advantage of.

    Hope everyone has a safe 4th of July weekend. See you guys back in the gym on Monday!

  2. Eric Hedges says:

    Jake enjoy my hometown of Columbus!

    Todays Workout
    135×5, 185×5, 205×5, 225×5, 235×5

    Thanks Tye for the counting and the help with my form.

    • Larry Lowe says:

      135, 185, 185, 185, 205

      Focused on knees out. Next, I need to focuss on driving from my heel instead of ricking to my toes to initiate the bar going up.

  3. Tye says:

    Made up the run/muscle up workout in 15:45. Not real happy with that, as the MU’s took over 9 minutes, the weight I’ve added in the last couple months could be hurting me there, but I’ll take the increases in strength that came with it. Then again, 25 weighted dips with 50 lbs before the muscle ups could have hindered me aswell.
    Bench Press deload 95(5)-115(5)-135(5)
    Weighted Dips 5X5 @ 50lbs

  4. Josh McGuire says:

    Open gym
    Regional wod 3
    Deadliift 315 / box jump 30″
    Did this a month ago or so when it came up and scaled to 24″ box jump in 7:28

    Today rxd 6:45

    Weighted pull ups 5×5
    Set of 20 lip pus

  5. Patrick says:

    Did these at a GloboGym. The ever present mirror actually helped on these. I could be my own coach. Seeing that I had completely stopped in the hole for a 1 count before driving up.