Friday, 16 December, 2011

Posted by Mandee on December 15, 2011   |   18 Comments


4 Rounds:

10 Double-unders

10 Walking lunges

5 Barbell power snatches




10 Rounds for time

15 Wall ball shots 20/14#, 10′ Target

3 Power Snatches 135/95#



A. Sumo Deadlift 10 x 2 @10×0; 50% 1RM, Rest 1:00

B. Clean and Jerk 5 x 1 @85% 1RM; Rest 3:30

C1. Weighted step-ups 3 x 10/leg; Rest 1:00

C2. Glute Ham Raises 3 x 10-15 @10×0; Rest 1:00

D. Car/Truck/Prowler push 3 x 30 seconds; Rest 5:00


CrossFit Kids Trainer Course: The Deadlift Series” by Again Faster EquipmentCrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

Reminder: CFHSV’s annual Christmas Party will be this Saturday at 6:00! If you plan to come please bring a side dish of your choice! We look forward to seeing everyone there!

18 responses to “Friday, 16 December, 2011”

  1. Tye says:

    Just want to apologize to all those in 0600 for the way I acted this morning. Thanks for the encouragement even when I was being an a-hole.

    • Josh Kennedy says:

      On a bad day you are still the freakin’ man!

    • AP says:

      No worries. I had a brief outburst too. Certain movements can be extremely frustrating, especially when you know you can do it but for whatever reason (lack of sleep, nutrition, injury, etc) it isn’t happening that day. Good job pushing through and persevering.

      • Eric Hedges says:

        Way to work through the pain!

        135 Snatch not a problem, counting accurate wall ball shots not so much!

  2. Josh Kennedy says:

    14:11, scaled to 95# snatch, probably should have gone a touch heavier, but able to keep a steady effort thru this destructive WOD. Had worked a bunch of heavy snatches and OHS yesterday during open gym is my only excuse. Thanks to Gus and Zach for a little extra help on snatch form.

  3. AP says:

    Scaled at 125 pounds

  4. Justin says:

    18:47 scaled to 115
    wallballs were not fun

  5. Jane says:

    22:48 scaled to 75#. Took me a while to get in the rhythm.

  6. tracey says:

    Great job to all my a.m. classes! Devonne really went hard today and I’m so proud of her effort and strength gains. She also met Pukie for the first time. Solid !!!!!!

  7. Carson says:

    23;58 scaled to #70. Probably could have done #75, but they looked ROUGH in the warm-up.

  8. Dennis says:

    Wow, what a first WOD to come back to after 6 weeks off/recovering from surgery. 5rds RXd in 7:40 I will be on the slow and steady route to recovery and hanging with the CFHSV animal athletes.

    I would like to thank John, Jamie, and Quin for pushing it so hard in the class Great Job.
    Train Hard, Train Smart, Train to Survive!

  9. 0600 RULES! says:

    Welcome bad to the fold DB hope to see you on Sunday.

  10. Mac says:

    14:43 rx’d – please no more wall balls!