Friday, 16 September, 2011

Posted by Mandee on September 15, 2011   |   21 Comments


100m run, 30 seconds of barbell thrusters, 30 seconds of ring rows. Rest 30 seconds x 4



Four rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
95 pound Thruster, 15 reps
15 Pull-ups

Austin Malleolo 10:40, Jeremy Kinnick 12:22, Janece Katona 15:26 (65lbs).
Post time to comments.



10 minute squat test!



EROM deadlift 10 x 2 @ 60%; Rest 45 seconds

Russian step ups 5 x 15 @ 01×0; Rest 90 seconds

A1: Heavy tire flip 4 x 8; Rest 10 seconds

A2: KB farmers carry 4 x 100m @90%; Rest 1:00

B: Hip extensions 3 x 25; Rest 30 seconds


Behind the Scenes: Part 6” by Sevan Matossian, CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

WOD Demo with Jeremy Kinnick and Janece Katona by Again Faster Equipment – video [wmv] [mov]


21 responses to “Friday, 16 September, 2011”

  1. Tracey says:

    I LOOOOVVVEEEEE RIP! I want to speak like that. Color coordination is a must is all I got. 🙂

  2. Tracey says:

    THIS WOD LOOKS GOOD! I hope I can get it in tomorrow. Col. Rauer is getting his gallbladder out. I hope it goes smoothly. 🙂

    • Slade White says:

      Is he getting a bionic one? “Col. Rauer…test pilot. A man mostly alive, but not so much in the gallbladder area. Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world’s first bionic…gallbladder.” He could be the Six Thousand Dollar ‘copay’ Man. 😉

      If yall need anything, let me know.

      • Tracey says:

        Slade, you crack me up! He made it fine and will be a little sore and layed up for a few days. Just in time for a football weekend 🙂

  3. Larry Lowe says:

    19:44 rx with CTB pullups

    Got tired on the thrusters and did most of the last two rounds on my toes. Solid work from 0600. Tye was blazing yet again.

  4. Tim Singleton says:

    This shirt was from Crossfit Rebels in Clearwater, Florida. I think Mandee is looking for suggested slogans for our next t-shirt. Ny suggestion:
    “If you see a kettlebell – RUN!”
    Charles Barkley

  5. Ron Wood says:

    19:51 rx’d

  6. Tye says:

    16:25 Scaled Up to Chest to Bar Pullups per Tracy’s recommendation, thruster stayed at 95lb.

    I almost feel like I’m back to normal after the backpacking trip and shoulder injury. Hopefully another week and I’ll feel like I’m back in the groove.

  7. AP says:

    Scaled down Thrusters to 85 pounds;
    Scaled up pull-ups to CTB

  8. Jane says:

    3 rounds + 400 m run at the 20 min cut off- rx’d. Thanks Gus for the instruction and extra push to keep me going this am!

  9. Clair says:

    Thrusters 45lb
    Chest to bar jumping pullups

  10. Meghan says:

    18:55 rx’d. No C2B for me:( This WOD was miserable!!

  11. Justin says:

    13:55 rx’d

  12. Tracey says:

    i enjoyed coaching the 6/7 classes today!

  13. Patrick says:

    Litvinov hybrid: DL 225# 7 rep/ 1 Matrix island run (which is 269 yds, if anyone wants to know) 7 rounds: 14:47
    Pissed off shoulder wasn’t loving the Thruster/Pull up combo.
    The Classic Litvinov is 3 rounds of 8 Front Squats followed by a 400m run. The Russian thrower that originated the thing did the FS at 405# and ran the 400’s at a 1:15 pace.