Friday, 18 Sep, 2009

Posted by Mandee on September 18, 2009   |   33 Comments

Five rounds for time of:
30 Glute-ham sit-ups
25 Back extensions

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33 responses to “Friday, 18 Sep, 2009”

  1. joshg says:

    Just a heads up. For the next week or so there will be a warm-up posted on the small white board under the WOD. If it seems to help get everyone going and you guys like it then we’ll keep it. The warm-up will focus on getting properly prepared for the WOD while also incorporating some skill movements. If you have been crossfitting for a while (more than a few months) and have a good routine, then do that instead. Whatever you decide to do, the main thing is to not be standing around, if you are we will think of something for you to do.

  2. Robert S. says:

    Scaled to 15 GHD


  3. Robb Dempsey says:

    26:04 as RX’ed — This one goes into my least favorite WOD stack.

  4. Larry Lowe says:


    I agree with Robb. Although I think I am doing GHD correctly now. True test will be the amount of Rhabdo tomorrow.

  5. tracey says:

    Josh, I really liked your warm-up. Today was busy at the 11:30 class and I was in a time crunch so I made stuff up.
    25 burpees
    25 kpu’s (did 3 at a time + 1)
    25 burpees
    500 m row 2:15
    5 pu’s + 10 ring rows
    1000 m row 4:40
    10 ring rows
    500 m row 2:12
    10 ring rows
    1000 m row 4:25

    I’ll make up todays workout, this weekend. I arrived a bit late. First come, first serve prevails. 🙂

  6. Slade White says:

    As Rx’d 16:39

    Almost got a visit from Pukie today.

  7. Clint says:

    Right around 12 minutes. I wasn’t interested in having my head pop off that is for sure. Watched slade nearly puke…

  8. z says:

    13:49 then 1:15 of soccer

  9. Will Blankenship says:


    Still a crappy time, but a definite improvement over last time. I probably could have pushed this one a little harder, but everybodys got me paranoid about this rhabdo stuff.

  10. Kerri says:

    15:45 as rx’ed…..Great job Amy and thanks for the countdown in rds 4 and 5!!
    Not a fun one, and fear the effects of it tomorrow and Sunday; What I read about rhabdo is, it’s a result of being dehydrated…hopefully I had enough water the first part of the day….

  11. kkirby says:

    Rhabdo who? Larry, did i miss something?

  12. Robb Dempsey says:

    Just curious if anyone else experiences sharp pains in the upper leg after this work out? This is twice now for this workout where on the drive home it’s almost too much pain shooting down my leg to drive. Once I get home and stand up for a bit I’m good.

  13. klowe says:

    “King Kong” as rx’d – 10:54
    two rounds of the “rhabdo express” 5:05

    (lower back said two rounds was enough…stupid WOD anyway)
    Congrats to those that PR’d. Don’t worry much about the rhabdo stuff if you have been doing CF for a while. You are all probably beyond that now.

  14. klowe says:


    Hip flexors. Tells me you were doing the movement correctly.
    Just a guess.

  15. Russell says:

    Kevin, I think your lower back might have been telling you that doing “king-kong” before this WOD was the stupid part. As for the rhabdo thing, it sounds like many of you are equally and uneccesarily concerned. Yes, there is always the small chance you could give yourself rhabdo on a hard effort of any sort, car wreck, passing out drunk, or runnuing a triathalon, and yes, the GHD bench is a good way to increase those odds, but no more so probably than the jumping pull-up. If you’ve done this workout before, or are fairly experienced, you will be fine, just as you are after every WOD. And Rob, do some samson stretches man.

  16. dunnbball says:


    The gym didn’t have a GHDS machine, so I ended up doing sit-ups on a decline bench.

  17. Mandee Miller says:

    18:12 as Rx’d

  18. tracey says:

    Ok. Maybe im a lil slow, but what is rhabdo? Today is the first ive heard of it. Did someone get it?

  19. klowe says:

    You may have a point about my timing of this WOD but I still hold true that it is a stupid WOD.

  20. Russell says:

    As RX’ed- 11:06

    Go google it tracey. And yes, I got it. Yesterday.

    Kevin, if by stupid you mean horribly uncomfortable, I completely agree.

  21. tracey says:

    I did look it up…sorry u had to experience that. All ive experienced is a Valsalva headache. Nothing that glamorous. Hope you feel better!

  22. Russell says:

    Sorry I was being sarcastic about yesterday, but I did get it pretty badly in highschool.

    Oh yeah and the valsalva headache is total BS. Maybe you needed some coffee?

  23. tracey says:

    NOPE!!!! IT WAS REAL !!!! IM ALWAYS LOADED WITH CAFFEINE! (notice the all caps)
    I was expermenting with Yohimbe…that caused it 2x.

  24. Zak says:

    As RX’ed – 12:54

  25. Katie says:

    13:38 as rx’d. This is the first time I’ve actually finished this workout and didn’t get a killer migraine. I am always anxious going into GHDs but switched up a few things like keeping my core tight, not whipping my head back on both GHDs and back extensions. It made all the difference. Great job Dawn – good to have partner today.

  26. Katherine Berger says:

    I pretty much had a complete binge day without meaning to. Chips, salsa, snickers bar…you name it. If they had it at the Orlando airport, I ate it. And my only exercise was trying not to throw up sitting behind a large man with a tummy ache on the tiny plane home. Yep, fun times.

    See y’all tomorrow!

  27. Garth says:

    14:22 (PR). Started this WOD like gangbusters, which was a mistake. I know better to pace myself a little.
    Every time I do these BE WODs, I drive home with my back locking up. I have to keep moving to avoid the pain. By the time I am home, I am ok.

  28. Robert S. says:


    good to know I’m not the only one to have a binge moment today. Kevin mentioned ice cream today and the power of suggestion took over when I got home. Wayyyyyy too much ice cream, followed by a bunch of baby bell cheese, and a bunch of that paleo trail mix from costco (at least it’s paleo). I’m sure I’ll suffer tomorrow……

  29. Patrick says:

    Yohimbine…interesting. The ineffective herbal alternative treatment for erectile dysfunction. Haven’t seen that used much in the past 10 yrs, Viagra stole it’s market. Has a tendency to run the heart rate and blood pressure up in addition to headaches, dizziness and flushing. Has a narrow therapeutic window so the effective dose and an overdose are pretty close together. Be careful with that stuff.

  30. tracey says:

    Patrick, That was in the days of fitness competitions. Trying to get the last bid of fat off.
    There has been studies of Yohimbe being beneficial for fat loss on the thighs and hips in women. I tried it and it gave me the Valsava headaches. So I stopped. NO Quick fixes!

  31. Karen says:

    Tried a version of this at the fitness room in Bermuda 🙂 . Inclined situp and “good mornings” with 35 lb dumbbell. 13:xx minutes.

  32. Mandy says:

    So I came in looking at my times and planning to push to beat 10 min. Then I saw everyone’s times and thought I was crazy. I did it in 9:50…. so either I’ve got the physical advantage of strong legs and core and a small upper body frame… or I messed up.
    The first time I did this workout in Jan I remember Russell yelling at me to stop taking breaks so that I could break 10 and got just over 11… so I think I did it right… but looking at the other posted times I question myself.
    I guess we’ll see next time the workout comes around.

  33. Kyle Mosier says:

    As RX’ed – 17:54