Friday, 19 Nov, 2010

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50 foot shuttle runs- running, back-pedaling, bear-crawl, crab-walk, leap-frog, buddy-carry
Burgener warm-up and snatch drills

As many rounds as possible in 8 minutes of :
55 pound Hang-power snatches, 10 reps
Plank-Burpees, 10 reps

Immediately transition into Free-standing Hand-stand balance work!

Post time to comments.

YUM- try Berries and “Cream”… another creation from Robert Simmons

When your blood sugar isn’t normal (part 1)

Below are the current nominees for our Athlete committee positions. All name are alphabetically listed by first name. If you want to add your name to the list, or withdraw from one of your nominations, please let us know soon!

Women’s social coordinator nominees: Emily Davis, Katie Glasscock, Penelope Smith

Men’s social coordinator nominees: Brian Strickland, Garrett Davis

Competitive events coordinator nominees: Christy Bergin, Kevin Lowe

Community rep nominees: Ryan Penton, Penelope Smith

New member welcomer nominees (3 positions available): Benjamin Jarrell, Carson Wakefield, Christy Bergin, Emily Davis, Kerri Wellendorf, Robert Simmons, Stacey Penton

President: Amanda Jarrett, Robert Simmons, Stacey Penton

And here is a short and sweet question for our nominees: How would the existence of your position help our gym?

Oh, and check out the latest revision of the Athlete Band Tracker… I made some numerical typos on the rankings at the very bottom, which has apparently crushed a few peoples dreams….Sorry! Won’t be the last time I do that I’m sure.

34 responses to “Friday, 19 Nov, 2010”

  1. Ramsay says:

    Penelope! Love the pic…

  2. Christy Bergin says:

    One of my favorite aspects of Crossfit is how it translates outside of our box. I remember my first year of Crossfit I competed in a Half Ironman event and shaved an entire hour off my time. I think the special events position is important so that our members can have the opportunity to be in other arenas where they can see their fitness in action. I also think that the more members we have at local events makes us more visible in the community. I have been on some amazing triathlon teams and theres nothing more fun than a group of like-minded people training and competing together. I also think participating in crossfit events

  3. Christy Bergin says:

    …crossfit events gives us an opportunity to watch and learn from other crossfitters and set goals and provide purpose to our training thereby pushing harder and getting stronger. Im looking forward to seeing more events for all the members to be included in. I think it will really add to the comraderie that we all value.

  4. Robert S. says:

    Commitee QOD:

    First I’ll talk about the President position. Without a leader any endeavour is doomed to failure. The athlete commitee is something that can and will help our gym in many ways. What better way to improve a business and community than to have it’s members provide feedback to the owner of the business and support each other? Without someone to organize the effort, set goals, ensure goals are met, and provide feedback to Russell I don’t think it would be nearly as productive.

    As for the new athlete welcomer, I think this is something that is very cool. A new client most likely has no idea that they are joining a very tight knit community when they sign up for CF. Everyone is so used to going to the gym and doing some work… Nothing more. Having someone to welcome new athletes lays the path into the community for them. This has the potential to get people involved in more clincs, competitions, and events outside of CFHSV much faster. New athletes will feel right at home as soon as they walk in the door and be immersed in that sense of community that we all enjoy.

  5. Ben says:

    Wow! Lots of volunteers for the welcoming committee! I guess many of us like to talk about CF anyway, so why not help out by doing it with new members.

    As a relatively new member, I guess I can relate to the concerns new members may have, and since I feel like I’ve made some modest improvements in my own fitness and attempted WODS that I’ve found intimidating, I hope I can allay their anxieties and encourage them to give it a try.

    Also, since no one has volunteered for the men’s social coordinator, I’m willing to give that a shot. I don’t know how qualified I am for the position, other than planning some a few events back in my college days.

  6. KLowe says:

    Committee QOD:
    The existence of Competitive events Coordinator would help CFHSV now and in the future by encouraging and mentoring CFHSV athletes that want to take the next step into the competitive realm as well as helping to find local competitions to compete it whether it be creating local “mini-comps” or sharing information about larger regional competitions.

    Benchmark wods and competition within the gym is one way to measure one’s fitness gains over time but competition introduces very elements of competition under pressure, nutrient timing, recovery, stamina for multiple WODS, and competing against a whole new community of athletes to gauge one’s relative fitness and to train for and achieve personal goals. The aforementioned elements can intimidate and seem completely overwhelming for someone that wants to compete but that may have not participated in any form of athletic competition recently or ever.

    An event coordinator would ideally be a encourager, motivator, cheerleader in the gym during training and during the actual competitions. This position holder will also help with knowledge on all aspects leading up to, during, and post competition to help ease the transition into the competitive crossfit community.

    Lastly an event coordinator will could help to organize gym results, pictures, movies, etc to share with the rest of the CFHSV gym which would hopefully encourage others to take the CF competition step.

  7. Kerri says:

    New Member Welcoming Committee:
    This is definitely a needed position because the CF Community (like Robert said), isn’t like your typical fitness community. Since we are a family/a team, and not just every man for himself, this committee would be useful to simply orient the new member to that concept.

    It would also be good to establish a relationship with them, so that they don’t ‘fall through the cracks’ in what can be a very challenging first 2-3 months’ adjustment to the CF lifestyle. Many may quit coming just because they don’t feel like they’re ‘enough of’ a part of the community they just joined.

    It’s nice to know that others have missed you when you have been out sick, out on travel, or nursing a nagging injury. Hopefully this position can show those new members that they’re missed when they’re not in class, and that there’s a whole family awaiting their return!

    This would also be a valuable position to welcome and orient into our family, ‘drop-ins’, transient, or newly relocated CF-ers.

  8. stacey penton says:

    new welcomer committee position, I think is super awesome! I know when I first started I didn’t know what anything meant, and I was always asking Ryan what things were (probably driving him crazier than normal, haha). So if there were a couple of people to go talk to or call or text with questions or concerns in or out of CFHSV that would have been great. I don’t know how many times Ive looked at a WOD online and been like what is that?!, and gone to make a meal and borderline freaked out staring at the list of foods I can eat but just cant quite figure out the blocks.

    The President position also a great idea, there needs to be someone that the members can go to to express concerns, ideas, thoughts, etc…and not have to go to Russell, or Jake, or Tracey each time bc they are very busy. So I think for the members to have someone to go to, just to express how they feel about an issue or concern, or just an idea about something they think will improve the gym would be an awesome asset to CFHSV.

  9. Garrett D says:

    5 + 13
    I’m looking forward to the Krispy Kreme challenge tomorrow morning. I hope that we have a good showing. It is for charity after all….

  10. AmandaJ says:

    Committee QOD:
    The existence of the Committee President position would help our gym by creating an organized and consistent pathway for processing information and feedback from our members to our coaches. Due to time and other factors, coaches often do not have the capacity to take in everyone’s concerns and important feedback about our community. The Committee President can provide a way to facilitate issues, concerns, ideas and general information that has been gathered from our CrossFit community as well as from the other chair positions back to the staff in an organized concise fashion. The Committee President can also help to keep the other committee chairs organized, facilitate effective meetings, strive to keep an open mind in all decision making and last but not least make sure that while goals are being accomplished, we are also striving for new goals and overall excellence.

  11. Slade White says:

    Ha Ha, it won’t be the last time you do what? Make a numerical typo, or crush people’s dreams? πŸ™‚

    Overcame some of my max height box jump fear last night at CFFB. I think I got 46″ and might have a little more if I can get the technique down a little better.

  12. Emily D. says:

    Women’s social coordinator:

    I believe the women’s social activities are a great asset to the CFHSV community. When I first started at CFHSV I was virtually the only female that attended the 5:30 class(a few would come and go). It wasn’t until we started meeting for “women’s night” that I actually got to meet and speak to 80% of most of the women at CFHSV. It takes a strong, willing woman to join CFHSV. We sweat, we bleed, and some of us may even cry. It is hard for a lot of women to bust out of their comfort zone. Social events give us a time to all get together and help strengthen our common bond that not many women share. These activities are very important in our box. We get to dress up, enjoy a great meal, and be ourselves in a completely different environment.

    New Member coordinator:

    I knew ONE person when I started at CFHSV and she was the person that I had joined with (she lasted only a few weeks). I was terrified walking into the warehouse for the first few months. I believe that a new member representative would have greatly eased my fears and helped me understand more of what was going on around me. With Crossfit comes a new language, new way to eat, and even a new way to live your life. Having someone to help you through those first few challenging months would help strengthen the CFHSV family and hopefully help people retain their membership. It is a lot harder to quit when you have someone there to push you through things that are new to you.

    I know from experience that I felt like I was the weakest person in that warehouse and there were days when I didn’t want to even show up, afraid I was only going to take away from other people’s class time by being the “newbie”. A new member representative would be there to help you understand that we all have been there, we know what it is like to scale EVERY movement in every WOD, we have all been the last one to finish, and we have all felt like we didn’t belong at some point.

    This isn’t a gym that you can run in and never have to speak to another soul. We are a family and everyone should be welcomed into it with open arms and I believe this position will only strengthen the strong community we already have at CFHSV.

  13. Will Blankenship says:


  14. katieg says:

    5 + 5 as rx’d

    Women’s Social Coordinator:
    CrossFit is different from many other fitness programs in that community is a huge component of its success. Furthermore, it brings people together from all different backgrounds, social circles, ages and family makeup. I believe that women’s events do an excellent job of facilitating that community aspect within our gym. Being a younger member of the gym but also married with kids allows me to relate to a majority of our women and coordinate events that are fun, fully attended, and continue to strengthen the relationships within CrossFit Huntsville.

  15. Robert S. says:

    8 rounds as rx’d

  16. Brian says:

    5 as Rx’d

  17. Penelope says:

    5 + 17 (rx’d)

    QOD: All of the positions listed have a common thread…they keep the CFHSV family healthy, happy, strong, together, and growing. Whether it be through coordinating events, social or competitive, or making sure that birthdays don’t go by unnoticed. Each member of the committee must work well together and have the heart of CFHSV in mind at all times. I love being part of the CFHSV family and want to help where I can…maybe that is as a social coordinator or a community rep or just an active member. I love the responses so far and good luck to everyone!

  18. Russell says:


    we have had two more men volunteer for the Men’s social coordinator position:

    Brian Strickland and Garrett Davis!

    thanks guys!

  19. RyanP says:

    QOD: Community Rep
    With approx 170 HSV crossfiters, it’s hard to keep up with all the “goings on” involving our box. The community rep would be great addition to CFHSV. Being that my weekday schedule is very open, I’ve been able to WOD at all the available classes. Each class has its’ unique blend of athletes as well as the level of comradarie that is common amongst crossfiters. However, each class is tighter than CFHSV as a whole. The community rep could be a great tool in spreading this comradarie from the class level to the entire box. And, might just help us put faces to names from our whiteboard. Also, the community rep could be a good “go between” for athletes who want to give updates on their progress or props for their fellow athletes’ accomplishments, in or out of the box. The rep could even help bring awareness to events and/or situations within our local communities as well. All in all, I just don’t see how a community rep could NOT benefit CFHSV.

  20. Christy Bergin says:

    as rx’d 6 rounds +1

  21. Garrett D says:

    QOD: I think that CFHSV is definitely in need of a Men’s Social Coordinator. We have had some quality Men’s events with good turnout and we need build on that foundation and continue to improve. The social events are an important part of the Crossfit experience.

    I occasionally get to mix up my schedule a bit and work out with groups outside of my normal time(s), but there are still many people that I have yet to get the opportunity to get to know better. These social events are a great way to meet the other members and get to know people beyond workout smalltalk. I would like to see the Men’s events happen more frequently and include some variety beyond the typical events.

    A specific person with the responsibility to plan and coordinate social events would go a long way to having consistent and worthwhile Men’s activities.