Friday, 21 Jan, 2011

Posted by Mandee on January 20, 2011   |   14 Comments

3 minutes of: 25 foot bear crawl, 5 strict pull-ups, 5 skin-the-cats

Then, Practice rope-climb techniques

Five rounds of:
15′ Rope climb, max reps in 3 minutes

Post reps for each round to comments.

3×15  partner push-up / glute-ham raise.

Handgun Basics Part 2: Stance, Grip and Firing” with Dave Re, CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov] and [pdf]

A plea on behalf of pears

Nutty (grain-free) granola recipe

14 responses to “Friday, 21 Jan, 2011”

  1. Justin says:

    Matt and Tye killed it both staying above 10 a round.

  2. Tye says:

    Close Justin, but I missed it on the last round by 1.


    I’m afraid I can already feel rhabdo setting in. This might be a long weekend.

  3. Eric Hedges says:


  4. Penelope says:

    9/7/6/4/4 = 30; Duct tape is still stuck to my sock 🙂

  5. Katherine Berger says:

    Penelope, you are amazing. Great job!

  6. Larry Lowe says:


    sucky fun workout. tendon in left elbow is sore. Tye and Matt totally killed this. Great work guys!

  7. Brian says:

    Scaled : I accumulated 14 climbs in 15 minutes at my own pace. I hate rope climbs.

  8. Will Blankenship says:

    Really tough today. 6/3/2/2/1 = 14

    Really tough. Now that my hands and right leg have the top layer of flesh removed, I remember why I normally avoid rope climbs at all cost.

    Morning classes, you guys are a bunch of animals. Great job.

  9. Will Blankenship says:

    About the handgun basics: I’m no shooting expert, but I do know a great deal about stances. I do not agree with the triangle stance shown in this video. I see people use this stance every time I’m at the range. This stance is an inactive, stagnant stance and not very strong. It is not effective in a live situation where you must be able to move quickly. It will do for target practice, but I wouldn’t use it in a live situation, so I don’t think it should be taught at all. Ask anyone who has ever been punched in the face by somebody that knows what they’re doing… with a stance like that, your ass is on the ground. Leaning forward on the feet and bending at the knees is better than stiff leg and on the heels, but it’s still not a good stance. What if you’re in a real world situation? Are you going to plant your feet and square up with someone? I hope not.

    IMO the stance should be active, but still strong. Feet shoulder width apart, hips square with target, lead foot slightly forward with toes pointing towards target, rear foot slightly back and at a 30-45* angle from front foot, knees bent. This is an active, strong stance with which you can move in any direction quickly, when you want, and still have complete control over your weapon. I use this stance for shooting, boxing, kickboxing, fighting, knife work, etc.

    For lack of a better example, a stance similar to this:

    Anyway… just my .02

  10. Matthew says:

    13/13/12/11/12 – 61

    Stoked about the workout this morning! My goal was 60, or 12 a round, or a rope climb every 15 sec. It went more like 8 in the first 1:30 and four or so the last 1:30. I tried to pace myself and hold on so rounds 3,4, and 5 sucked. Learned from 2k row this week, when i went out in 1:31 the first 500 and burned out early.

    Strong work to everyone in the Morning Class! Tye did awesome, I spent my time trying to chase him down. Thanks to everyone for cheering me on, it helps a ton!

  11. Robert S. says:

    10/6/6/6/6 – 34

    Nice work from the morning folks!

  12. Robert S. says:

    Mocha Breakfast Bar recipe is on the CFHSV Facebook. Check it out for a quick balanced meal when you wake up and say “Oh shit!!! I have to be at work in 15 minutes”.