Friday, 28 Aug, 2009

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Overhead Squat 3-3-3-3-3 reps

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21 responses to “Friday, 28 Aug, 2009”

  1. Larry Lowe says:

    Squat therapy.

    The rounding of my back at the bottom of the squat is why I can’t get below parallel without rolling to my toes or get out of the hole in a heavy squat. It also explains why my lower back starts to ache on a 20+ mile bike ride. I wanted to participate in the exercise, but fixing this form problem is way more important.

  2. tracey says:

    55-65-75-75-65(x4) went down in weight to keep form…same issue of rounding low back. Kat and are the sisterhood of lower back pain, so she made me stick to cleaner form. My lower back has improved with crossfit, but from years of getting thrown off horses and being preggo (2x) its just not what it used to be. Waaah!!!

    The last time i did OH squats 5-5-5-5-5 …I maxed at 60lbs. So form is stronger:)

  3. zora says:

    I been practicing back extention couple times a week and I’m agree. With Russell its best exercise for head squat

  4. Kerri says:

    Squat Therapy-
    Fixed the rounding of my back, then, I wasn’t keeping my weight on my heels (sides and balls of my feet instead).
    Was finally able to get several reps fairly correct with a PVC pipe, then class was over.

    Quality over quantity; And, going to commit to squat therapy at home (that way, when it comes to a WOD, I can actually give it a shot!!! )

  5. Larry Lowe says:

    From Mark Rippetoe’s book Starting Strength – Basic Barbell Training p36

    “Here is the source of the lower back problem: your back muscles attach at the top of your pelvis, and your hamstrings attach to the bottom. If your hamstrings lack sufficient extensibility, they will exert enough tension on the bottom of your pelvis to pull it out of its locked position in the lower back, breaking muscular tension in the erector spinae, and permitting you entire back to come out of extension into a “round” position. The back muscles and the hamstrings are competing for control of you pelvis, and the back muscles must win if you spine is to stay safe”

    Another good exercise suggested in the book is to lay flat on the floor on your belly. Put your hands behind your head and lift your chest off the floor – elbows extended in line with ears. Legs straight, raise your knees off the floor. You should be supported only by your belly at this point with your lower back in contraction.

    I know my hammy’s are weak. This is what I will be focusing on for a while.

  6. Courtney Meyers says:


  7. Russell says:

    185-185-185-195-205 X (2 of 3) – 205

    Fairly pitiful considering I can usually get 215 for 3 reps and 205 for 5 reps. My OHS felt a little dusty. I really need to get back into the groove of training regularly.

    thanks for the excerpts Larry, I find them helpful because I rarely take my SS book off the shelf.

  8. Patrick says:

    Sleep and back to the er. H1N1 is back. By the way, a healthy crossfitter is not a candidate for Tamiflu, the CDC recommendations are fairly specific. Save yourself a 6-8hr wait at the ER just to find out fluid, sleep, tylenol/ibuprofen and time is the treatment plan.

    Relenza and Tamiflu are fairly ineffective against H1N1, so it probably won’t help even if you manage to get an Rx.

  9. James p says:

    95-115-135-155-165X (1 of 3)

    I had no idea where to start here. next time i’ll start a bit higher. but i felt good about this since i’m usually a huge chicken under the bar.

  10. James p says:

    patrick, what do you know about the swine H1N1 vaccine? is it going to be a component of the regular flu shot, so you only have to get 1 shot? or is it going to be a separate vaccine?

  11. Mandy says:

    I will squat therapy with a fox
    I will squat therapy on a box
    I will squat therapy in the rain
    I will squat therapy on a plane
    I will squat therapy here and there
    I will squat therapy everywhere!

  12. Larry Lowe says:

    I will practice them in line at the DMV
    I will practice them when I squat down to pee

  13. Ashley says:

    Mandy, you are too funny! Maybe I’ll write this on my board at work… But I think that would solidify my coworkers thinking I’m nuts…

  14. Mandee Miller says:

    65 – 75 – 85 – 75 – 85 – 90 – 95

  15. tracey says:


  16. Katherine Berger says:


    lots of squat work beforehand and a bigggg focus on correct form. Felt pretty good about these.

  17. Robert Montgomery says:

    Rack Jerks-1-1-1-1-1-1 :155-165-175-175-180-180

    Overhead Squats: Did some squat therapy until I couldn’t resist getting under the bar any longer: 135-155-165-175PR- 180x1PR.

    3 hours later:

    For time with 10# Vest :

    50 Double Unders
    50 Decline Sit ups
    50 Double Unders
    40 Decline Sit ups
    50 Double Unders
    30 Decline Situps
    50 Double Unders
    20 Decline Situps
    50 Double Unders
    10 Decline Situps

    Time: 17:53

  18. klowe says:

    Same affliction as Larry on the rounded back thing. I attribute this to genetics or being taught improper form way back in the day of having a weight room in our basement….who knows.

    The squat therapy session with Russelll definitely helped a bunch. Need to keep doing them. I was impressed with Russell’s eye for detail. I can get into and out of the “hole” pretty easily but would “bobble” at the very bottom of a heavy OHS. Russell pointed out that this was due to a momentary transfer of weight from the heals to the toes. Really focused on heals and not rounding on my very last set which made a HUGE difference.

    Thanks for the attention to detail and ego checking Russell. Makes us all better and safer CFr’s.
    215x – bobble due to toes dumped 3rd rep
    225x – 1st rep shallow, 2nd “decent”, 3rd bobbled
    Bonus round
    225 – really focused on the pointers and strangely (ha) this set felt great!

  19. Zak says:

    Early morning big dumb Army run – somewhere around 6-7 miles very slowly in a large group. It took an hour and a half to complete.

    Overhead squats
    Then 9 back squats at 215#

  20. Russell says:

    I always knew Larry squatted when he peed.

  21. Patrick says:

    Zak, glad those big dumb Army runs are in the distant past. Definitely don’t miss that.
    James P, I believe H1N1 and seasonal influenza vaccines will be separate. But, so far neither is available.