Friday, 7 October, 2011

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10 minutes of focused gymnastic skill work on the kip and proper positioning in the HSPU.



Five rounds for time of:
6 Handstand push-ups
12 Chest-to-bar pull-ups
24 Weighted walking lunges, 35 pound dumbbells

Austin Malleolo 5:48, Josh Everett 6:22, Jesse Bazarnick 6:50, Kristan Clever 8:03 (35lb DBs), Laurie Galassi 8:39 (25lb DBs).
Post time to comments.



Find 8RM Powell Raise @ 3010

Find 8RM Dumbbell External Rotation @ 3010



A: Find a 1RM high bar back squat @30×0; Rest as needed between lifts
B: Heavy touch and go Clean grip deadlift 3 x 20; Rest 2:00
C: Squat snatch x 1; Snatch balance x 2; Overhead squat x 3; Rest 1:30
D: Glute ham raises 5 x 15 @2121; Rest 1:00

11 responses to “Friday, 7 October, 2011”

  1. Dennis says:

    Great pic and a great day to sign up for Barbells for Boobs. It was real easy to do now that Mandee provided the hyperlink on the B4B page.

    I look forward to everyone blasting through Barbells for Boobs to support a GREAT cause. Train Hard, Train Smart, Train to Survive, and Train to Support Barbells for Boobs.

    PS Dust off you pink gear or start looking for a new PINK look. Guys too 🙂

  2. AP says:

    13:48 rx’d

    My shoulders be shot!

  3. Slade White says:

    Today’s picture caption…. synchronized awesomeness. 🙂

  4. DaveC says:

    Here’s something to hopefully motivate the Nutrition challenge bunch. Some folks might remember I wrote on here about 6 months ago mentioning the happy news regarding my first visit to my doctor after starting Crossfit. I had another followup this morning and long story short everything is still great. The thing I’m most pleased about is that triglyceride levels have fallen even further (smart people say that triglycerides are a direct indicator of pathological inflammation and the related maladies like heart disease, obesity, diabetes, etc.). HDL is still good and as high as ever for me. LDL was up slightly, but I attribute that to a transient bump from my week-long pre-paleo nutrition challenge binge. Still way below what it was a year ago.

    In my earliest Crossfit 101 days I remember Dennis exhorting one of the Sat AM WOD classes to pay attention to nutrition, and that it’s better to get the nutrition right and skip the workouts than to do the workouts and eat like crap. Certainly that has proved true in my case. My “baseline” nutrition btw is 90% or so Zone (measured), semi-paleo (avoid grains, starches, and sugar, but don’t get between me and my cheese). Eating well really makes a difference. Pass it on.

    At this point I just need to get my shoulder back to 100%. Since it’s now far more likely I’ll live long enough, I’ve got to get that muscle-up so I can be the one to show my now 3-month-old granddaughter how it’s done when the time comes. 😉

    • kristi simmons says:

      I always love to hear your stories. I wish my family memebers could get on board with these types of changes that could be life altering for them…alas, they are stubborn and we’re weird.

      • Eric Hedges says:

        I wish my parents would adopt some good eating habits. Heck I wish I could get my dad to stop smoking… I think we all have some weird in all of our families!

  5. Eric Hedges says:

    9:40 RX’d Unbroken up until last two rounds of CTB pullups.

    Great 0600 class this morning and I hope my lats get a rest next week… a good bit of PULL exercises this week.

  6. Larry Lowe says:


    I don’t care for lunges

    • Eric Hedges says:

      If ever there was an exercise short legs were good for lunges are them. The distance is less and the strides are smaller and quicker. Now when it comes to 400 meter lunges and not numbers… I am screwed!

  7. Mandee Miller says:

    Hi guys! Just a quick note that the t-shirts for Barbells for Boobs are first come first serve this year. If you plan on participating go ahead and sign up now so you can hopefully get a t-shirt!

  8. Patrick says:

    Rx’d 11:09