Friday, April 15 2022

Posted by Mandee on April 14, 2022   |   22 Comments



For Time: (6min cap)

600m Row or
600m Run or
1.5km Bike

5 Rounds For Time: (20min cap)
20 DumbBell Snatches (alt arms)
2 Rope Climb   15′   RX+1 legless & 1 w/legs 15’   MRX 2 /10’ or 1 /15″

200m Run/Row or 0.5k Bike

Dumbbells =   50/35lbs   RX+65/70/75 – 40/45/50   MRX35/20

Stretching & Flexibility Development

1min Standing Straddle Stretch

1min Butterfly Stretch
1min Seated Straddle Stretch

1min American Splits Hold

1min Couch Stretch

1min Pigeon/Periformis/Box Stretch

1min Chinese Splits Hold
3min on Favorite Stretches

22 responses to “Friday, April 15 2022”

  1. Nathaniel says:

    Diego don’t mess around! Diego is so self deprecating that you might miss the fact that he’s been CrossFitting with us for about 8 years. Still remember his 101 and his very direct questions. He’s a straight shooter for sure but he gave it a chance and he’s still here. Diego has great perspective on his health and fitness and how it ties into his daily life. He’s smart and hard working but best of all – he’s got jokes and he ain’t afraid to use em. Keep CrossFitting dude cause you’re good at it and you make the gym a better place.

  2. Flying J says:

    Diego turns the “lights “ on in the gym. Full of spirit, he’s a true encourager to everyone. Don’t let his humor fool you, when the 3–2-1 hits Go, Diego goes to “ max blast”.
    Rock On Diego, keep being you!

  3. Mandee says:

    Heck yeah! What you see is what you get with this dude, and it’s all awesome. Diego is full of energy, humor and wit. He keeps things fun, keeps everyone smiling, and never misses an opportunity to throw in a jab. To his surprise as well as ours, he’s become a torchbearer of CrossFit, with years of hard work under his belt. And behind all that personality is a kind and caring dude who I am lucky to call a friend. Stay after it, stud 🙂

  4. Kcoop says:

    This guy is FUN to workout with! Always lighthearted and a good time!

  5. Hal says:

    A. 1:50 🚣‍♂️

    B. 16:45 scaled life (strict pulls, 🚣‍♂️)

    C. Complete

    Happy Easter

  6. Bo says:

    A: 1:58 row
    B: 3+21 rx (bike) *things fell apart after part A
    C: stretching complete

  7. Coop says:

    Diego has two of my very favorite attributes. His sense of humor and he talks back to Nathaniel. Always a better class when Diego is around.

  8. CJ VK says:

    Hot-diggity-damn, Diego!

    2:37 run
    14:00 rx (run)

  9. Duke says:

    I’m just speechless Don’t even know what to say
    2:08 row
    13:59 rx row

  10. Clair says:

    Love me some Diego!
    A. 2:38 row
    B. 4+13 scaled to 1 rope climb/row
    Easter blessings CFHSV family!

  11. Alex says:

    2:09 Run
    14:53 (70lb DB, leg-reliant rope climbs, run)

  12. Diego says:

    Just struttin my axx

  13. Bradley says:

    Always a good time when Diego walks through the doors. He keeps everyone laughing. Diego is a CrossFit stud. Keep working hard!

    2:22 Run
    19:12 Rx+ (70# DB/run)

  14. Regina says:

    Always happy to see Diego – his sense of humor is spot on in those morning classes
    2:33 bike
    18:11 run, scaled to 25lb DB

  15. Nathaniel says:

    A. 2:15 run

    B. 17:00 rx+ ( 65lb DB / run )

  16. Mac says:

    1:51 row

    13:42 rx row.

  17. Damian says:

    A. 2:03 (run with 20lb vest)
    B. 17:37 Rx (row)

  18. Jason Morgan says:

    A. 2:04 Bike
    B. 17:00 Scaled

  19. Lupo says:

    2:05 run
    15:47 rx (run)

  20. steve price says:

    600 Meter Row: 2:01, should have been under 2 minutes, dwindled the last 100 🥲

    4 + 18 snatches MRX + @50 pound dumbbell/ 1 15 foot rope climb

  21. Kim G says:

    A. Row (can’t remember time… 2:46?)
    B. 4+5 scaled to 30# DB (row)

    That’s my favorite fan-hating, wod-partner, forever-cracking-jokes friend, Diego! I always look forward to hearing what he has to say when he rolls in the 8:15 class! Keep it coming, Diego! 😀💪🏼