Friday, April 25 2014

Posted by Mandee on April 24, 2014   |   20 Comments

The Duke




A. 1 Power Clean every 20 seconds for 5 minutes

B. For time:

800m run

21 deadlifts 155/105 or 135/95  (55 and over 95/65)

15 hang power cleans 155/105 or 135/95  (55 and over 95/65)

9 shoulder to overhead 155/105 or 135/95  (55 and over 95/65)

600m run

9 shoulder to overhead 155/105 or 135/95  (55 and over 95/65)

15 hang power clean 155/105 or 135/95  (55 and over 95/65)

21 deadlifts 155/105 or 135/95  (55 and over 95/65)

400m run


REMINDER: Our monthly Nutrition Class is tomorrow, Saturday April 26th at 10:30am. Free to all CFHSV athletes!


20 responses to “Friday, April 25 2014”

  1. Scott O says:

    Not many people can pull off a front page pic SHIRTLESS !! Way to go DUKE !!

  2. Nathaniel says:

    The Duke and his truck. They both move large loads, long distances, across broad time and modal domain…they’re CrossFIT and a mean combo!

  3. Matt M says:

    Looks like the “Again Faster” logo.

  4. Mandee says:

    Paul! The Duke! The Hammer! Too Legit! ALWAYS working hard and setting the standard! 🙂

  5. Scott O says:

    Paul, if you need a muffler for your truck, …I know a guy. Haha.

  6. Game time! says:

    Transformed! Way to go Paul.

  7. Adam says:


  8. Haley says:

    Paul! The DUKE! Strong picture finish to the timed mile

  9. mac says:

    great picture, great athlete, great guy!

  10. paul mc hammer says:

    18:30 @ 155 with my shirt on

  11. Adam Mahdi says:

    “I don’t always Crossfit but when I do, its to get Bigger, Faster, and Stronger” ~ The Duke

  12. Justin says:


  13. Clair says:

    Great picture, Paul. Awesome 7:00 am class!
    16:38 at 85#. Nothing like thinking you had 10# more on your bar! Thanks Nathaniel for the great coaching at 7:15 and for keeping me in check on my weight. Thanks Tracey too for making me feel better that the 85# was what I probably should have done anyway! Great WOD! Have a wonderful Friday CFHSV!

  14. Stephanie says:

    Excellent WOD today – great programming DB. I loved it!

  15. Still hate to run! says:

    185/17:27@155# scaled run 600/400/200

  16. steve price says:

    A. 185

    B. 21:48 @ 155#, As Tracey would say “Steve, you’re resting too much!!”

  17. Melissa D says:

    A. 105# (accidentally went too light)
    B. 22:38 RX @105# (too much fun on vacation and this sinus thing I’m fighting caught up to me on this WOD)

  18. James Stranahan says:

    A: 145# went to light

    B: 26:16~ 135# and a big shout out to Chris for pushing and running with me on the last run and Dennis for his coaching and pushing me to finish!