Friday, April 8 2016

Posted by Naomi Pradia on April 7, 2016   |   21 Comments

Brent 1Brent 2Brent 1



Team WOD #1:

4 minute AMRAP of:

max reps kettle bell swings 24/16kg  RX+32/24kg  (55 and over 20/12kg)

rest 2 minutes

Team WOD #2:

24 minute AMRAP of:

7 hang power snatch 75/55   RX+ 95/65

7 wall balls 20/14 lbs.  10/9′  (55 and over 20/10 lbs.  9′)

7 pull-ups   RX+ chest to bar

Score = total KBS and total round plus reps from AMRAP


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21 responses to “Friday, April 8 2016”

  1. Kobra says:

    Like a dang statue! Solid work Brent!

  2. Mandee says:

    Oh yeah looking strong Brent! Nice work! 🙂

  3. Bradley says:

    Must have had the murder music on, cause Brent is killing that

    • Brent P. says:

      I’m notorious! I’ll crushed you like a jelly bean! I’m Bad!!!! – LL Cool J
      Some of you young folk may have to google that song. Yes! He was a rapper before NCIS.

  4. Nathaniel says:

    There goes that man!! Brent P. will light it up! Strong work as always Coach

  5. Naomi says:

    Hubby looking strong! You always make me proud! Keep up the hard work. “Hard work pays off!”

  6. Eric says:

    Coach always giving it his all!

  7. Dani says:

    This dude looks like work, smells like work, and puts in WORK every dang day. Kodi is right- a statue! Super down to earth and kind too. Heyooooo Daddioooooo!

  8. steve price says:

    Big Brent raising the roof! As strong as he is kind. Dad showing his future little crossfitter how it’s done.

  9. Mimi says:

    Partnered with Misty, my girl!!!!
    A: 116 @ 16kg
    B: 23+6 rx
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Brent P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Kobra says:

    Kobra + John Hand = Karate Chop

    A. 102 RX+

    B. 25 + 17 RX+

  11. Heath Sharp says:

    A.M – “J.T” 8:29

    P.M – Today’s WOD –

    A)100 reps RX+

    B) 23 + 6 RX+

  12. jamie cherrypicker says:

    Brent is the man!
    Partnered with the one and only TROB.
    110/17 rounds rx

  13. Andrew says:

    At home solo:

    A. 66 RX+
    B. 17+7 RX

    • Mandee says:

      Oh man! The best part about this WOD was having a partner! Great work going solo Andrew!

  14. Mandee says:

    Partnered with Naomi 🙂
    A. 114 reps
    B. 26 rounds, had to scale the WBS to quarter squats, 65#, CTB

  15. Sloan says:

    Partnered with a young buck named Paul

  16. Team H&M says:

    Partnered with Doc David
    126 Rx’d on KBS
    23 Rounds plus 15 Rx’d

    He kept me moving and I ended up praying my turn wouldn’t come again at the end!

  17. Jeremy Millich says:

    Open Gym, 6:00pm:
    A: E2MOM for 6 sets, 4 back sqts@255# + 5 bench press@185#
    B: E2MOM for 6 sets, 3 position sqt clean + split jerk, 185# across
    C: 5 x 5 bent over row, @185# across