Friday, August 17 2018

Posted by Mandee on August 16, 2018   |   17 Comments




Front Squat     E3MOM

8 – 6 – 4 – 2

12min AMRAP:

5 Front Squats   135/95   RX+ 155/105   MRX 95/65
10 Goblet Box Step-Ups   24/16kgs   24/20″   RX+ 32/24kgs 24/20″   MRX 20/12kgs 20/18″

400m Run/Row or 1km Bike

REST 3min

6min AMRAP:

5 Prisoner Air Squats
10 Box Jumps   24/20″   MRX 20/18″

200m Run/Row or 0.5km Bike

17 responses to “Friday, August 17 2018”

  1. Mandee says:

    Heck yeah! Nolan looking focused and going hard like always! This guy is an encourager and a motivator and always up for a challenge. Keep it up, Nolan! ?

  2. Nathaniel says:

    ‘Swolen’ gettin it done! Nolan loves to give his all in everything he does. He’s also loves encouraging those around him. Keep bringing that energy dude!

  3. Chef Tyler says:

    This guy…Nolan Ryan showing us some superb form on the SUMO! Although he isn’t built like one, he can sure move like one. Nolan’s perseverance and drive are unmatched! Keep getting after it brother.

  4. Gorilla says:

    He would give you the shirt off his back but don’t ask him for the headband!
    Keep it on the straight and narrow my friend!
    -“The Gorilla”

  5. Dave M says:

    Nolan! The man, the myth, the legend.

  6. Little Erin says:

    A. 95-105-120(3)-130(0)
    B. 3+15 scaled weight to 75#

  7. Kim G says:

    A. 100(8) – 105(6) – 110(4) – 115(2)
    B1. 3+13 rx/run
    B2. 3+15rx/run

    Swollen Nolan… dude can RUN, lift, and walk on his hands with a smile on his face 🙂 Keep rockin’ and rollin’!

  8. @CJVK says:

    A. 195(8)-210(6)-220(4)-235(2)
    B. 3+15 Rx / 4 Rx

    8:Fif-ting was getting after it big today!

  9. Bradley says:

    AM Open Gym – Yesterday’s WOD:

    A1. 225 Power Clean to Push Press

    A2. 240 Hang Power Clean S2O

    B. 11:22 Rx+

    Nolan is one awesome dude. Always has a great attitude and continues to work hard and get better. Keep it up swollen!

  10. Mandee says:

    Feeling a bit rough today so traded out the heavy front squats for:
    E3MOM x 15 min: 20 calorie ski erg
    WOD: 3+15 RX bike / 3+9 RX bike

  11. Nathaniel says:

    AM Yesterday’s WOD –

    A. Power clean to push press – 225

    B. Hang Power to S2O – 240

    C. 11:09 rx +

  12. Misty says:

    Nolan! Strong, dedicated, supportive, disciplined and just plain great guy! I can’t say enough nice things about this athlete! Glad to have you at CFHSV… keep killin’ it!

  13. BP says:

    Do work Nolan

    Knee Explosion:
    3+6 / 3+15 RX Run

  14. Steve Price says:

    You go Nolan, with ya BAD self !!!!

    A. Front Squats: 225×8, 255×6, 285×4, 345×1

    B. 3 + 3 Rx
    2 + 15 Rx. All row on both.

  15. Wes B. says:

    4+2/3+15 RX (run)

  16. Justin says:

    Nolan is the man
    3+15 scaled to unweighted step ups
    All bike