Friday, August 21 2020

Posted by Mandee on August 20, 2020   |   21 Comments



Strict Press   E3MOM

7 – 5 – 3 – 3 – MR

*MR=MaxReps non-stop*

6min AMRAP:

6 Overhead Squats   95/65   RX+115/75   MRX 75/55

9 Over the Bar Burpees

12 Kettlebell Shoulder to Overhead (one arm, switch as needed)   24/16kgs  RX+32/24   MRX 20/12kgs

Rest 1min

For Time: 

300 Double-Unders

Handstand Walk Development

2 Pike Walks around Box

2 sets 10 Shoulder taps Handstand on Wall

3-5 Attempts Handstand walk (partner spotted if needed)




Nutrition Class this Saturday, August 22nd at 10AM! Free to all CFHSV athletes.

You do not need to sign up for this class. 

21 responses to “Friday, August 21 2020”

  1. Nathaniel says:

    Good grief Kennedy! This looks like a Hollywood poster for an action thriller staring ‘Stud Muffin’. Josh K is the real deal in and out of the gym. He loves his family, his community, and his country. He does right by all and does so with character and humility. He’s also been doing CrossFit before it had a name and continues to climb mountains in his total fitness. You’re the man!

  2. Matt says:

    Bad to the bone!

  3. Mandee says:

    Oh yeah, there he is! This man is a fitness icon and he’s been getting after it CrossFit Huntsville style for as long as I can remember. Josh has run, hiked, and trekked across more terrain than most people will ever see. He’s a man of loyalty, commitment and service, to his family, his community and his country. Come on! You GOT to love Josh Kennedy! 🙂

  4. Regina says:

    Josh makin’ that run look easy breezy…

    2+2 Rx / 185 reps

    Awesome coaching this morning, Bradley!

  5. Dukewishhelooklikejosh says:

    What most people don’t realize. Is when this beast works out on Saturday mornings at 8:00. He has already ran 8-10 miles on a trail. Looking good Josh.

  6. Wilma says:

    Okay so knowing this is how he looks after a 8-10 mile run means I have to step up my game. Great Picture Josh!
    Always a good class when you are there!

  7. Kim G says:

    2+6 rx- 211 DU

  8. CJ VK says:

    3+7 rx / 5:36

  9. Jason M says:

    3+6 Rx | 5:10

  10. Misty says:

    Josh!! This dude is THE MAN! Been in the CF game for a long time and it shows. Now he’s got his son, Andrew, following right in his footsteps. Such great people and honored to have the opportunity to coach two of his boys! The apples haven’t fallen far from the tree… all natural athletes and awesome people!

    A. 55 – 65 – 70 – 70 – 10@ 60
    B. 3+13 rx / 5:24

  11. Josh Kennedy says:

    Thanks to all, some pretty good photoshop action in that picture! Think we were doing “Naughty Nancy@, but not sure I was actually running at the point. Just glad the natural lighting didn’t show my greying chest hair.
    Lunch class:
    A: 115(7) – 135(5) – 145(3) – 155(3) – 125 (8 reps)
    B: 3+1 Rx
    C: got to 191 dubs, calf starting to cramp up so called it

  12. Josh Kennedy says:

    With my 15sec of fame, would like to make a shout-out to the entire CFHSV staff and athletes group. In my wanderings for work over the years I’ve gotten to visit a pretty good array of boxes, in the USA and internationally. I am very comfortable in saying that our box is at 95th+ percentile of all the boxes out there. We have it very good! The combo of facilities, top-notch programming, array of athletes, Kids and specialty programs, and more all go into that. And our staff, oh my gosh our staff: among the best you will ever see. Knowledgeable, intense, disciplined, friendly, hard-working, helpful. Mandee, N8, Misty (normal classes and Kids), Bradley, Clair (yoga), Carolyn (kids) Bryan, Bailey, et al just an awesome team. A measure of how good we all have is how the staff and the whole box handled the COVID shutdown, then re-start, and just kept on trucking. All three of our sons have been part of CFHSV, and they learned a ton about taking care of themselves. Last month was my 10-year anniversary with CFHSV, and will happily the bills for another 10 years; money well spent!
    In the meanwhile: all squats should be A2G, don’t peel your pushups, and accessory work is your friend.

    • Sue says:

      I could not agree with you more on all points. I was just telling a friend today CFHSV has been the best investment for our entire family. No question, worth every penny. Coaches are super invested in every athlete, the athletes show out every day, programming is awesome. CFHSV is not just functional fitness. It’s so much more than that. I think that’s the secret sauce through the pandemic especially. At the core we’re all in this together.

  13. Mandee says:

    A. Subbed KB strict press 5×5 and did DL from yesterday:
    DL: 205(7) – 225(5) – 245(3) – 245(3) – 215(10)
    WOD: 4+13 RX
    DUs: 4:19

  14. Nathaniel says:

    WOD – 4 + 10 rx

    300 DU’s – 5:06

  15. Bradley says:

    Josh is the man. He continues to get stronger and fitter. Always a pleasure when he walks through the doors. Keep it up stud!

    A. 125(7) – 140(5) – 150(3) – 150(3) – 135(10)

    B. 4+15 Rx

    C. 300 DUs = 3:29

    Yesterday’s DL: 295(7) – 345(5) – 370(3) – 370(3) – 325(14)

  16. Kirsten Kennedy says:

    Had me some of that.

  17. Cassarole says:

    80(7) 90(5) 100(3) 100(3) 80(10)
    4:06 (that yellow jump rope was HEAVY never leaving my rope at home again)

  18. steve price says:

    The man, the myth, the legend….,none other than Josh Kennedy !!!!!

  19. Justin says:

    Bad dude
    3+6 scaled to front squats