Friday, August 26 2016

Posted by Mandee on August 25, 2016   |   23 Comments






10 minute AMRAP of:

max calorie row

Partner 1: row 12/10 calories

Partner 2: row 12/10 calories

rest 10 minutes and build up to WOD weight


20 minute AMRAP of:

Partner 1 completes:

6 pull-ups

10/7 barbell push-ups

8 deadlifts  185/125   (MRX 135/95)

then switch:

Partner 2 completes:

6 pull-ups

10/7 barbell push-ups

8 deadlifts  185/125   (MRX 135/95)

Continue switching back and forth until time expires.



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23 responses to “Friday, August 26 2016”

  1. Mandee says:

    Kristina! Looking strong on that sled pull! All the hard work definitely shows! 🙂

  2. bwm says:

    Christina! You are a beast! Always pushing yourself! Love working out with you! A contender for sure! Keep it up!!

  3. Bradley says:

    Looking good Kristina! Dragging that sled like a champ. This girl keeps getting better and stronger every day. Keep it up!

  4. Nathaniel says:

    That’s what I’m talkin bout Kristina! Get that weight back to the gym stud! ?

  5. KOBRA says:

    Just taking her pet sled for a stroll.

    Way to embrace the tough Kristina!

  6. Cassie says:

    Christina! Get it girl!!!!

  7. BP says:

    Kristina is awesome in and out of the gym!

    Jeremiah and I teamed up for this lunger.

    A. 218
    B. 19+16 RX. Jeremiah carried me as I nearly died at the 13 minute mark.

  8. Jeremy M. says:

    7:00am Class:
    – Teamed up with the CFMaster himself, Mr. Kyle F. This teammate always pushes me to the next level!
    A: 240 cal
    B: 29+7, RX
    – Super fun class K-Dog! Kristina is always raising the bar!

  9. SheaW says:

    0700 – Partnered with Clair.

    14+13 Rx

    She got a lot of rest between her lightning rounds because I was sucking some serious wind. Thank you for the push this morning Clair. I needed every kind word 🙂

    I’m going to go home at lunch and DIE.

  10. Justin says:

    228/26+20 with Ian

  11. Kobra says:

    Kobra and JoMo formed the dynamic duo today.

    A. 216 calories (OoOoWeee!!)

    B. 33 + 8 RX

    Gonna be sore tomorrow!

  12. CJ VK says:

    I partnered up with Eric K? I think.

    A. 233 cals
    B. 18+1 Rx

  13. Shana says:

    10:15 Open Gym: “Nancy”
    A: 135(6) 140(5) 145(4) 150(3) 160(1)
    B: 14:42 RX

    11:30 Class:
    Paired with the one and only MH
    A: 145 calories
    B: 27+7 RX

  14. CoachDB says:

    Great sled pull and pic! Rock that sled drag Kristina.
    Love team WODs that give you just almost enough rest then you have to go again. Did today’s team WOD with my lovely wife and she smoked me bad. A couple times I had to pause and get my breath before I could go. SMOKED me good.

    Partner WOD 1 Row = 166cal or 15 rounds

    Partner WOD 2 = 23rds +10 reps – All unbroken and Strict pull-ups today for me.
    Have a Fun Friday CFHSV!

  15. Clair says:

    Great partner WOD this morning with Shea! You did awesome, Shea! Here is to a great Friday and weekend, CFHSV!
    A. 141
    B. 14+13 Rxd

  16. Mac says:

    267 / 28 rx with Adam

  17. Steve Price says:

    A. 201 calories

    B. 13 + 3 Rx. Teamed up with Lance, Great partner to have on this WOD!

  18. MH says:

    Open gym “Nancy”


    11:30 Partner WOD with shay shay 🙂

    27rds 7 reps RX

    145 Calories

  19. Kim G says:

    It’s always a joy to be in class with Kristina! She makes that sled look like a cake walk! Keep it up girl!!

  20. CJW says:

    Oh yeah. She’s awesome. You should see her do this in our backyard with me on the sled holding a 45 pound plate. She’s very close to being able to snatch me.

  21. Heath sharp says:

    No partner for the wod today so I did Wednesday’s.

    7:29 rx w/ ring MUs

  22. Kristina Whiteaker says:

    Thanks guys for so much encouragement and motivation! I love the people I work out with! And CJ is a big liar, I am nowhere close to snatching him. I can deadlift him though! 😉