Friday, August 27 2021

Posted by Mandee on August 26, 2021   |   12 Comments



14min AMRAP:

Buy-in:  1200m RUN/Row or 3K Bike


14 Dumbbell Snatch (one arm/alt)   50/35lbs   MRX 35/20

7 Toes to Bar

Rest 3 Min

7 min AMRAP:

Buy-in:  600m RUN/Row or 1.5K Bike


14 WallBall Shots   20/14 to 10/9’   MRX 20/10 to 9′
7 Hang Power Clean   135/95   RX+155/105   MRX 95/65

Core Development

10 Ball Slams
20 Russian Twists

10 Turkish Get-Ups
20 Russian Twists

10 Ball Slams

12 responses to “Friday, August 27 2021”

  1. Nathaniel says:

    A rare glimpse of the elusive trend setters of 5am. My men Nate and Scott don’t swing a bell, they swang that bell! These guys show up on the regular, hours before most are gonna wake, and give it their all. Scott’s got a sneaky sense of humor in between his sets and at the end of a hard WOD that make him fun in the early morning. And although Nate is a seasoned athlete he’s still sneaky strong and humble which is always impressive. Way to represent your crew, CFHSV, and yourselves to the fullest.

  2. Mandee says:

    That’s one heck of a team right there! These two wake up early, show up ready, and put in the work. Scott has been incredibly consistent since day one and he continues to improve in all areas of his fitness. Nate is a super strong athlete who is becoming a more well-rounded CrossFitter by the day. Together, they certainly make our 5am crew even better! Stay after it, studs! ?

  3. Tim says:

    Go 5am!

  4. Hal says:

    A. 6+3 rx / 3+4 rx+ ?‍♂️

    B. Complete

    If you are looking to dance this weekend, I recommend “SUVs (Black on Black)”

  5. Bo says:

    4+3 rx / 2+4 rx (run)

    Felt good to be back and a sweat out some of that vacation this morning.

  6. Justin says:

    8/2+4 rx bike

  7. Duke says:

    5 rx run
    1+5 rx+ run
    Just ran out of gas

  8. Nathaniel says:

    Modified version of ‘Fight gone bad’ – 40:59

    -50 box jumps @20”
    -50 one arm ring rows and one arm jumping pull ups
    -50 one arm russian KBS
    -50 box step ups with 20lbs WB to 24” box
    -50 GHD sit ups
    -50 one arm DB push press @65lbs
    -50 hip extensions
    -50 one arm DB thrusters @65lbs
    -400m run
    -1k bike
    -50 plate jumps

  9. CJ VK says:

    4 / 2 rx (run)

  10. Bailey says:

    7+6 rx run
    3+4 rx+ run

  11. Hunter Lambert says:

    4rx run- 2rx row