Friday, August 28 2015

Posted by Mandee on August 27, 2015   |   29 Comments

Adam 2

Adam MAdam MAdam M




A. Front Squat: build up to a 20RM!

10 – 5 – 2 – 1 – 20RM attempt      E2:30MOM

B. 4 rounds for time of:

3 wall walks   RX+ 30ft handstand walk

15 KBS  24kg/16kg  RX+ 32kg/24kg   (55 and over 20kg/12kg)

30 double unders

15 pistols (alternating legs)  (55 and over 15 goblet squats)


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29 responses to “Friday, August 28 2015”

  1. Tim B says:

    Beast mode @ CFHSV!!! It’s gotta be the socks!!

  2. Kyle O says:

    That is one strong CrossFitter right there. He can press more than 98% of the general population can squat.

  3. tj says:

    there u go… a little bit of Darwinism I see you big Boy!!!!! “Survival of The Fittest

  4. tj says:

    This man can overhead squat 300+ in khaki pants true stroy

  5. Haley says:

    Strong Adam

  6. Kobra Kodi says:

    We call him Monster Mahdi. If you ask him how strong he is, the answer is “too strong”. This dude used to do the same wod twice in a day to see if he could beat himself.

  7. Mike mahdi says:

    I guess I can’t mess with Adam anymore lol

  8. Mimi says:

    Adam is seriously ridiculous.

    Many if you have asked how to have a picture next to your name when you comment….
    Go to gravatar.com and create an account.

  9. Andrew says:

    Put some more weight on the bar! Big lift.

  10. Mandee says:

    Can’t say enough good things about this dude 🙂 Nice work Adam!

  11. Nathaniel says:

    He’s as kind as he is strong and with that being said, he could pick the world up and drop it on your head. My man

  12. Duke says:

    Adam is a monster. Period.
    If you ever team up with Adam in a competition. Don’t even worry about videoing or taking pictures. Cause he brings a crew to do that for him.
    Adam is about as nice as they come.

  13. Matt says:

    Thanks for the push Adam!

  14. CoachDB says:

    The Real Deal.

  15. Patty says:

    One of the biggest transformations of a body I’ve ever seen!!! The only thing that has never changed is Adam’s NICENESS! What a great athlete and treasure to Crossfit Huntsville. So proud of all you’ve accomplished Adam. .

  16. Dani says:

    Awesome Adam!! A gentle giant.

  17. George C says:

    At first glance I thought he was prepping for a heavy back squat. Then I scrolled slightly and nope, ALL that weight was going overhead. Amazing!

    A) 165 for 20RM Front Squat
    B) 19:57 (Scaled pistols to Goblet Squats, 40kg KBS/Goblet Squats)

  18. Nathaniel says:

    A. Front Squat – 17 reps @225

    B. 12:56 rx +

  19. Jeremy M says:

    Adam!! This young man is truly one gifted athlete! Incredibly strong and super nice! Terrible friend tho! Haha

  20. Tracy says:

    A. 20 reps 75#
    B. 18:17 rx’d

  21. Kobra Kodi says:

    A. 20 x 170 (5lb PR)

    B. 14:10 RX+

  22. Mandee says:

    A. 20 reps @ 145 (PR)
    B. 10:43 RX+

  23. Shana says:

    Adam is a beast!!!!
    20rep max: 130
    17:20 RX+

  24. Mimi says:

    A: 65# for 20
    B: 2+ 56 rx+ @ 20 min
    That hurt.

  25. steve price says:

    A. 15 reps @ 235, I must admit I need SLEEP!!

    B. 3 + 10 @ 32 Kg and 60 singles per round / gobblet squat

  26. Justin says:

    Adam lifts all the weight. Always humbling to partner up with him
    11:59 rx

  27. Mohamed mahdi says:

    Adam my friend and my son
    I am proud