Friday, August 6 2021

Posted by Mandee on August 5, 2021   |   21 Comments

Congratulations to CFHSV athlete LJ Ray for an incredible performance at the 2021 NOBULL CrossFit Games! LJ placed 15th worldwide in the Women’s 50-54 division. She represented herself, her family and our entire CrossFit Huntsville community in a way that made us all so proud, and she did so on the biggest stage in our sport. LJ is a testament that hard work, determination, and a positive attitude can help you reach goals that may have once seemed unattainable. We are so proud of you, LJ! Congratulations on such an amazing accomplishment!




16min AMRAP:

8 Dumbbell Thrusters (1 arm)   50/35lbs   MRX35/20

4 Muscle-Ups (ring/bar) or 8 Chest to Bar   MRX 4 C2B or 8 Pull-Ups

8 Dumbell Thrusters (1 arm)   50/35lbs   MRX35/20

16 Calorie Row / Bike or 300m Run

Squat & Pistol Development

16 Cossack Squats Legs (each leg)

16 Pistols or Progressions (each leg)

16 Goblet Reverse Lunges (each leg)

16 Pistols or Progressions (each leg)

21 responses to “Friday, August 6 2021”

  1. Nathaniel says:

    Congrats again LJ Ray! Couldn’t be more proud or happy for someone. You represented your gym, friends, yourself, and your family in spectacular fashion. You’re a Games Athlete forever now

  2. Tracy says:

    Congrats LJ. You’re amazing ?

  3. Mandee says:

    It was an honor and a pleasure to coach you at the CrossFit Games, LJ! Couldn’t be more proud of your attitude, effort, and character. You handled yourself with class and composure throughout the entire week. Congratulations again on this amazing accomplishment!!! ?

  4. Michelle says:

    LJ I am so proud of you. You saw something you wanted and you went after with relentless dedication. Congratulations!! You deserve it. You are awesome.

  5. JasonH says:


  6. Devonne says:

    Congratulations LJ!!! Very happy for you and proud of you!!

  7. Hal says:

    Great work, LJ

    5+4 rx (c2b; ?‍♂️)

  8. BP says:

    Yay LJ!
    4+12 RX Bar

  9. Bo says:

    Congrats, LJ!

    4+10 rx (c2b, run)

  10. Justin says:

    Congrats LJ
    6+2 rx bar row

  11. Clair says:

    LJ, congratulations on an awesome achievement! You are a great example that hard work, pays off!!
    4+4 scaled to 25# dumbbell thrusters , 2 bar MUs for rd 1 & 2 then 4 bar MUs on rds 3 &4.

  12. Alex says:

    Way to represent, LJ. Your hard work inspires us all!
    6+24 Rx (bmu/row)

  13. Bailey says:

    Awesome work LJ! CFHSV is lucky to have you represent us!

    5+1 rx (RMU)

  14. CJ VK says:

    Nice job, LJ
    4+12 (RMU/row)

  15. Nathaniel says:

    5 rounds scaled

    – one arm DB thruster ( rx ? )
    – one arm ring rows
    – one arm elevated push ups
    – one arm DB thrusters
    – bike ( rx ? )

  16. Bradley says:

    Awesome work LJ!

    5+21 Rx (RMU/row)

  17. Duke says:

    5+10 rx c2b

    15th in the world. Great job

  18. Josh Kennedy says:

    Congrats to LJ, way to represent!
    Lunch class. 4+10 scaled to 2 MUs per round
    Accessory complete, then 1mi on assault runner

  19. Jason Morgan says:

    Way to go LJ!

    4+24 C2B (capped with about 50 meters left on the run) Rx “kind of” with Treadmill

  20. Kim G says:

    3+13 rx (c2b/run)

    Strong, beautiful, and an incredible athlete! Congratulations, LJ! ????

  21. Mandee says:

    5+9 RX (ring MU/row)