Friday, February 21 2020

Posted by Mandee on February 20, 2020   |   15 Comments



“Barbell Brawl” by DB

For Time: 

250m Row or 0.6km Assault Bike

10 Shoulder to Overhead

250m Row or 0.6km Assault Bike

15 Hang Power Cleans

250m Row or 0.6km Assault Bike

20 Back Squats

250m Row or 0.6km Assault Bike

25 Deadlifts
250m Row or 0.6km Assault Bike

Loads =   155/105   RX+205/135   MRX 135/95

Grip/Core Development

1min Right Side Plank Hold

1min High Plank Hold
1min Left Side Plank Hold

1min Low Plank Hold
100m Plate Pinch Carry

100m KB/DB Farmers Carry

15 responses to “Friday, February 21 2020”

  1. Mandee says:

    Oh man! These pictures get me fired up! They capture not only Laura’s focus and determination but also the incredible gains she has made through her consistent hard work. This woman shows up ready to work and she never shies away from a challenge. Awesome shots of an awesome woman. Keep after it, Laura! ?

  2. Nathaniel says:

    Heck yeah Laura! Love this shot of a CrossFitter about to take flight. This is the movement before the movement. Don’t take for granted what you do every day CFHSV. The explosiveness, coordination, agility, and timing to jump to the pull up bar is just as impressive as the pull up itself. Laura is a great person and example of what happens when we show up and put in work consistently.

  3. Cindy says:

    That is one bad a.. lady.

  4. Nick Bo says:

    Made it by the skin of my teeth

    15:55 Rx

  5. Patrick says:

    Hecho en Mexico

  6. CJ VK says:

    15:45 rx+ (row) ??

  7. Nathaniel says:

    12:58 rx+ ( row )

  8. MH says:

    9:20 RX+ ROW

  9. Kim G says:

    13:11 row scaled to 85#

  10. steve price says:

    12:10 Rx @ 155 / row

  11. Jamie Cherrypicker says:

    14:53 rx row

  12. Sam W says:

    8:24 Rx row

  13. JJ Millich says:

    8:57, RX (155#/all bike)

  14. Mo A says:


  15. Mandee says:

    12:26 RX+ row