Friday, January 18 2013

Posted by Mandee on January 17, 2013   |   7 Comments



A. Weakness Work Training 20 minutes

Athlete makes 2 choices based on greatest weaknesses and alternates choice on even and odd minutes

1 rope climb

6 pistols (3 each leg)

2 squat cleans

2 squat snatch

2 muscle ups

3-5 ring dips

10m handstand walk

2-4 HSPU (any style)

B. Athletes complete the following for time in any order or rep scheme of their choice:

400m Farmers walk with KB or DB

accumulate 3 minutes of L-sit on rings

25 hip extensions

25 GHD sit ups

25 pull ups


7 responses to “Friday, January 18 2013”

  1. Jamie not Jaime says:

    Rock it Kerri!!!Nice warm up weight!

  2. Larry says:

    A. 2 reps squat cleans @ 115 working on keeping feet in proper squat stance (not too far out) and knees out / 2 reps handstand pushups with hands on 45 lb plates as deficit

    B. 17:00 with 24 kg kb

    ring L-sit is hard – started doing 10 sec intervals, and degraded to 5 sec intervals about half way through the 3 minutes.

    Good job coaching this morning, John!

  3. AP says:

    A. Squat snatch 2 reps at 105 and a mix of deficit HSPU and pistols
    B. 17:50 with 24kg KB

    Devilishly sneaky good programming. Much harder than it reads.

    And I second Ler, good coaching from John, but you still haven’t passed 0600’s FNC test…and may not if you keep wearing those 80’s-retro sweatpants 🙂

  4. haley says:

    17:58 rx

    16kg kettlebell

    thanks for the great coaching Dennis

  5. Tracy says:

    400m farmers walk with kb…. Evil evil evil 🙂

  6. Josh Kennedy says:

    A: Working squat snatch, the last 5 rounds were 3reps each at 125#
    b: 18:00. Did L-sit first mixed with strict pullups, then GHD work, saved the farmers walk 1.5 pd for last. My stomach hurts a bit now just sitting on the couch and coughing

  7. Randy C says:

    19:53,scaled the L-sit. 32kg Farmers Walk