Friday, July 13 2018

Posted by Mandee on July 12, 2018   |   24 Comments



**Tester; Athletes Choice**

-Max Reps Unbroken T2B and/or spend 10min working on progressions and prepping for Benchmark WOD.


For Time:
-100 Pull-ups
-100 Push-ups
-100 Sit-ups (Ab-mat Anchored)
-100 Air Squats
*Complete all reps of each exercise before moving to the next.”


Core Development

– 2 sets max reps L-Sit Hang Windshiels Wipers **alternate between sets**
– 2 sets max reps L-Sit Hold on Parallettes Windshiels Wipers over 1-4 wt plates

24 responses to “Friday, July 13 2018”

  1. Michael Little says:

    That’s two strong dudes right there. ??

    “LET’S GOOOOOO!!!!”

    815 is a ting.

  2. Mandee says:

    Hey now! That’s one dynamic duo! These two studs are downright awesome athletes and really great people! Dustin and Tim are as kind and friendly as they are strong, fast and skilled…and that’s saying a lot because they are CrossFit animals! And the admirable friendship they share is evident is all that they do. Great job you two! ?

    • Steve Price says:

      Very well said Mandee !!! Two studs right there ! The results are evident in the work put forth !!!??

  3. Jamie Cherrypicker says:

    These dudes are Mega Powers of CFHSV.

  4. Nathaniel says:

    The friendships that are forged through sweat, pain, and triumphs are often life long. CrossFit brings so many people together that we may have never met otherwise. It’s one of the greatest benefits of CrossFit.

    Tim and Dustin are besties and beasties! You can hear their laughs from across the gym and their weights dropping too. They’re always smiling and encouraging after they humiliate you in a WOD. Thanks for calling CFHSV home and keep up the hard work dudes.

  5. Cass says:

    Two of my favorite dudes to not just eat ice cream with….well Dustin always seems to have an aversion to the cream; but anyways, throw wall balls over the rig with in an effort to play volleyball, and push through some burner workouts with when I didn’t think I had any more to give they are there, just being the most encouraging goofy friends I could ever ask for. Love y’all big; I am so honored to call you friends you bad to the bone dudes.

  6. Melody Adair says:

    My two brothers! They go hard every day while smiling and making it look easy. I’m blessed to have you both in my life!!!

  7. Eric says:

    When I grow up I wanna be like those two dudes! Keep training hard and keeping us all doing the same.

  8. Matt says:

    Bad to the bone

  9. BP says:


    21:42 RX

  10. Little Erin says:

    24:03 scaled (50 practice ? pull-ups, 25 regular kipping, knee push ups)

    Tim and Dustin are not only super star athletes, they are really nice dudes aw well. Keep it up fellas

  11. Mandee says:

    A. 24 Unbroken T2B
    B. 26:41 RX
    Took me as long to do the pull-ups and push-ups as my last Angie time! ?
    Some great times today!!

  12. Nathaniel says:


    13:37 rx

  13. Nathaniel says:

    PM Open Gym – Yesterday’s WOD :

    A. 250 Power Clean and Jerk

    B. 4 + 1 rx +

  14. Jamie Cherrypicker says:

    381, 19 pullups shy at cap

  15. Bradley says:

    We are lucky to have Tim and Dustin at CFHSV. They are two awesome dudes who can always make you a smile. They also have superhuman abilities when it comes to CrossFit. Keep it up studs!

    AM Open Gym:


    15:50 PR

    PM Open Gym – Yesterday’s WOD:

    A. 250 Power Clean & Jerk

    B. 3+16 Rx+

  16. Justin says:

    Lot of muscle on those air runners
    12:48 rx pr

  17. Fleming Sharp says:

    2 great guys right there! Fun to watch them kill it today! Keep it up you 2!

  18. Cam says:

    19:33 pr

  19. Michael Little says:

    18:00 Rx