Friday, June 12 2020

Posted by Mandee on June 11, 2020   |   9 Comments



Hang Power Clean Build Up   E2MOM  

4 – 3 – 2 – 1 – 1 

* each set as heavy as possible

“Nasty Girls”

3 Rounds For Time:

50 Air Squats

7 Muscle-Ups   MRX Burpee Chest to Bar Pull-Ups
10 Hang Power Cleans   135/95lbs   MRX95/65


“Nasty Girls V2”

3 Rounds For Time:
50 One-Legged Squats, alternating (Pistols)

7 Muscle-Ups
10 Hang Power Cleans 175/115lbs

9 responses to “Friday, June 12 2020”

  1. CrossFit City Council says:

    Huntsville’s Month of Hottness has not disappointed thus far

  2. Lewis says:

    This dude is always in front, but he’s always in the back.

  3. Mandee says:

    A little bit of rain isn’t going to stop this CrossFit stud! Garrett is an athlete and let me tell you, he can run! He’s a kind and friendly guy who has been focused and committed since the start. Great person and a great asset to our CFHSV community! Stay after it, Garrett! ?

  4. Nathaniel says:

    Garrett’s dad was my freshman basketball coach. His dad, Coach Thornton, threatened to kick me off the team if me and this other kid got into one more ‘scuffle’ in practice ? There were no more ‘scuffles’. Garrett took after his dad. He’s a high character young man and though he’s soft spoken and kind, he can bring the pain! Glad you found us buddy. Keep pounding the pavement!

  5. Bradley says:

    Garrett is always tearing the pavement up. He has always been a tireless worker. I remember working a baseball camp he was attending, and he just kept asking me to throw him more BP. We stayed after, so he could keep getting his hacks in. Garrett is an awesome dude that I am lucky enough to call a friend. Keep it up bud!

  6. CJ VK says:

    A. 185(4)-215(3)-245(2)-265(1)-275(1)
    B. “Nasty Girls” 10:09 rx

    Happy birthday Mandee & MH!! ?

  7. Kim G says:

    A. 95-105-110-115-120-125
    B. 15:53
    Scaled to 25 sit ups/25 air squats each round
    And burpee c2b for MU

  8. Justin says:

    7:42 bar mus

  9. Mandee says:

    A. 135(4) – 155(3) – 170(2) – 180(1) – 190(1) – 200(1)
    B. 8:38 RX