Friday, June 13 2014

Posted by Mandee on June 12, 2014   |   17 Comments

Daniel LDave M

Dave mirrorDaniel mirror




For Time:


10 toes to bar

15 WBS 20/14  10’/9′ must clear line

20 power cleans 135/95

25 KBS  32kg/24kg

30 burpees

25 KBS  32kg/24kg

20 power cleans 135/95

15 WBS  20/14  10’/9′ must clear line

10 toes to bar


17 responses to “Friday, June 13 2014”

  1. Michael Little says:

    Good work Dave getting strong!!! Daniel… weak bro weak.

  2. Matt M says:

    Dave on the cover! Gotta front rack too!

  3. jamie cherrypicker says:

    For the newbies…go to gravatar.com to upload a pic so you can have a pic next to your name on here. Just make sure you register with the email address you use when you make a comment on this site.

  4. Eric says:


    From today thru June 22nd every new Ford test drive we will donate in your name a care package for the troops and first responders over seas. Its an awesome way to give back to the troops and its at no expense to you.

    Website above explains more about the program.
    1100869 have been donated so far.

  5. Dani Latham says:

    Nice guys!!! Looking tough.

    This WOD looks brutal. Happy Friday to all who conquer it today!

  6. Shea W says:

    Casey P – hope you read the comments today. Greg and I were bummed we couldn’t make it to 0600 this morning to bid you farewell. You were always such a positive presence in class, so supportive – will very much miss you. Good luck in OH!

    • Joe L. says:

      Same here Casey P. We are sorry that we couldn’t make it either. Best wishes to you and Aaron! We’ll miss you!

  7. stacey says:

    looking strong!!

  8. Clair Lee says:

    14:31 Rx’d
    A huge thank you for the great coaching Michael and giving me the confidence that I could do the 24kg KB through the whole WOD! It felt great!!

  9. meag says:

    17:15 scaled hspus and some t2b

  10. Tracey Rauer says:

    12:28 rx’d
    Mandee thank you for counting for me;)

  11. Melissa D says:

    15:46 Rx’d
    Thank you N8 for the push through the cleans.

  12. Tracy says:

    Scaled – got through 15 burpees and stopped
    Hips were not my friend today 😉

  13. James Stranahan says:

    27:10 scaled
    Thanks Tracey for pushing me!