Friday, June 28 2013

Posted by Mandee on June 27, 2013   |   17 Comments

Ron and CharlieNathan and Chris

Devonne and KerriHobie and Jaime




A. 2 squat cleans EMOM for 10 minutes

B. Complete the following for time of:

800m ROW

35 WBS 20/14  10’/9′

800m RUN

35 thrusters 45/35

400m ROW

20 WBS 20/14  10’/9′

400m RUN

20 thrusters 45/35

17 responses to “Friday, June 28 2013”

  1. David M. says:

    Hey for everyone who has torn their hand recently, I have started cleaning mine real well and putting good old fashioned super glue over them until healed. I swear they heal twice is fast. I think it helps avoid the secondary splitting and irritation that starts a few days after it occurs. Just make sure you clean it real well before you do it so you don’t trap in bacteria.

    BTW this is just my opinion as a Crossfitter, not medical advice, so if your hand falls off don’t sue me.

    • Slade says:

      I agree. Super glue over athletic tape works like a charm and allows you to train on it while it heals.

    • Kerri says:

      I’ve gotten to where I use New Skin on bad tears…. It seems to help protect it while it heals if nothing else:)

  2. AP says:

    Rx’d 16:00

    Awesome programming! But can’t help wishing there was a third subset of 200m row, 10 WBS, 200m run, 10 thrusters…

  3. Josh Kennedy says:

    16:21 Rx’ed. Everything unbroken, but Aaron Penton flat out-ran me. Dude has just got great leg turnover.

  4. Justin says:

    The 35 wallballs pretty much ended me.

  5. Kerri says:

    19:36 Rx’ed
    “Just” a mile and a half of running and rowing… This WOD was dreadful, but I DEF feel like I got something accomplished this am. I really feel for the afternoon classes with that WOD and this heat. :/

  6. Eric Hedges says:

    18:11 Not Rx’d ran road not trail
    Stayed light on squat cleans worked on feet and speed. #135

  7. GeorgeKobler says:

    The cool thing for me is since I’m new, every day is a PR.

  8. Fleming sharp says:

    What A Way To End A Grueling Two Weeks. Ready For The Weekend To Rest! 105 Squat Clean Straight. 21:41 Rx

    Also, My JumP Rope Disappeared After Green Shirt…If Anyone Picked Up It…ItS The Wire Kind With Blue HandlesAnd Grey Duck Tape On Handle. Sharp Was WritteN On Dt But MaY Have Worn off. Middle Of Wire Chewed Up In Three Places. Thx For Checking!

  9. Eric Hedges says:

    Hey if your new to CFHSV and wonder how in the world do they have those little pics by there name? Type in the following addy http://en.gravatar.com/ or if the link comes up live click on it. Fill out the info, upload a pic and make sure the email you use is the same you use when posting to this blog. Good luck and lets put a face to the name.

  10. Fleming sharp says:

    Thanks Eric…AlwaysWonderedThat

  11. Eric Hedges says:

    Good luck to all of the CFHSV athletes competing in the Stars & Stripes Summertime Open in Nashville tomorrow this is a USAW sanctioned event and qualifier. Go cheer them on if you have an open Saturday. Here is the website for the location and times. http://www.stevesclubnashville.org/Blank.html

  12. Dani Latham says:

    Well this WOD sure did surprise me. I walked in hoping for a challenging Rx and instead I had a DNF at the 25min cut off…I was fuming mad about it! I don’t know it was the 4:15 heat outside or the fact I’m still a sack of potatoes but this one killed me. I was glad to have Melissa to battle alongside!
    Dennis and John, thanks for the coaching and encouragement the entire time.