Friday, March 12 2021

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For time: (15 min cap)

1 wall walk
10 double-unders
3 wall walks
30 double-unders
6 wall walks
60 double-unders
9 wall walks
90 double-unders
15 wall walks
150 double-unders
21 wall walks
210 double-unders

Scaled athletes: perform scaled wall walks and single unders

Foundations: perform bear crawl and jumping jacks



We will be hosting The Open in ALL regular classes today! Sign up in MBO to reserve your spot.


Please arrive early to start warming-up on your own.



back slaps — ski swings — reach for toes/reach for sky/trunk twists

down dog/alternating calf stretch

10 second high plank hold — 5 second R/L side plank hold — 10 alternating shoulder taps

4 cat to cow cycles — 7 push-ups — 10 second hollow hold

10 jumping jacks

3 rounds of:  15 seconds of single unders, 10 second rest

5 inchworms

spend a couple minutes practicing single/double unders

spend a couple minutes practicing wall walks with standard

2 rounds of: 

1 wall walk

10 DU

6 responses to “Friday, March 12 2021”

  1. Nathaniel says:

    My man Robin is always feelin Lucky cause he’s got the right attitude all the time. Robin is a treat and a trip to have in class. He works hard, goes hard, and he’s hard to keep up with. He’s also got plenty of jokes, light jabs, and fun humor to pass around making him a favorite for any class. Let’s all hope we’re all Lucky with our Double Unders for 21.1 CFHSV! Brang It!!

  2. Josh Kennedy says:

    209 reps Rx at 14:54 (thru the 9/90 round), partnered with Jason Holly.
    Thought for sure I was going to smash my face into the ground as the wall walks proceeded!
    *A public KUDOS to the entire CFHSV Coaching staff for superb execution of 21.1 this morning. In the space of a few hours last night they came up with detailed coaching notes, set up a physical space plan in the box, detailed timing of the hour-class, update the website with a warm-up plan, how to brief the class, and more. And then open up at 0430 and carry it all out. Pro grade stuff, Cracker Barrel breakfast on me next week sometime!

  3. Mandee says:

    Robin showing off, cranking out one of today’s movements and looking calm, cool and collected in the process. Robin is always in a good mood, always engaging and always fun! He’s a hard working, smart athlete who is consistent and determined. And he’s always rocking a cool t-shirt, too?. Way to go, dude, keep it up!

  4. steve price says:

    211 Went Rx on Wall Walks but scaled doubles to singles.

  5. CJ VK says:

    384 reps rx (10/21 wall walks)