Friday, May 1 2020

Posted by Mandee on April 30, 2020   |   20 Comments



Click here for WOD Brief!

Clean Complex Build Up = E2MOM x 6 Sets

1 Clean to 2 Hang Split Clean (alt legs)

13min AMRAP:

13 Burpees
7 Clean  95/65  RX+ 135/95  MRX 75/55

6 Hang Split Clean (alt legs)

Core Development

2 rounds:

13 V-Ups

13 Hollow Rocks
13 Flutter Kicks (2 count)
13 Un-anchored Butterfly Sit-ups
*try to go straight thru unbroken each round*

Rest as needed between rounds


Click here for Home WOD brief, movement demonstrations and warm-up!

Home WOD

6 Rounds of:

13 Burpees

13 Squat Clean Thrusters


In accordance with the recent mandates set forth by the Alabama Governor, CrossFit Huntsville will be closed through May 15th. 



Monday – Friday: 6am, 11:30am, and 5:30pm!

Saturdays: 9am

Check your email for all the details!




20 responses to “Friday, May 1 2020”

  1. Nathaniel says:

    And then the Futches were FOUR! Congrats to Maggie, Bradley, Mac and the rest of the family on the newest member of the family. So happy for a healthy mom and baby. Love y’all, rest up, and can’t wait to meet the newest little man!

  2. Mandee says:

    What a great day it was to welcome the newest addition to this beautiful family!! Congratulations to Bradley, Maggie and Mac of the arrival of perfect little Tucker ? We’re going to have more boys than we know what to do with running around the CFHSV office and I love it!! We love y’all so much and can’t wait to share in your joy! ??????

  3. Tracy says:

    My people ?

  4. Duk4 says:

    Congratulations Bradley. Maggie and Mac.
    I’m going to give you some advice. You are gonna look up and they will be graduated from high school and gone. Enjoy every second with them and I know you do

  5. Regina says:

    Congratulations Bradley and Maggie! I know those boys will have so much fun growing up together and they’re so blessed to have the two of you as parents. I’m very happy for you guys!

    Strength: 2 reps of the complex E2MOM @85lbs

    WOD: 5+8 Rx

    • Nathaniel says:

      5 + 8 and your 85lbs are a sure fire way to have a smokin Friday. Beautiful day to stay fit. Great work Regina. And Regina knows a little something about raising two boys so she’s there if ya need her Futch family ?

  6. Garrett says:

    look at Bradley getting swole in the front yard! I’ve known this guy for as long as I can remember. Great coach, great friend, great leader. Keep grinding Bradley!

  7. Misty says:

    First of all, there ain’t nothing this guy can’t do! One of the most well round athletes that I know. If you’re going to do overhead walking lunges in the front yard then you’re bad to the bone! Secondly, I couldn’t be more excited for this family! Mac is going to be the best big brother and I cannot wait to meet the newest addition to the CF Huntsville boys club!

    A. 105 – 115 – 125 – 130 – 135 – 140
    B. 6+6 rx+

  8. Clair says:

    Congratulations Bradley, Maggie and Big Brother Mac! ?
    Happy Friday CFHSV!
    6+3 rxd

    • Nathaniel says:

      Happy Friday to you Clair! Nice job on that WOD with over 6 rounds animal.

  9. Chef Tyler says:

    Futch squad getting DEEP!
    “Another one” *DJ Khalid voice*
    I love my Futch fam.

  10. Wilma Jackson says:

    Another little at CFHSV, exciting!
    Congrats Bradley, Maggie and Mac.

    Another great workout!
    5+13 rx

    Core development was no joke!

    • Nathaniel says:

      You’re no joke Wilma! Great score and awesome to fight through that accessory. Hope you’re enjoying that newest grand baby of yours ?

      • Wilma Jackson says:

        She is amazing! I have only seen her a couple of times and hugged her up. They are doing all they can to keep her safe at this crazy time!

  11. mandee says:

    Did yesterday’s WOD today:
    20:11 RX

  12. Wesley Branch says:

    Congrats Maggie and Bradley!

    6+2 w/50lb dumbbells

  13. Cassarole says:

    Mac and his best friend!!!! Now Mac has another friend!!!! So happy for healthy mom and baby such a blessing seeing how Mac came and now his brother. The Futch fam is one I am so thankful to call a part of mine. ?
    Yesterday’s wod: 18:55rx
    Today’s wod: 7+11rx+

  14. Bradley says:

    Thank you all for the kind words. Maggie, Mac, and I are excited about our newest addition, Tucker! Mom and baby are doing great. We can’t wait for him to meet our CFHSV family.

  15. MH says:

    8+3 RX+