Friday, November 29 2013

Posted by Mandee on November 28, 2013   |   18 Comments

1 CFHSV Annual Iron Bowl GameDay WOD


We encourage all our CrossFit Huntsville athletes to come out and participate in our…

CFHSV 1st Annual Iron Bowl and College Gameday WOD! 


Dress appropriately so that it is clear which team you are cheering for (it doesn’t have to be Alabama or Auburn)! Remember, your score will count towards your team’s score, and the team with the top scores WINS!


Kickoff is at 10am! Feel free to bring a cheering section!




Reminder: all other classes are canceled today.

18 responses to “Friday, November 29 2013”

  1. Courtney says:

    ROLL TIDE!!!
    (Great picture.)

  2. CoachDB says:

    Boomer Sooner will be in the Box!

  3. Mandee says:

    Childcare IS available tomorrow from 930am-1215 pm!

  4. Don says:

    Almost didn’t recognize Nathaniel with the “do”!!

  5. Eric says:

    Normal class times tomorrow?

    • Mandee says:

      Only the 10am Iron Bowl WOD today, regular classes except for Running and Endurance on Saturday and Sunday.

  6. Robert S. says:

    Hello CFHSV! I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the holidays!. Life in Korea is going pretty good. I normally look at the site just to see everyone post their accomplishments and see how the box is growing. What an awesome thing to see all of my friends doing so well, and see new people learn what an amazing thing CrossFit is!

    I just went back a few days ago and noticed Larry tell a little story about my GATR spotting adventure. I saw that thing and knew what it was from a mile away.

    I suppose I should post some WOD results on here while I’m here.

    I did CrossFit Football Total today.

    Power Clean: 240 (PR)

    Back Squat: 375 (PR)

    Bench Press: 295 (PR)

    Dead Lift: 465 (-20 under PR)

    Total: 1,375 (PR)

    I was really hoping to pull 500 on the dead lift today, but I was pretty smoked after the other lifts. I have following my old favorite CrossFit Football since about March, and I love it, of course.

    Take care everyone!

  7. AP says:

    Thanksgiving gratitude story: Casey and I are in out of town for Thanksgiving and hit the local college gym for a workout today. The first part of our wod was HB Back Squats (5 @ 75%; 3 @ 85%; AMRAP @ 90%), then 3 x 30 at 50% 1RM. A football player for the school came in and started warming up in the rack next to us. He then started repping out 315 pound quarter and one-eigth squats…with a belt. 🙂 Maybe he was working on somekind of techinque with this abbreviated range of motion? Nonetheless, he was grunting and working hard…too bad none of his reps counted, at least not by my count. I tell this story not to bang on this dude’s form, obviously it’s from lack of coaching/instruction. But to give our coaches and athletes a big thank you for keeping all of us accountable. Casey and I had to reflect as we left the gym and we felt incredibly grateful that on a daily basis at CFHSV we receive great coaching, are held to high standards and are encouraged to work hard for every rep. Thanks again!

  8. CoachDB says:

    Community, espirit de corps, pushing yourself to your limit, being a team player and helping someone on the opposing team perform above their mental limits, albeit it Alabama, Auburn, or even Notre Dame are all things I though I would lose and be without when I retired from the Army. Excitingly, I was sadly mistaken. Today, what I witnessed pumped me up and had all of us riding a super high competing, cheering on and watching all 52 CFHSV athletes get after a tough football themed WOD in great spirits.

    Great Job to everyone and way to better your self in the CFHSV box instead of a Black Friday line. God Bless CFHSV and all its athletes. You all Rock.

    In closing, Alabama may have one this year, but Boomer Sooner will be plucking feathers from those War Eagles and riding those Crimson Elephants ☺ next year!

    • Mimi says:

      DB, thanks for all the time and effort you put into the whole thing this morning! Such a great time and already looking forward to next year!! ROLL TIDE! Whoo hoo!

    • Melissa D says:

      Thank you Dennis for putting this all together today. It was a lot of fun. But… Clemson will be winning next year 🙂

    • Matt M says:

      Today was symbolic of everything I have been missing in my fitness endeavors for the last 20 years. Lower back is still tight, my shin splints are tender, but I’m coming for more next week.

  9. Fleming sharp says:

    Thanks Dennis! What A Fun Morning!

  10. harvey says: