Friday, 23 Oct, 2009

Posted by Mandee on October 23, 2009   |   29 Comments


Dirty South CrossFit Games

Tommy V

For time:
115 pound Thruster, 21 reps
15 ft Rope Climb, 12 ascents
115 pound Thruster, 15 reps
15 ft Rope Climb, 9 ascents
115 pound Thruster, 9 reps
15 ft Rope Climb, 6 ascents

29 responses to “Friday, 23 Oct, 2009”

  1. Justin says:

    41:24 as rx’d
    Rope ripped my hands about 16 ascents into it, and it wasn’t much fun after that. Never thought there would be a workout where I could say the 115# thrusters were the easy part.

    Tony killed this workout.

  2. Kerri says:

    32:09 scaled rope climbs, Thrusters as rx’ed
    Did 24,28, and 12 rope climbs with the contraption Josh set up on the pull-up bar. Feet on the ground pulling up with upper body.
    Great job at the 7am class!! Talk about perseverance!!

  3. joe c says:

    38:40this wod sucked for me. Didn’t bring long socks now i have rope burn down my leg pretty bad. nice job tony

  4. Jake Naumcheff says:

    44:12 as Rx’d
    Forgot long socks, now it looks like someone took an iron to the ankle and inner thigh of my right leg.

  5. Robb Dempsey says:

    Failed @ 21 thrusters, 7 Rope ascents; messed around with rope pulls until time was up.

  6. Krista says:

    27:40 scaled:
    50lb thrusters
    1 real rope climb each round
    double reps of rope pulls
    (At the end of the workout, I still had lots of energy so I think I shouldn’t have scaled so much.)

  7. Aaron says:

    39:37, Scaled 95# Thrusters

    Zak and Kevin killed it, good job!

    My hands are still shaking as I type this and this 16 oz. bottle of water feels like it weights 25#. Definite HTFU WOD today.

  8. Zak says:

    40:53 as RX’ed I need to learn how to climb the rope using my legs. There were a few times I got to the top of the rope and thought I was close to falling off. I also tore skin off of my left palm and both my index fingers.

  9. z says:

    27:28. Justin’s and Joe’s determination was impressive.

  10. tracey says:

    Did a thruster workout at my place of work…
    65# strict form (that felt heavy) tried to use my muted hips more.
    Did L- pull-ups 8 x 4 rounds
    then i attached a rope apperratice to weighted machine…pulled my body weight til failure 150#.

    it wasnt a rope climb, but i really can’t afford any more ugly marks on my legs!!!LOL…. KIDDING RUSSELL!

  11. Karen says:

    This one was ROUGH! I had to cut this one short due to time but I think it would have taken me over an hour. I ended up with 21 thrusters rx’d and 10 rope climbs in 27 minutes (board says 29 minutes but I forgot Mandee and I started 2 min. later than the 1st group).

    Mandee rocked with the rope climbs! Great job! 6am class did impressive work all around.

    Some of these times are amazing. Way to go!!

    For the afternoon classes, wear long socks or pants. The rope will tear up your leg!

    Definitely a hero workout! RIP Tommy V

  12. klowe says:

    rx – 22:54

    Came prepared. Pants, long sleeves, rubber gloves, tape. Looked more like I was cooking meth or something than working out. Definitely helped though. No major injuries to hands, crotch, or lower leg.

    115 thrusters were def the easy part.

  13. klowe says:

    Jake and for others that got rope burns. If it looks infected then TREAT IT SOON. Many, many people have had serious staph infections of the skin due to sweaty, dirty, gym rope burns.

    Paging….Dr. Baldwin!

  14. Russ says:

    Scaled: 5 Thrusters at 95 lbs, 16 at 75 lbs. I’m still having serious issues with wrist flexibility – goes away with lower weight.

    8 full rope ascents – until complete muscle failure. Finished 1st set with 4 rope pulls.

    5 additional thrusters at 75 lbs until time ran out. 40 mins total.

    *Rope burns on my ankle. Next time I’ll be sure to wear long pants.

    Challenging Workout!

  15. Mandee Miller says:

    30:00 min cut off
    as Rx’d
    21 thrusters
    12 rope climbs
    15 thrusters

  16. Mandy says:

    as rx’ed
    21 Thrusters, 12 ascents and hellish descents, 7 thrusters

  17. Katie says:

    As rx’d: 21 thrusters + 12 rope + 15 thrusters in 32:14. I really would have liked to finish this one if I didn’t have plans tonight!

  18. Katie says:

    Oops I was 30:14 forgot I started 2 minutes in.

  19. Hudson Slater says:

    Rx 36:44.

  20. J.D. says:

    JD Test Reply

  21. Robert S. says:

    On duty today, so I hit the NASA gym. No rope so I did 7 towel pullups to sub for 1 rope ascent. Scaled weight to 95#.

    Made it through the second round of towel pullups before my towel had a come-apart on me. So, I did 40 pullups on the last round.

    All of that took me 28:46

    Judging by the posts today, I don’t feel that my towel pullup sub was a sufficient representation of the amount of pain that everyone else went through. Really wish we had CF equipment in the F.D.

  22. Katherine Berger says:

    so scaled that I hardly want to write it up here but here it is:

    65# (trying to save my lower back as I get more pregnant)
    did first 4 rope climbs but had to hurry so I went with rope pulls for the rest


    No way to even compare this to the Rx workout.

    Great job to everyone today! It was rough!

  23. dunnbball says:

    Since I didn’t have a rope to climb, I made up “Tyler” from Saturday substituting 3 dips and 3 pull-ups for each muscle-up.


    5 rounds of
    21 assisted dips
    21 assisted pull-ups
    21 SDLHP’s at 45 lbs

    I thought I was going to die by round 5!

  24. Garth says:

    This one beat me. I know some of it was just mental. Got through 15 thrusters and 3 ascents. Was cramping on second round of ascents. I took it as a chance to learn to rope climb better, as I got better later. That muscling through the first few was pretty silly.

    Amy was climbing that rope like a scalded monkey. Smallest person in the gym but the strongest climber. Impressive.

  25. Garth says:

    Those 3 ascents were luckily on the second round.

  26. Daniel says:

    At Lunch finished through 15 thrusters after 35 minutes and then ha to go to a meeting. I was dead anyway. At 5:30, I picked up where I left off and finished the workout in another 40 minutes. Next time, two pairs of jeans, combat boots and roofing gloves.

  27. Tricer says:

    Scaled to 95# thrusters. 115 just wasn’t going to happen.

    Finished all the rope climbs. 51:something

    15ft rope climbs * 27 = 405ft (135 yards) of ascent and descent. Even if you discount 6ft of rope (for an approximate average height) then you still have 243 ft (81 yards)….. Thats a lot of vertical distance.