Friday, October 14 2016

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A.”The Miracle Miles” by DB

For Time:

400m run, rest 1 minute

200m run, rest 1 minute

400m run, rest 1 minute

200m run, rest 1 minute

400m run, rest 1 minute

400m row, rest 1 minute

200m row, rest 1 minute

400m row, rest 1 minute

200m row, rest 1 minute

400m row

**athlete can choose to start with run or row**

B. 2 rounds for time of:

200m run

11 toes to bar

22 KBS  24/16kg   RX+ 32/24kg   (MRX 20/12kg)

100m KB carry

200m row

22 KBS  24/16kg   RX+ 32/24kg   (MRX 20/12kg)

11 toes to bar

100m KB carry



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17 responses to “Friday, October 14 2016”

  1. Trophy Husband says:

    My beautiful wife is concentrating hard on those t2bs!

  2. Nathaniel says:

    This dynamite team rocked! Gemma and Carrie showed up and showed out and it was awesome to watch! Keep rocking!!

  3. Courtney says:

    Oh lawdy, Carrie gets that look of determination and it’s about to go down.

  4. Dani says:

    Carrie and Gemma! Two dynamite ladies that I adore.

    Been missing you CFHSV!

  5. Mandee says:

    Gemma and Carrie looking strong and going hard! Two awesome athletes who happen to be awesome people too! Nice work ladies 🙂

  6. SheaW says:

    You should have seen their synchronized burpee box jumps! IMPRESSIVE TEAM!!

  7. KOBRA says:

    I’m amazed the gym didn’t explode with this power duo. ENGINE, STRENGTH, FEROCITY!

  8. Josh Kennedy says:

    Not sure how that lone pull-up bar survived so much awesomeness at once!

    A: think it was 21:35 elapsed, run then row
    B: thru all the KB swings at cutoff, finished at 20min flat Rx+. Bit humind this morning, had trouble hanging into the bar and KB

  9. Clair says:

    Awesome picture of 2 amazing athletes! Looking great Gemma and Carrie!
    A. 14:31
    B. 18:26 rxd(On 1st Rd I forgot to do t2b after KBS and went straight into 100m KB carry so came back and did t2b then 100m KB carry again)
    Dennis, this was some fine programming! It took me a bit to recover after this WOD.

    Yesterday’s WOD:
    3+41 Rxd
    RIP Pike and Happy Birthday Navy!

  10. KOBRA says:

    A. Run then Row – 12:12 RX
    1:32 / 0:42 / 1:35 / 0:42 / 1:26
    1:37 / 0:48 / 1:35 / 0:49 / 1:26

    B. 16:37 RX @ 28kg

  11. Nathaniel says:

    A. Row first & Run second – 11:20

    Row –


    Run :


    B. 17:07 rx + ( true farmers carry )

  12. Bradley says:

    A. 13:07 Run then Row

    B. 17:03 Rx+

  13. Bradley says:

    Gemma and Carrie are bad to the bone. Keep it up ladies!

  14. Jeremy M. says:

    7:00am Class (trying to deload this week, buttt):
    A: 11:28, RX (row, then run) – avg 1:40/500m on row
    B: 13:32, RX
    – Excellent class Kodi! Gemma/Carrie destroying t2b! These two gals are amazing athletes and such sweethearts! !

  15. George C says:

    A) 19:5-something total (including rest). Saying 20:00 to be safe. Subbed running for Assault Bike, Rowed normally.

    B) 1+58 w/32kg KBS, 2x 32kg KB carry, subbed 200M run for 0.5K Assault Bike.

  16. George C says:

    Gemma and Carrie looking strong!

  17. Mimi says:

    A: 14:26 RX
    B: 18:23 RX
    Carrie and Gemma smoking the partner WOD!