Friday, October 18 2019

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20 Minute AMRAP of:

4 Dumbbell Thrusters  50/35   Ages 14-15 and 55+ 35/20

6 Toes To Bar

24 Double Unders

Scaled ages 16-54: 35/20, hanging knee raises and single unders

Scaled ages 55+: 20/15, sit-ups, single unders


Core and Grip Development:

100m plate pinch grip carry
20 DB sit ups to press
20 Bulgarian split squats (each leg) with DB
200m farmers carry



*REMINDER* We will be hosting The OPEN today at 915am and 515pm! 
Our regular 915am, 515pm and 615pm classes are canceled as well as morning Open Gym. 

We WILL have childcare for the 915am session.

2 responses to “Friday, October 18 2019”

  1. Nathaniel says:

    Gracie under weight and in the zone! Gracie is ever so polite while she kicks a WOD’s butt. She works hard with a smile and has been dedicated since she arrived. Grace don’t play! Keep it up!

  2. Mandee says:

    Here are our Coaching Tips for 20.2! My apologies, the email was sent last night but did not go through…

    The second week of the 2020 Open is here, and 20.2 is a long AMRAP that introduces a new movement to the Open, the dumbbell thruster. The dumbbell thruster weight is somewhat substantial, but with only four repetitions each round, you will likely be able to perform these in unbroken sets. Take time during your warm up to practice your technique, making sure you are meeting the range of motion standards. Practice breathing on each rep, inhaling on the way down, and exhaling on the way up. Focus on good form when you clean the dumbbells to get them in position for the thruster, and decide whether you prefer to pull them from the outside of a narrow stance or from the inside of a wider stance. Avoid reverse curling them, as this will increase fatigue in the arms and shoulders and will certainly add up over the course of 20 minutes. And don’t forget to practice setting them down in such a way that they are in proper position for the next set.
    Like the thrusters, each set of toes to bar are a small set of only six reps. This is manageable for most athletes, regardless of whether you can link them or prefer to perform quick singles. But it’s important to remember that this is a 20 minute WOD, and the total volume will add up quickly with short, fast rounds. Some athletes will be able to maintain unbroken sets throughout, but others will need to break their sets to keep moving at a good pace.
    The final movement of this triplet is a staple in our CFHSV programming, double unders. For many, 24 doubles is a very manageable set. If you excel at double unders, focus on clean reps at a maintainable pace, breathing throughout and trying to stay relaxed. Place your rope on the ground after each set in such a way that it is ready to go for the next round, as transition time certainly adds up over the course of 20 minutes. If you struggle with double unders, don’t panic. The good news is these are small sets and you’ve got plenty of time. Don’t rush, stay calm, and chip away the best you can.
    At CFHSV, we regularly train this time domain, whether it be with time priority or task priority WODs. As a gym, this WOD is in our wheelhouse! A classic CrossFit triplet with low reps and high rounds for 20 minutes. Be confident and know that you are prepared for 20.2! Don’t let the low reps fool you into sprinting out of the gate. Dial in your “20 minute pace” and do your best to maintain. Minimize transition time, control your breathing, and settle in for 20 minutes of glory! Can’t wait to see you throw down, CFHSV!