Friday, October 6 2017

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Build Up to a Heavy 3 rep TNG Power Clean & Jerk

E2MOM: 3 – 3 – 3 – 3

“Growing for Grace” by DB
For Time:
-30 Clean & Jerks  75/55   RX+ 95/65   MRX 55/45
-800m Run
-20 Clean & Jerks  95/65   RX+ 115/75   MRX 75/55
-600m Run
-15 Clean & Jerks  115/75   RX+ 135/95   MRX 95/65
-400m Run
-10 Clean & Jerks  135/95   RX+ 155/105   MRX 115/75
-200m Run
– 5 Clean & Jerks  155/105   RX+ 185/125   MRX 125/85
**Athletes responsible for load changes**



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20 responses to “Friday, October 6 2017”

  1. Nathaniel says:

    Matrice! This an awesome CrossFitter that can lift with anybody and WOD with the best. She’s also got a smile that lights up the gym and a wit to match. You rock everyday!

  2. Carrie says:

    Matrice!!! ❤️

  3. Matt says:

    There you go!

  4. Mandee says:

    Oh yeah looking good Matrice! This lady is strong, skilled and driven. She can compete with anybody, any day on any WOD. Keep killing it stud muffin ?

  5. fleming Sharp says:

    Matrice!! I need more of you in my life!! You rock! I’ll never forget our “fresh” partner stretches!!??

  6. Kathy says:

    Matrice, looking strong. Miss you at 6:15.

  7. Michael Little says:

    19:17 Rx+

    Thanks for the coaching Brad! Great 815 class
    ? ?? ?

  8. Bradley says:

    Matrice always has a smile on her face and knows how to make you smile, too. She is funny, sweet, and one amazing athlete and lifter. Keep rocking stud!

    AM Open Gym – Today’s WOD:

    A. 225

    B. 18:41 Rx+

    • Bradley says:

      PM Open Gym – Yesterday’s WOD:

      122 Rx @ 135#/32kg

      FS – 12/11/11
      T2B – 18/10/11
      KBS – 17/16/16

  9. Matrice says:

    Thanks to everyone for allowing me to be apart of such wonderful people.. We all have a story together. You all are amazing athletes and even better people. I enjoy it everyday I’m there, that don’t involve rope climbs. ??

  10. DUKE says:

    RX+ did not finish. Did not get the last 200m run and the 5 @185.
    That was not a good one to start back on. But I had so much fun doing the 11:30 class.

  11. Haley says:

    Matrice!!! One sweet hard working lady right there. Keep it up!

  12. MH says:

    B. 19:04 RX+

  13. mac says:

    19:51 rx+

  14. Mandee says:

    AM Open Gym: today’s WOD:
    A. 165
    B. 19:47 RX+

    PM Open Gym: yesterday’s WOD:
    A. Subbed strict press with drop sets for bench Press, nursing a sore shoulder: 105 x 5 across, dropped to 65 for 9 reps each set
    B. 99 reps at 105lb barbell and 32kg KB
    C. Completed

  15. Jamie Cherrypicker says:

    Matrice always makes me work out harder…don’t know how she does it!! Great athlete with the best smile.
    A. 175
    B. 23:07 scaled to row

  16. George C says:

    A) 185

    B) 21:25 Rx

  17. Justin says:

    205/21:50 rx+

  18. Andrew DeeOhDee says:

    A.) 185 – 205 – 225 – 245

    B.) 21:18 Rx+

  19. Jeremy M. says:

    6:15pm Class:
    A: 135-185-205-no attempt
    B: 19:44, RX+
    – Great class tonight Nate!! Fun push from Matrice and Mo! Speaking of Matrice, she is super athletic, sweet and such a joy to be around!