Friday, Saturday 16, 2012

Posted by Mandee on November 15, 2012   |   8 Comments


Warm Up:

400m run

2 rounds

3 inch worm push ups

5 tuck jumps

7 air squats



A. 8 minutes to build up to a 1RM hang power clean

B. 8 minutes pistol work

C. For time:

1200m run

40 pistols, alternating legs

30 hang power cleans 205/115



A. high bar back squat: 1×5 @70%, 1×3 @75%, 1 x max reps @85%, rest 3minutes

B. weighted pull ups: 3 x failure – 1 reps @70%, rest 3minutes

C1. 3×10 glute ham raises, rest 30seconds

C2. 3×25 butterfly sit ups, rest 30seconds


8 responses to “Friday, Saturday 16, 2012”

  1. Dang Dennis says:

    WOW! Best pack a lunch for this one!

    • Dennis says:

      Stud and Strongman you will be done with this in 15-20. Run real fast for 3 laps, stand up and down quickly on one leg, and you can curl this weight on Friday, light weight. AKA curls for your girl. Enjoy

  2. Don says:

    Roger that, Bro!!

  3. AP says:

    A. 165
    C. 9:23 Scaled. Running Dizzy 50 tomorrow so cut pistols and HPC reps in half and went 135 on weight or roughly 80% of 1RM from part A.

  4. OkieDB says:

    Went and revalidated this WOD.
    Nothing spectacular just tried to go through smooth.
    Time = 19:56
    Ran at 8 minutes a mile. Steady pace
    I am bad at pistols. Maybe because I am a short squatty old man, sets of 10 slow and controlled. Need speed work here.
    Hang cleans, sets of 4, then 3, then two and singles from 24-30.

    My goal is to have all our men doing this at 225lbs in sets of 5 and the girls at 135lbs in sets of 5.

    Hit it hard today CFHSV athletes. You can excel. Train Hard, Train Smart, train to Survive!

  5. Tracey says:

    A. 135#
    B. 15:39

    Run= slow
    Pistols= fast for me:)
    HPC= in sets of 3.

  6. Justin says:

    15:47 scaled to 185

  7. Mac says:


    13:37 rx

    Run= medium
    Pistols=on toes, but better than the past
    HPC=sets of 3