Friday, September 15 2017

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Team Row or Bike Race (2-person team)

Row For Time: 

-A = 100m B = 100m
-A = 200m B = 200m
-A = 300m B = 300m
-A = 400m B = 400m
-A = 500m B = 500m
*one rower/bike per team*

Team WOD

16 minute AMRAP of:

-A = 10 Deadlifts  225/155  RX+ 255/175  MRX 185/115   WHILE    -B = Top Deadlift Hold
-B = 10 Deadlifts  WHILE  -A = Top Deadlift Hold

-A = 10 HSPU   MRX Hand Release Push-ups  WHILE  -B = HSPU Hold   MRX Plank hold

-B = 10 HSPU  WHILE  -A = HSPU Hold (top)
-A = 10 KBS 24/16kg  RX+ 32/24kg   MRX 20/12kg  WHILE   -B = KB Goblet Squat Hold (bottom)

-B = 10 KBS   WHILE  -A = KB Goblet Squat Hold

-A = 10 calorie Row  WHILE  -B = High Plank Hold

-B = 10 calorie Row  WHILE  -A = High Plank Hold

*One athlete is working, while one is in a static hold position. Athlete can only work if partner in hold position*

10 responses to “Friday, September 15 2017”

  1. Mandee says:

    Oh yeah James! Super strong, super stud who is always working hard! Keep it up 🙂

  2. Nathaniel says:

    Another one of CFHSV’s gentle giants…James! Keep up the good work!

  3. Brian J says:

    Big James! Glad this guy came to join us! Sky is the limit with this one!

  4. Ashley Moseley says:

    Now that’s one good lookin dude right there!!! CFHSV’s newest stud!

  5. James says:

    Thank you Coaches for your energy and motivation!

  6. Bradley says:

    James is a silent assassin. He will destroy a WOD without anyone knowing. Keep it up stud!

  7. Steve Price says:

    Carrie and Joe Liotta : chicken snake or rat snake !

  8. Justin says:

    10:58 row
    3+48 rx with Jeremiah

  9. Clair says:

    15:34 rxd
    2+72 rxd with Amanda
    Thanks for great coaching and the push to keep going, John!!

  10. Steve Price says:

    A. 12:30 Rx (3100 m)

    B. 3 rounds @ 225# / HRPU

    Partnered up with a Super nice guy and terrific athlete, Mark @ 0500 hrs !