Friday, September 18 2015

Posted by Mandee on September 17, 2015   |   12 Comments

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Air Force Birthday: 18 September 1947

Air Force Fitness Test:

1.5 mile run for time

1 minute max push-ups

1 minute max sit-ups


For Time:

20 thrusters 95/65

20 sumo deadlift high pull 95/65

20 shoulder to overhead 95/65

20 OHS 95/65

20 front squats 95/65

*CATCH* perform 4 burpees EMOM until completion and start with 4 burpees


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12 responses to “Friday, September 18 2015”

  1. Nathaniel says:

    Uh oh!! Dang Aly, at it again! Locked out and looking ready.

  2. Kim G says:

    My beautiful friend, Aly! Love you! Great picture!

  3. Haley says:

    Aly!!! Great picture

  4. Margaret-Anne says:

    Way to go Aly! Such an inspiration. And always so positive!

  5. Mandee says:

    Awesome work Aly!!! Looking good! 🙂

  6. Kobra Kodi says:

    Awesome work Aly!

  7. Zac J says:

    1.5 mile 11:44
    34 push-ups
    39 sit-ups
    Air Force 7:42 RX

  8. Josh Kennedy says:

    A: 11:17 run, 51 push-ups, 48 sit-ups. I can’t begin to convey how much I love PT tests….
    B: 13:00 Rx’ed. That WOD was horrible.

  9. Bradley says:

    Aly!! Always working hard. I am loving getting to see you in the afternoons on a regular basis now.

  10. Daniel Lynch says:

    A: 9:59
    30 Push-ups
    39 Sit-ups
    B: 88 reps scaled….threw those 25’s off in a matter of minutes and I worked with just the bar the rest of the WOD.

  11. fleming says:

    These wods (not the A part) where you have to keep up with clock (hamster mill wod) turn me into a crazed, demonic lunatic. Matt, you can attest! I was rather vocal today and quit about three times but jumped back in and flailed like a dying bug at the end. I was killing it, till it killed me. Thanks Dennis. It’s been a great week at cfhsv. Hope I am welcome back next week!

  12. Regina says:

    I’m renaming this combo-workout the Kobra Kodi Birthday WOD. It was relentless just like the Kobra.