Friday, September 30 2016

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A. Deadlift:  5 – 3 – 2 – 1 – 3   E3MOM

B. 3 x 4 minute rounds for max reps of:

400m run

8 deadlifts  255/175   RX+ 315/215   (MRX  205/135)

max reps burpee chest to bar pull-ups   RX+ ring muscle-ups  (MRX burpee pull-ups)

rest 2 minute after each round



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Friday Night Fight this Friday at 515PM! Come ready to throw down! Childcare available starting at 445PM.
Our regular 515pm and 615pm classes are canceled. 


Advanced Gymnastics Open Workshop: Saturday, Oct 1: 11am-12pm. 

22 responses to “Friday, September 30 2016”

  1. Stephanie says:

    Jason! That dude was curling and strict pressing those kbs! Raw power!

  2. Nathaniel says:

    Heck yeah Jason ‘dub ya’ ! That dude right there works hard and he’s scrong! He don’t play folks. Don’t be misled by that handsome face cause he’ll mess ya up!

  3. Mandee says:

    Jason W! This dude is totally awesome in so many ways! He goes hard on every WOD, every day, and is always encouraging his fellow athletes as well. Keep it up stud! 🙂

  4. KOBRA says:

    Jason is awesome. He smoked them kettlebells!

    Let’s not forget that clown on his head either…. ?

  5. George C says:

    Strong work Jason W! Keep it up!

  6. Josh Kennedy says:

    This photo is impressive in several ways: the look of concentration-effort, getting two heavy KB locked overhead, the shoulder mobility necessary, and more. Jason probably OHS those suckers in the next frame!
    A: 275-295-315-335-295
    B: 11+10+9=30 burpee C2BPU

  7. Bradley says:

    Looking good Jason W! This dude is strong and makes it look easy!!

  8. Clair says:

    A. 180(5)190(3)200(2)210(1)190(3)
    B. 32 Burpee CTB
    Awesome coaching this morning, John.

  9. BP says:

    There he is, the best friend a guy can have. Super strong and sexy. He stole my shoe swag and has a better beard than Nate.

    First WOD since or baby girl came. Ouch.
    A. 315-365-395-415-405
    B. 38 reps RX

  10. Jeremy M. says:

    7:00am Class:
    A: 385(5)-415(3)-435(2)-455(1)-405(3)
    B: 19reps, RX+ (315 deads unbroken, RMUs – 8/6/5)
    C: Completed
    – Always a fun class John!! Great to be back with my 7:00am crew/buddies! Jason is one stud. I haven’t had the pleasure to wod with him, but I’ve watched him kill it!

  11. Steve Price says:

    A. 365 x 5, 405 x 3, 425 x2, 455 X11, 405 x3

    B. 16 CTB Burpees @ 315#

  12. George C says:

    A) 305(5)-315(3)-335(2)-355(1)-315(3)
    B) 220 Rx

  13. Brian A says:

    Interested in playing Kickball with Members from CrossFit Huntsville?


    Team Name: Lets kick the fit out of it
    Invitation Code: CHHSV2016

  14. Mandee says:

    A. 240(5) – 255(3) – 270(2) – 285(1) – 300(1)
    was feeling good so went for an extra heavy single at the end 🙂
    B. 18 reps RX+

  15. Justin says:

    Friday night fight 12:18

  16. Nathaniel says:

    Friday Night Fight – 13:28

  17. Kobra says:

    Friday Night Fight – 13:50 Black