Monday, 01 Nov, 2010

Posted by Mandee on October 31, 2010   |   17 Comments

Complete as many rounds as possible 20 minutes of:
95 pound Squat snatch, 10 reps
10 Ring dips
10 Knees to elbows

Austin Malleolo 10 rounds + 2 snatch,ย Dave Lipson 9 rounds,ย Karianne Dickson 8 rounds + 4 dips (65lbs).ย 
Post rounds completed to comments.

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17 responses to “Monday, 01 Nov, 2010”

  1. Tye says:

    5+5 RX’d

  2. Aaron says:

    Scaled @ 75 pounds
    6 + 15

    Squat snatch will forever need work. And still having shoulder tightness but was able to do the dips without much issue. Kipping KTE’s finally clicked, Jake didn’t yell “MISS!” on any of them so I think they were all good.

  3. Rich Hall says:

    Whew…performed like a sloth today..
    3+18 @65#
    Gotta get my head back into the game and execute better!

  4. Brady W. says:

    Scaled @ 75#,box dips, mtn climbers
    4 + 1

    Squat snatch felt real awkward but got better as the rounds progressed. Having tight shoulders and upper back now, so i’ll be stretching all day!

  5. Ramsay says:

    QOD: At what point do you buy new clothes (work clothes specifically)- I seem to be dropping a size every few weeks. It will stop soon b/c I can only get so small, but it seems as soon as I buy some pants, they are too big. What are some strategies? My donation pile is growing and it is getting $$$.

    • Kristi Simmons says:

      I know exactly what you’re going through!! I’m right there with ya! I refuse to buy new clothes yet b/c I still want to lose the muffin top. So, until I’m there I’m just raiding friends/families closets and spending $$ @ the cleaner’s for alterations. Or, if that doesn’t work for you, just wear belts with the pants & look a little slouchy (like I was doing before the alterations) and revel in the “oh my goodness, you’re really losing weight…” comments. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • AmandaJ says:

      Yep…I got a bunch of pants taken in rather than buying new.

      • Ramsay says:

        I have taken my pants, suits and jackets in once already, but that was 2 sizes ago- don’t think they will go in anymore and still keep the shape. How will the clothing swap will work since we are all going down in size? ๐Ÿ™‚ I started CF @ a size 14, quickly moving to an 8 in pants. I’ve never been smaller than an 8, including high school, so I am hoping it will come to an end soon. Hey I’ll take a 6 any day, but these hips aren’t going anywhere so I’ll prob be safe @ an 8. Thanks, ladies! I’m glad we are not alone in our clothing woes.

        • Russell says:

          Good questions Alissa!…as you mentioned, we are having the ladies clothing swap/drinks/eating night on the 18th of this month!!! This will be a great opportunity to grab some clothes in different sizes if you need them! As for the “how will this work if we are all getting smaller question…? Good point! In my case, I am bring lots of size smaller sized work clothes that I am not going to wear now that I am out of the pharma world ๐Ÿ™‚ and I also have some workout clothes that I just never wore that much so I am ready to pass them on. Also, you may have gone from an 8 to a 6 while someone else went from a 6 to a 4…and so on. Hopefully it will help and we will all at least get a few items! But you are right, most people are shrinking…yay!

          oh, hahaha….this is katherine. very weird if russell had written that post! :)_

  6. KLowe says:


    I’m sure there would have been numerous KTE misses if I had someone counting for me.

    Strange WOD when the squat snatches are the “easy” part.

  7. Robert S. says:

    scaled to 75#


  8. Robb says:

    scaled to 65# and 5 reps.

    6 + 5

    Ring dips died in the last few rounds along with the snatch. Almost hurled at the stop light of leeman ferry and drake when I smelled Hardee’s.

  9. Dennis says:

    Really tried to make each squat snatch perfect by pulling close/strict and receiving in heels and driving out thru heel/hammies. I know I need to continue to work on and be coached in the receiving position and driving out of the hole through the heels. All snatches were in sets of 3-5 reps with small breaks, all ring dips and K2Es were unbroken.
    As RXd = 7 rounds complete and 3 Squat Snatches.
    Great job to all that have gone and give it hell to all that will go. CFHSV getting some technique with some metcon today Baby!. Train Hard, Train Smart, Train to Survive!

  10. Tracey says:

    65# as rx’d squat snatch. 5/5/5 scaled reps.= 8 rounds+5 reps. I felt like I was getting somewhere with squat snatches today…5 reps made it easier not to break down too bad in form on all the exercises, while keeping intensity level high. If I had done rx’d…i’d been standing/resting/ looking at the rings for a long time!

  11. Ron Wood says:

    Scaled 75# power pull jerk snatch, not sure what it’s called – just didn’t squat

    5 + 14

  12. Jake Naumcheff says:


    Should have gotten more, but that was hard as hell.