Monday, 02 Nov, 2009

Posted by Mandee on November 2, 2009   |   33 Comments

Five rounds for time of:
95 pound Snatch, 3 reps
95 pound Overhead squat, 15 reps
Run 400 meters

33 responses to “Monday, 02 Nov, 2009”

  1. Larry Lowe says:


    I couldn’t land the full snatch, so i had to do power snatch with a full squat for each rep.

  2. Daniel says:

    Not looking forward to this. OHS with a 35# bar is difficult for me. #95 is next to impossible.

  3. Justin says:

    27:48 scaled to 25 PVC OHS per round
    I am awful at overhead squats. I threw in a few with a 45# bar each round, but I had a lot of trouble staying on my heels while keeping the weight overhead. Lots of room for improvement here.

  4. LeshaS says:

    23:32 scaled to #55, for better form. It is harder than I thought it would be to RUN after all those squats. When my hip flexors FINALLY loosened up during the run, the 400 was almost over and then I had to squat again. OUCH.

  5. Clint says:

    Not that this is suprising but here is some data on sugar, and sodas. I call them calorie vampires…but interesting.


  6. Patrick says:

    Damn. Another come up with something else day.

  7. Robert Montgomery says:

    16:01 as Rx’d. Still need to work on staying on my heels at the bottom of my OHS.

  8. Will Blankenship says:

    22:56 as rx’d

  9. Jakub Sikorski says:

    23:36 @ 45#

  10. Mandee Miller says:

    25:55 as rx’d

  11. Krista says:

    20:20 scaled
    45# on first couple of rounds, dropped to 35# on the rest of the rounds because of pain in wrists.

  12. Slade White says:

    Still very poor at this movement. Scaled the workout to 25 OHS per round. Did first two rounds with 65 lbs. Dropped to 45 lbs per Russell’s instruction on round three and then up to 55 lbs on rounds four and five. Weight really didn’t matter too much, as my flexibility seems to be the issue. Back keeps rounding and shoulders don’t feel right. These workouts are always disappointing, because I can’t do the movements correctly.

    Scaled 26:15, maybe doing two of the OHS correctly.

  13. tracey says:

    SCALED…no snatch/ 55# ohs x 25 with 400meter run. 4 rounds then ran to pick up my little man at school.
    Also, I was tardy to class…:( Something is better than nothing, I suppose.

  14. Daniel says:

    Scaled to PVC and 25OHS / round and. 500m row.
    Shoulder pain and poor OHS squat frm turned this into a form workout for me.
    Not timed.

  15. Jason Terry says:

    Ugggghh….OHS….21:35 scaled to 35# and no snatches in rounds 3, 4 and 5 per Russell. Lots of toes in this workout.

  16. Jason Terry says:

    Ugggghh….OHS….21:35 scaled to 35# and no snatches in rounds 3, 4 and 5 per Russell. Lots of toes in this workout.

  17. klowe says:

    I thought working out on a swollen knee would help to make the joint fluid resorb……I was wrong.

  18. Robert S. says:

    At the NASA Gym today, and I suck at both the snatch and OHS so I did some form work on those and did the WOD scaled to 25 OHS w/ pvc.


  19. Jake Naumcheff says:

    First 3 1/2 rounds as Rx’d, then dropped to 75# for the rest to focus on form. OHS needs a lot of work.

  20. Zak says:

    Sprint 4 x 100 meters (30 secs rest)
    30 Push Presses 155 lbs
    Sprint 4 x 100 meters (30 secs rest)

    9:30 including all 6 30 sec. rest periods

  21. Katherine Berger says:

    Went to HHS track to make up yesterday’s WOD. It sucked. Being pregnant makes things hard. I was waaaay slower than normal and ended up doing 400m in between each 800m for some reason. Probably made the 800s slower but felt right at the time.

    400m: 1:30
    800m: 3:35
    400m: 1:45
    800m: 3:37
    400m: 1:39
    800m: 3:47

    Last time we did this I was 3:01, 3:05, 3:10, 3:04 What a difference a baby makes!

  22. Patrick says:

    Yeah, It’d be nice if it worked that way (swollen knee thing), but it doesn’t unless your really deconditioned. Obese and/or sedentary folks will see significant improvement in knee pain and swelling with functional movement. The difficulty is convincing them to get off the couch.
    But, if your klowe… snatch, OHS and runs. Not smart if your knee’s pissed off.

    Squat, Push up, Pull up, Sit up medley from last week: 34:24

    Sub’d PVC Goodmornings for the Squats and did 50 extra sit ups.
    About half way through Russell deemed my sit ups unworthy of being counted.

  23. Garth says:

    18:30 as Rx’d. Did 1st, 2nd, and 5th OHS sets unbroken. 3rd and 4th in two sets. All snatches were singles. Runs were slow.

  24. Mandy says:

    PVC x 25

  25. Kerri says:

    Even scaled down to PVC this was a sucky WOD. Don’t know what it is, just haven’t felt up to par the last 3 days
    on…..maybe it was the over indulgence of chocolate over the weekend….
    Oh well, maybe Wednesday will be a good day!!!

  26. Aaron says:

    Scaled to 65#

  27. Karen says:

    24:24 rx’d. Runs were horrible! OHS broken. Lots of room for improvement!

  28. Katie says:

    PVC work on this! Went up to the 30:00 cuttoff… I think I did 60 OHS and 4 runs.

  29. leah says:

    31:09 45# on rounds 1,4,&5; 35# on rounds 2&3. Had a hard time staying on my heels on the overhead squat, as always.

  30. Daniel says:

    Tonight, 5K run. Not Timed.

  31. Jimmy says:

    i always miss the fun one’s