Monday, 03 Aug, 2009

Posted by Mandee on August 3, 2009   |   17 Comments

Rest Day

“In Battle, Hunches Prove to Be Valuable” by Benedict Carey – The New York Times

17 responses to “Monday, 03 Aug, 2009”

  1. Tricer says:

    Russell made the front page! Way to go on the cert!

  2. JT says:

    JT – 20:23, a PR by less than a minute. You would think a workout named after myself would be easier…………….I’m thinking 5 pull ups, 4 air squats, 3 sit ups, 2 double unders and a beer…….in a tree! Now that’s a workout to create – The Twelve Days of Christmas, and the workout goes just like the song………Hey Clint – how many reps would that be???

  3. Daniel says:

    Rest day article is a shorter piece touching on the same theme as the longer work by Malcom Gladwell entitled ‘Blink’


  4. Clint says:

    By my math I hit 12 days of Xmas with 364 repetitions.

    JT – 14:23 rx
    5×5 Back Squat 135-185-185-225-225

    First time through JT like always HSPU failure happens far to quickly.

  5. JT says:

    it is really 364! Go with the song…..
    on the first day of crossfit my little ball of hate gave me a kipping pullup on the cage
    on the second day of crossfit my little ball of hate gave to me, two air squats and a kipping pull up on the cage
    on the twelfth day of crossfit my little ball of hate gave to me.
    364 reps of 12 different exercises….after looking at it – we should work backwards.

  6. Jakub Sikorski says:

    JT as Rx’d 16:10
    HSPU really need some work.

  7. Clint says:

    I actually had to look up the song, lol. Love the edit feature. I thought just went 12, 11, 10 lol oh well in a way it does but its more like 12, 12 &11, 12&11&10. lol oops, add another cup of coffee. I’m good.

  8. Michael Paul says:

    “Nicole” 7 rounds 92 Pull ups.

  9. Kerri says:

    Nicole-4 rounds, 100 jumping pull-ups +400m

  10. Hudson Slater says:

    JT. I don’t even want to know my time. My handstand pushups were so horrible that I was just glad to be done. Changed to asst. HSPU towards the end of the second round.

  11. 4 rounds of “nicole”. Glad to be back!

  12. Garth says:

    In DC for a couple days, so I went to one of my favorite CF boxes, CF Potomac.

    Workout was:
    75 sec Max
    Kettlebell Swing, 1.5/1 pood
    45 sec Plank Hold
    75 sec Max Double Unders
    45 sec Wall Sit
    75 sec Max Sumo Deadlift High Pull, 75/55 lbs
    45 sec Plank Hold
    75 sec Max Ring Dips
    45 sec Wall Sit
    75 sec Max Dumbbell Push Press, 45/30 lbs
    45 sec Plank Hold

    Did 144 reps. Good, quick workout. Double unders kept me out of the top few.

  13. Patrick says:

    Plank Hold? I assume this is just to hold Plank position for 45 sec. Interesting static:dynamic WOD, sounds horrible.

  14. Mandy says:

    JT- 15:50 heavily asst (box) HSPU, asst (band) ring dips
    Have to go to Bham this morning. Will be at 4:30 class for FBG. Yikes!

  15. JT says:

    Mandy – is FBG “Fight Be Good”???

  16. Mandee Miller says:

    24:30 (bar dips)