Monday, 04 May, 2009

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Rest day

Conjecture, Hypothesis, Theory, and Law- the basis of rational argument- Jeff Glassman – CrossFit Journal

Science and Skepticism- Jeff Glassman- CrossFit Journal

24 responses to “Monday, 04 May, 2009”

  1. JT says:

    I have a saying that i truly believe – “you learn something everyday, whether you want to or not.” I also believe there is a good and bad side to everything and you must always search for the good. So, to my point. I learned today that “Hansen” sucks, and sucks more working out by yourself. I also learned the bad side of that is 1.you don’t work out as hard 2. there is no one to motivate you to keep using the 32kg KB and 3. there is no one there to resucitate you if you pass out! Now the good – there is also no one there to see you visit the trash can. I love crossfit!
    2 rounds as prescribed, 1/2 round at 24kg KB then near death exhaustion. Looking forward to front squats tomorrow.

  2. Robb Dempsey says:

    Tabata Something Else – 245

  3. Clint says:

    I unfortunately am a doof and lost count of this one. Attempting to be healthy, movements felt strong…I was tempted to say hello to Pukie today.

  4. Will Blankenship says:

    Tabata Something Else – 304

    I thought I had 402 at first… I must have been too exhausted to add my total correctly. My actual score was 304. Not that great IMO. Chest to bar always gets me and my squat depth still sucks.

  5. Tricer says:

    “Tabata somthing else” 259. Not real pleased with that performance.

  6. Clint says:

    I witnessed Daniel get absolutely crushed by “Hansen” today, tomorrow is my turn. We shall see.

  7. Patrick says:

    Did this one CrossfitintheBasement:
    Tabata Something Else – 367

  8. Russell says:

    the biggest problem of working out alone appears to be not doing the workout correctly. It was 5 rounds, not 2..


  9. Slade White says:

    Tabata Something – 265 with pretty crappy form, especially the pullups. My chest to bar is at best a slight grazing of the chest hairs. Either I’m not strong enough yet, or my form is just broken…….or maybe both. Damn Will, I really thought you had broken 400.

  10. Daniel says:

    Rest in Peace Hansen

    Yeah it killed me. Kudos to Lindsey, Brad, Garth, Katie, Justin and everyone else who humbled me today with their performance. I got through 3 rounds in 30min then called it quits. My lower back was not tough enough to maintain good form on the 2 pood swing. It is a great core workout though.

    It identified a weakness. Get better at kettle balls at that weight and my front squat, cleans, and dead lifts should get stronger.

  11. Hudson Slater says:

    5 rnds as RXd. 30:30. One of the most devestating workout ever.

  12. James Lambert says:

    Front squat 3-3-3-3-3 reps

    225, 245 (1), 225, 225, 235 (1), 225 Yes I know that is one extra.

    I’ve been inconsistent for to long in getting a workout in. I was doing sets of 245 back in February.

  13. Brad says:

    Tabata Something Else total reps 237.

  14. Brad says:

    correction 327 reps.

  15. klowe says:

    Tabana sumpin elf

    -but only did 29 rounds instead of 32 because I’m an idiot. (and Jimmy is kindof an idiot)

    Did eight rounds of PU, and then seven rounds of the rest bc I can’t count and could not read the chart correctly because of the crappy, CRAPPY, dry erase markers.

    ….yes. I blame the dry erase markers for falling short of my goal of 400

    jk Jimmy. I do appreciate that you stayed extra to count for me.


  16. Jimmy says:

    my bad i didn’t even think to count the bars on the chart, and im grabbin some markers tomorow at school so that problem will be solved from now on, tabata somethin else 327

  17. Larry Lowe says:

    Classic Hotel Workout

    5 rounds:
    7 flights of stairs sprints
    20 pushups at the top

    straight into

    5 rounds:
    7 flights of stairs sprints
    20 situps

    Lost my watch so it was untimed. I made sure it sucked.

  18. J.D. says:

    Did “Hansen”. Started to use the 32kg kb, but Russell made me drop to 24kg, then to 20kg. Then Hansen made me drop. Only did 31/2 rounds in 30 minutes. Miraculously, I did not puke or have a heart attack, which is proof of the existence of a kind and loving God. One of the toughest WOD’s ever. Truly sucked. And I saw Hudson Slater do it RIGHT! I am impressed, sir! Well done!

  19. Daniel says:

    45 Cleans 150# – Gotta get that lower back toughened up.

  20. Lindsey says:

    Tabata Something else: 283
    I think I could have done slightly better if I hadn’t been crushed and beaten by Hansen the day before! Ouch!

  21. JT says:

    Russell – i knew how many reps there were, I just got crushed. I also realized later in the day that I had not eaten AT ALL. From now on, I just wait for everyone else.

  22. Clint says:

    32:47 RX I started my final burpee set at 28:13. Sub 30 will have to wait Russell, I actually enjoyed this workout.

  23. klowe says:

    Front Squats
    3 X 5

  24. Karen says:

    Did Tabata Something Else on May 4th – 331