Monday, 05 July, 2010

Posted by Mandee on July 4, 2010   |   14 Comments


Wearing a 20 pound vest, three rounds for time of:
1K Run
10 Muscle-ups
100 Squats

Captain Ronald G. Luce, 27, of the U.S. Army Company C, 2nd Battalion, 20th Special Forces Group, headquartered at Jackson, Miss., died August 2, 2009 in Qole Gerdsar, Afghanistan, after his vehicle was struck by a command wire improvised explosive device. He is survived by by his wife Kendahl Shoemaker and 5 year old daughter Carrie, and parents Ronald and Katherine Luce.

14 responses to “Monday, 05 July, 2010”

  1. Katherine Berger says:

    I decided to put up this picture because it just felt wrong to post a shot of us working out when the workout is a Hero WOD….and its the 4th of July.

    Thanks to all those who serve or have served on our behalf!

  2. Zak says:

    CF Football Total

    Power Clean 1 Rep
    Squat 1 Rep
    Bench 1 Rep
    Deadlift 1 Rep

    Power Clean: 255(x),245,275(x)
    Squat: 365,385,400(x)
    Bench: 335(x),335(x),325
    Deadlift: 455,475,500

    1455 Total. My total from 21 May was 1340 with 255,335,315,435.

    Power cleans have my number lately. I had 275 up to nipple level, but I didn’t seem to have the speed to drop back under the bar.

    My squat has improved tremendously. I didn’t keep my body as tight as I needed to at the bottom and just missed 400#. This was also the first time I have walked out with more than 345# on the bar.

    All of my deadlifts came straight up without any pause or jerking backwards. I think I could have gone over 500.

  3. Ron Wood says:

    27:19 scaled 2.8K, 5 MUs, 50 Squats

  4. Tye says:

    Worked out with Crossfit Castle Rock today, and it was pick your girl day. I choose Fran after talking to the trainer and went as rx’d in 10:57. Pretty slow, but for going from 600 ft. above sea level to 6,200 ft. above here in CO, I feel like it wasn’t too bad. They’ve got a great box and both trainers I meet today were very helpful, looking forward to tomorrow.

  5. klowe says:

    Rx – 35:38
    Felt like everything was in “endurance” mode vs “kill it” mode. Should have pushed harder on the runs and squats but I was so friggin’ hot. More of a mental grind to just keep moving. Wussed on the squats for sure but was paying a lot more attention to squatting off my heal instead of my toes.

    RIP Luce. God Speed and Thank You.

  6. Daniel says:

    Great Job man.

  7. Kerri says:

    Scaled of course!!

    800m run on 1st rd., but 400 m on 2nd and 3rd
    50 air squats

    Hard to get those legs going again after those squats….

  8. Aaron says:

    Scaled to 400m run, 7 strict muscle-ups, 50 air squats.

    Legs trashed from yesterday’s wod.

  9. dunnbball says:

    Scaled in 17:51
    400 m run, 7 CTB Pull-Ups, 7 Asst. Ring Dips, 30 Air Squats

  10. Justin says:

    Scaled to 400m, 10 strict ctb pullups and 10 ring dips, 50 squats
    Pullups got pretty ugly

  11. Garrett D says:

    Scaled to 800m runs, 10 MU transitions, and 50 air squats. 25:51. I still suck at running.

  12. LeshaS says:

    Scales with 800m runs, 5 mu transitions, 50 air squats: 24:46

  13. Robert S. says:

    CF Football Total

    Power Clean 1 Rep
    Squat 1 Rep
    Bench 1 Rep
    Deadlift 1 Rep

    First time doing CFFB Total and first time back in the gym since Cash was born.

    PC: 185-195(pr)-200(pr)
    Squat: 315(x)-315(x)-295(10# under pr)
    Bench: 205-215(pr)
    DL: 355(pr)-375(pr)

    Total: 1085

    I was amped about the clean PR, but got pissed during squats. Came out of the gate to heavy and was done after that. I saw Dr. Cost at Total Sports Care about a nagging hip/posterior chain injury, and he said “I was tight as a tick”. I felt that when I was squatting.

    The DL was by far the best. 30# pr. Thanks to Kevin and Jake for motivating me to get it done.