Monday, 07 Mar, 2011

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10 minutes of shoulder mobility work, followed by push-press practice


With a continually running clock, perform as many reps as possible in 10 minutes of:

30 sit-ups

15 skin-the-cats

1 minute of L-sit

After 10 minutes, immediately begin to complete as many reps as possible in 5 minutes of:

35 pound dumbell push-press, 10 reps

35 pound dumbell front squat, 10 reps

goHEAVY Workout-

Overhead squat complex-


(Perform one wide-arm behind-the-neck Push-press, one Overhead squat, and a Snatch-Balance to complete each set)

Try our first Yoga class tonight!

Developing the Behind-the-Neck Split Jerk With Coach B: Part 2” byAgain Faster EquipmentCrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

29 responses to “Monday, 07 Mar, 2011”

  1. Ramsay says:

    Curious… Can you have too much CF? What the recommended training schedule? Now with Yoga, for example, 2xs a day is a possibility, yes? Is it recommended to go 3-4 days on, one day off? I don’t want to overdo it, but want to maximize the CF experience. My name is Alissa and I am a CF addict….

  2. Emily D. says:

    Is there a Go Heavy tonight?

    • Ramsay says:

      Its on the scheduling and billing page… I am planning on going, so I hope so. 🙂

      I made a request on the newsletter page that it would be helpful if there was a master monthly calendar with all events and workshops. They are listed throughout the newsletter and we have the schedule page on the site, but it would be nice to have everything consolidated in one easily accessible place like a calendar.

      Similar to this http://www.huntsvillehospital.org/services/wellness/classes/schedules/0311_jv_land.pdf

      • Ramsay says:

        So do have the Mind Body website that has a list of everything…. It is a personal preference to see a full month of what is offered on a calendar that can be printed off for easy reference.

    • Russell says:

      Yes there is! The workout won’t get posted until I get home from the airport (soon), but it will go down this evening.

  3. Russell says:

    The Best results from CF come from 3 days on, 1 day off. Doing yoga or something easy on top of CF won’t interfere with this much if at all. Yoga on your rest day will also probably make a good active recovery.

    We are waiting for our site developers to finish a calendar for our website that is already in the works!

    • “Yoga or something easy”??? Russell, Russell, Russell…

      I would not necessarily call yoga “easy”. It can be (and should be) a fairly intense workout. Yoga should make you sweat. It’s tough. Some of the Ashtanga classes I have been to have left me laying in a pool of sweat barely able to walk to my car.

      That said, it is definitely a different type workout than CrossFit and might make a good rest day WOD for some people. But, if you have never done yoga, have trouble balancing, lack flexibility, or lung endurance, it might not give you much of a rest.

      Also, if you do want to try a yoga class on the same day as a WOD, make sure to come AFTER your WOD and not before. This will help you to get the most out of both workouts. (stretching before weigh-lifting is never a good idea)

      Thanks to everyone who came out tonight! Great job! And if you didn’t make it tonight, be sure to drop by Wednesday and get an idea of what the yoga classes will be like once they start full force in two weeks!

      • Russell says:

        Yoga OR something easy… do not read as yoga IS easy… sorry for the confusion.

  4. Jason says:

    1+33/2+10 at 30#
    Crazy silly workout – they never look bad on paper!

  5. Robert S. says:

    Box Squat 10×2

    160# with box height just below parallel.

    Then 5 rounds of 5-10-5 sprints
    Fastest sprint was 5.2 seconds

  6. Eric Hedges says:

    Today’s workout looked like a cake walk… I should have known better. (1)45 3 Rounds 10 reps.
    When will the urge to puke stop?

    • KLowe says:

      “Today’s workout looked like a cake walk” — ???

      Are we looking at the same workout? 30 situps, skin the cats, and L-Sits…….yikes.

      Puke fest.

  7. Karen says:

    1+33/5rds as rx’d

  8. Dennis says:

    Thanks for the great YOGA class Katherine. Look forward to making more in the future. Wanna Be YOGA Guru DB

  9. Steve says:

    1+45+4(secs)/2rds+10 push-presses as rx’d

  10. Tasha W says:

    1+25 (subbed the left-to-rights Jake showed us on the bar for skin the cats and one min ball-sit instead of L-sit) / then 4+10 w/12# DBs. O-M-G, my quads were on fire after this one. Feels good to be back in the game, though!!

  11. Patrick says:

    Rx’d 1+37/4+17, L-sit quickly turned to tucks.
    Great yoga class, really happy to have Kat back in the gym.

    “Can you have too much CF.” Coach Glassman is quite clear on this issue. The program is designed to find and develop weaknesses in the fitness athletes on the planet. Going at CF WODs with 100% high intensity day in and day out will definitely f_ck you up. I think we all have to learn this on our on. I’m particularly dense in this area, if it’s written on the board and everyone else is doing it… by God, I am too. Accepting that sometimes you need to scale weight or substitute a movement is part of the process. You will have to learn what works for you. The 3:1 programming works for most, and if you can work that into your schedule, it’s probably best. Personally, my work schedule won’t allow this level of regularity. Listen to your body. If your feeling sore, tired and spent take an extra recovery day or two. Or, come to class and scale the WOD heavily and use it as an active recovery day. I personlly love CF, but the varied nature of the program coupled with each individuals varied schedule can make for haphazard programming. Which may result in too much shoulder work, or too much pulling, or too many metcons, etc. (Sorry Russell but thats been my experience) As time goes by, you’ll be able to modify the program to your individual needs, but you have to pay attention to your body, instead of just following what’s on the whiteboard.

    • Ramsay says:

      Thanks, Patrick.

    • Russell says:

      I agree Patrick. That’s partly why we designed the GoHEAVY class… because so many of our members come into the gym “haphazardly” and don’t ever hit enough heavy days… though what I think I’m seeing isn’t actually poor programming for individuals who come in haphazardly and get random doses of CF, but the majority of our members “cherry pick” to some extent and those who don’t like coming in on Heavy days simply don’t show up… Something to be addressed I think.

      • Patrick says:

        Thanks Russell. I was wondering about the increased frequency of GoHEAVY days. Haphazard is how things work out for me. I’m a strength bias CrossFitter, so my goals are more along the line of a 500# DL and 400# Squat. I fully understand that I could get to these goals more quickly through Westside Programming, Texas Method, or 5/3/1 with more assistance work. But, I’m willing to delay reaching goals to maintain metabolic conditioning. Granted my metcon isn’t great, but that’s a price I’m willing to pay. I guess if ones goal is GPP, random doses of CF is fine.

    • KLowe says:

      well said. My recent experiences exactly.

      Spring always screws up my CrossFit schedule. It is impossible for me to NOT work in my yard and garden. Therefore 3:1 is almost impossible for me to maintain with my gardening schedule. It is now closer to 2:1. I used to be “afraid” to take a day off no matter how tired I was….now like Patrick said, If my body is fatigued and i feel like I’m in a metabolic hole (thanks Russell) then I take the time to rest and skip a wod. It is still not easy to skip a WOD but it is getting easier.

  12. Casey says:

    Question: okay so i am on the hunt for a new pair of cross fit shoes…my running shoes are just not cutting it anymore and I think it is time invest in a new pair. Today I ran into a nb rep I tried on a pair of the new nb minimus and Really liked how they felt. He suggested going with those instead of the nb 101s that are currently out for crossfit. However do you suggest I get the trail pair or street pair of the minimus for Wods Or get the shoe at all?

    • Patrick says:

      The CF shoe hierarchy as I see it: Inov8, Vibram FF, NB, Chucks, Sambas then a bunch of “also ran’s”. There’s a bunch of minimalist footwear designs popping up these days.

    • russell Berger says:

      Vibram 5 Fingers aren’t shoes…. I would try the New Balance low-profile stuff. Inov8’s are great but they are the rarest shoes on earth and if you can’t find them, I think NB are pretty good too from what Katherine has told me.

  13. Larry says:

    Crossfit Fairfax

    =19:47 (close to a 2 min pr)

    Pushups are what slow me down. I suck at pushups and I don’t know why. I have really goos handstand pushups, and really weak pushups. Any suggestions?

    • KLowe says:

      Stop controlling your push-up descent. Let gravity help you. You literally just turn your arms off and fall to your chest….catch a bit of a “spring” then push up. — I guess that is why CF changed the push-up standard to hand release last year.

    • Tye says:

      Larry, grease the groove. Take Jake as an example, and every time you go into the kitchen, do 10 pushups. I’ve taken that framework for my handstand pushups like Jake, and in three weeks I’ve gone from struggling to do 1 strict, to linking 7 strict.

      You just gotta attack those goats