Monday, 07 Sep, 2009

Posted by Mandee on September 7, 2009   |   32 Comments

“CrossFit Total”

Back squat, 1 rep
Shoulder Press, 1 rep
Deadlift, 1 rep

Post total to comments.

32 responses to “Monday, 07 Sep, 2009”

  1. Ashley says:

    115# back squat (first time doing a back squat!) 65# shoulder press (these are hard without the “hop” that the jerk and press give!) And 175# deadlift which is 20# more than last time I deadlifted.

  2. tracey says:

    back squat 160#
    shoulder press 95#
    deadlift 175# ALL ARE PR’S FOR ME. My low back is tight and i have eaten and
    drank like a rockstar all weekend, so I’m sure to improve next time.
    I’m ready to”Zone” tomorrow.

  3. Russ says:

    Back Squat: Squat Therapy instead – improving form at bottom of squat.
    Shoulder Press: 115 lbs. – PR (still a bit sore from burpees yesterday)
    Deadlift: 310 lbs. – PR

  4. klowe says:

    BS 390 (down)
    SP 190 (down)
    DL 505 PR


    Didn’t mentally get there until the DL’s. “out to lunch” for the squat. I want a “do over”

    Congrats to my partners Larry and Craig for the PR’s!!!

  5. klowe says:

    to many air quotes…..

    I’ll call myself out for that one….ugh.

  6. Kerri says:

    125# bs-was dropping my chest; could’ve gone up if I corrected my form, but ran out of time
    75# pp
    245# DL (PR!)
    Ready to get back in and on the Zone tomorrow;but, that free Chik-Fil-A chicken sandwich sure was good post workout today!!!! (only had 1/2 half of the bun, if that helps any….)

  7. Mandee Miller says:

    BS — 190#
    SP — 85#
    DL — 205#
    total = 480

  8. Craig Herr says:

    BS 275 (back pretty sore stopped at this weight)
    SP 140 (down from 160–1st time since tore tendon doing this in Nov)
    DL 405 PR (failed at 425-lost foucs–pretty sure I can get this)


    Great time working out with Kevin and Larry-good vibe in there today.

  9. Larry Lowe says:

    BS 235
    SP 130
    DL 385

    Matched pr’s in BS and DL. I’m sure my old pr in BS was not below parallel, and my old pr in SP was with a slight knee pop. I’m being strict now, so next time I should have pr’s in all three lifts.

    Total = 750

  10. Katherine Berger says:

    Way to go Kerri, Ashley, and Tracey!!! Great PRs! And Mandee, that is an amazing back squat!

    BS: 165 PR
    SP: 85 PR
    DL: 215
    Total: 465

    Failed 235 DL trying to beat my old PR of 225. Oh well. Campbell’s bday party was last night and to say I binged is an understatement. 🙂

  11. zora says:

    Bs 115,
    Sp 85
    Dl 175

  12. klowe says:

    Katherine….congrats on the PRs!!!

    Wasn’t it about a year ago that you were diagnosed with “never allowed to perform strenuous activties” for the rest of your life?

  13. Hudson Slater says:

    Basically a horrible day of failing 1RMs for me, including dumping a 275# BS over my head.

    BTW does anyone know what Zone says about artificial sweeteners?

  14. joshg says:

    BS – 375 (pr), SP – 150 (im weak), DL – 385 (missed pr of 405) ahhh, i suck again

  15. Russell says:

    I think you may have written your weights down incorrectly. I know you didn’t get as high as you wrote on any of those… maybe a miss calculation? remember the bar only weighs 35 lbs. I know your deadlift for instance was 125…

  16. Jimmy says:

    how do i always miss this one! russell i saw your linda workout video and was inspired went to do it and had horrible form on my deadlift and had to stop at 8 reps, later the muscles in my lower back locked up and started compresing my spine and put me in the worst pain of my life 4 days of physical therapy and muscles relaxers before i could do anything again.

  17. Mandy says:

    BS- 155 pr
    SP- 70
    DL- 205

    total- 430

    Attempted 235 dl to pr but failed at the top. Grr.

  18. Katie says:

    BS – 125 (did 150 twice but just slightly too high each time). More time maybe.
    SP – 75 PR
    DL – 200 PR

    Total: 400

  19. Katherine Berger says:

    Thanks Kevin! You’re right. In January I was told not to lift more than 20lbs or stand for more than 20 minutes at a time. Crazy.

  20. Mark Berger says:

    Thanks for the lifting lesson this morning. BS – I don’t remember, SP – 105, DL – 235. Now I’m not afraid of the lifting so I can really scare them at the big box gym. Enjoyed the weekend. Wendi and I would love to get back down to see you guys again soon.

  21. zora says:

    Thanks Russell for correcting me I will bring my notes next time.

  22. Patrick says:

    Artificial sweeteners are Zone-friendly. I’ve tried to find the research literature documenting an insulin response to artificial sweeteners, thus far I haven’t found it. Here’s an article from Steve Edward, the “nutrition and supplement” dude for beachbody addressing the goods and bads of sweeteners. Personally, I use Splenda because we have tons of it in the house, but Truvia is probably a better choice.

  23. klowe says:

    I’ve researched actual medical data for artificial sweeteners and insulin response and surprisingly there is very little data available (at least via google). I did have a conversation with a M.D./nutrition guy who happened to be a client at my hospital. He basically said this…..the brain really does not like to be tricked by artificial sweeteners and basically just “sweet” alone not necessarily insulin response triggers a need to eat more.

    He also said Splenda was a carbon ring molecule with chlorides attached. (FYI…benzene is a ring molecule). Basically said this. Pretty much ALL ring molecules are very nasty stuff and that there was NO WAY that he would ever purposefully eat Splenda….also went on to say the he was surprised that it is even medically/FDA allowed to be eaten. The gist was that is was a very nasty molecule that loves to degrade to free radical status within the body.

    Very short answer. Eat real unrefined sugar in moderation. Paleo baby…

    Eat what God made…not what man made (besides beer).

    It is as simple as that.

    my .02


  24. zora says:

    Kevin to answer your question about running faster:
    Sprinters often race on their toes, but distance runners land on there heel or midfoot.
    So practice a quicker touch -off (your foot spends less time on the ground )to hit faster speeds and its better u do it in last mile of your run.

  25. LeshaS says:

    BS- 175 in warm-up- failed at 205 (would have been a new PR) twice because Russell said I didn’t go quite low enough but soooo close! UGH! Will I ever get 205?!

    SP- 80 (PR)

    DL – 225

  26. Katherine Berger says:


    article (not necessarily the best source ever) about artificial sweeteners.

  27. Katherine Berger says:

    The bottom line is, artificial sweeteners have never been proven to be any more harmful than anything else we eat.

    They do cause an insulin response that is similar to what would occur if a person ate regular sugar, so for weight loss, you might as well eat the stuff that tastes good – real sugar.

  28. Robert S. says:

    Ok, so here’s my question on sweetners… Kevin peaked my interest with his paleo comment. Is agave nectar paleo, and is it any better than raw sugar? It has a lower GI than sugar, but what about it’s Glycemic load?

  29. leah says:

    BS 135# PR
    SP 55#
    DL 185# PR

  30. Tricer says:

    Re: Question on sweeteners. Russell had said during the zone class that artificial sweeteners cause a spike in insulin. I went online and found a some studies which corroborate that. The hypothesis goes, that if your insulin spikes but there isn’t any sugar incoming to handle it, then it will take it out of your blood (which was using it to power your body) and thus cause you to feel hungrier, and if you don’t eat, will cause you to ‘crash’. Which is why caffiene in the diet soda’s is popular… it helps avoid the crash, but only temporarily. Next time you sit down to eat, your blood sugar will be lower causing you to overeat.

    However, almost everything talks about Glycemic load…. and not things that acutally cause insulin spikes without the increase in sugar. So information is spotty.

    Personally, I’m finding it difficult to go without the ‘sweet’ taste, especially in my drinks. I’m used to unsweet tea with at least 2 packets of sweet and low.

  31. Russ says:

    BS – (squat therapy)
    SP – 115 lbs PR
    DL – 310 lbs PR