Monday, 08 August, 2011

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5 minutes of the following sequence: 5 sit-ups, 5 burpees, 5 wall ball shots



CrossFit Games Event 10

For time:
20 calorie Row
30 Wallball Shots, 20 pound ball
20 Toes to bar
30 Box jumps, 24″ box
20 Sumo-deadlit high-pull, 108 pound kettlebell
30 Burpees
20 Shoulder to overhead, 135 pounds
120 foot Sled pull, sled plus 165 pounds

Patrick Barber 11:12, Samantha Briggs 13:06.
Post time to comments.



Front Lever practice



3 x 8 GHD Sit-ups

3 x 5 Explosive Wall-balls

3 x 8 Back Extensions



Dynamic Effort Box Squat


3 x 10 Reverse Hypers

5 x 15 Partner Assisted Glute Ham Raises

Max repetition Bodyweight Back Squat


“Handstand Push-Up Progression: Part 2” with Carl Paoli by Again Faster EquipmentCrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

Annie Sakamoto, 2011 Spirit of the Games Award Winner” – video [wmv] [mov] [HD mov – Download only]

Womens Event 1 Archive Footage – video [wmv] [mov]


23 responses to “Monday, 08 August, 2011”

  1. Brian says:

    She makes that look way to easy…

  2. David says:

    Here in Denver. Trying to acclimate to the altitude. We are going to stay in Copper Mountain later this week until the race on Saturday. Mandy and I miss everyone but we’ll be back at it on Wednesday when we get back.

  3. Gina says:

    Awesome!!! She’s my hero:)

  4. Ron Wood says:

    17:48 rx’d

  5. ragamuffin says:

    Scaled SDLHP to 95 pounds and Push Press to 115 pounds.
    Scaled just right on this and kept it under my 15 min ceiling for wods.

  6. Justin says:

    12:07 rx’d

  7. TGIF says:


    Awesome job by 0600!

  8. Jake Naumcheff says:

    Hey guys, quick update!

    The yoga class scheduled for 5:45 tonight is cancelled.
    Sorry for the late notice!


  9. Josh says:

    Had a great time today with the 4:30 class. Thanks for your hospitality, hope to see you guys soon.

  10. Josh M says:

    11:58 rx / sled pull

  11. Patrick says:

    Rx: 18:12

  12. Kerri says:

    Good Chipper!

  13. James Stranahan says:

    22:00 scaled

  14. Mac says:

    13:58 / sled pull rx’d very fun WOD

  15. Jamie Flynt says:

    20:27 scaled. Surprised myself by finishing!

  16. DaveC says:

    19:02 scaled. The relatively cool temperature was great, and I scaled enough I could pretty well keep moving the entire time which made me very happy.