Monday, 08 Nov, 2010

Posted by Mandee on November 7, 2010   |   45 Comments

Snatch one rep every minute on the minute for 15 minutes.

James Hobart 195-230lbs, Chuck Carswell 185-215lbs, Austin Malleolo 135-220lbs, Heather Bergeron 95-140lbs.
Post the highest and lowest loads to comments.

Positive Self-Talk: Defining Your Destiny” with Greg AmundsonCrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

Question of the day:  POLL- Are you, or would someone you know be interested in a women’s self defense course? We are currently developing a curriculum for one at our gym and want to know what to expect. Who gave us the idea? You guys of course!

45 responses to “Monday, 08 Nov, 2010”

  1. Larry says:

    Crossfit Smash

    Open gym, so I did their workout from last Thursday:

    Run 400m
    50 pullups
    Power Snatch – Choose Level
    Power clean and jerk – Same Level as power snatch
    Run 400m
    50 pushups
    Power Snatch – Choose Level
    Power clean and jerk – Same level as PS

    Level 1 = 6 reps @ 60kg
    Level 2 = 9 reps @ 50kg
    Level 3 = 12 reps @ 40kg

    I did level 2 the whole way.


    I really like this guys programming. http://www.crossfitsmash.com.au

  2. Greg Elmore says:

    You need to look at the Crossfit.com picture posted with the Monday WOD. If that’s not Russell on the far left of the top picture then he has an identical twin. The picture is from the Third Annual CrossFit Certification Trainer Summit, Charlotte, North Carolina. I assume Russell was at this summitt. LOL

  3. Jason says:

    Why does it just have to be a Women’s self-defense course? 2 years of strength training in CrossFit might do me more good if I knew how to use it to defend myself other than out of control hay-makers.

    • Russell says:

      We don’t have to only have a women’s course, you’re just the fist person to mention interest that isn’t a woman. That’s good input!
      I do think the differences in how those courses would be taught and the obstacles involved necessitate the separation of the sexes.

      • Ben Jarrell says:

        I’d be interested too.

      • Robb says:

        I’d be up for it as well

        • Brian says:

          [95# – 135#] PR by 40# – I honestly “feel” like I am not making progress by I am getting PR’s weekly. Keeping an accurate log is helping tons and putting my progress into perspective.

          I agree with G – I also like this format for heavy lifts.

          Todays warmup was great – By the time we started I felt 100% ready to go.

  4. Garrett D says:

    95-155 PR by 30lbs. Jake did a good thorough warmup and it seemed to help. I really like this format for lifts and I hope to see it more on some rest days (hint hint)

  5. Will Blankenship says:

    QOD: Without writing a novel…

    It depends greatly on the instructor and what he plans on teaching. It depends on how much time a person is willing to commit to learning this defense. You have to accept the fact that, in an attack, you ARE going to get hurt. A kick to the balls and shot to the nose isn’t going to cut it. You have to accept the fact that a good score on Fight-Gone-Bad prepares you for an actual fight about as much as completing a Hero WOD prepares you for warfare.

    IMO any “self defense course” especially for women, should focus a great deal of time on weapons training. Learn how to use a gun. Learn how to use a knife. Learn how to use that lean, cross-country 5K body to get the hell out of Dodge.

    In CF we try to prepare our bodies for the worst of the worst situations. A self-defense course should be no different. You don’t want to just prepare your ole-lady for the drunk bum down the street, you want to prepare her for that sociopath that’s jacked up on PCP.

    Get a gun.

    • Russell berger says:

      couldn’t agree more.

    • Kristi Simmons says:

      Will, I like the way you think!!

    • Ben Jarrell says:

      Crossfit Target Practice WOD. Russell, is it too late to request a shooting range at the new gym?

    • Slade White says:

      I agree with you too, Will. I’ve trained for over 18 years, have black belts in different styles, but that doesn’t mean I could walk the streets looking for trouble. I’ve been an assistant instructor for women’s self defense classes, and I have to say a lot of the stuff taught just simply would not work against somebody who was actually out to hurt you. Some of the rape victims I met had broken hips and other horrible injuries from people who aren’t going to simply grab you by the wrist and wait for you to break free, stomp their foot, and ring their bells. It isn’t wrong to show people something that might help them, but a lot of that stuff is about as useful as Billy Blanks Tae Bo.

    • Robert S. says:

      My comment to someone who suggested this type of class a while back.

      “I can teach you how to shoot.”

    • Karen says:

      Sorry, I’m a bit passionate about this topic so I apologize in advance for the novel.

      I do agree that a gun is the optimal defense and I do own one. But several situations have to come into play to make that gun optimal. First one has to purchase a gun. Then one has to have a permit for it. Then it has to be readily retrievable. Then it has to be loaded. Then ONE HAS TO BE COMMITTED TO USE IT or it becomes an offensive weapon. (Same holds true for a knife, a rock or a big stick.)

      Unfortunately, attacks aren’t announced. Attacks don’t just happen at 11pm or in “bad” locations of town. More likely situations are going to be parking lots or garages (like Walmart or department stores), parks or outdoor workout areas (like the Cross country course). I was approached outside a gym on University Drive after a workout. And some attacks happen at home or in neighborhoods.

      Some knowledge of “how to get the heck out of Dodge” techniques could prove important in a situation. I’d rather have a broken jaw but be alive than get killed while trying to procure my weapon. Also, a lot of women are with children. They aren’t going to carry weapons with them (or at least I know I didn’t). Or they are out on the town with girlfriends with a hot outfit on (which usually doesn’t have many places for weaponry). Or running a cross country run in a local park or neighborhood in running/workout clothes. I find it unlikely that in any of these situations a woman would be carrying a weapon capable of stopping an attacker.

      Learning self-defense isn’t about “winning the fight” and taking the attacker down. It is about providing yourself with a window of opportunity to try to get out of a bad situation alive.

      So, please be realistic and understand that, although a gun is optimal, it may not be practical.

      Or maybe I’m the only Crossfit female that isn’t packing my gun 24/7.

      • Karen says:

        And I’m not against learning how to use weapons or disillusioned that self-defense techniques are the saving grace. Just information that can be used when other techniques fail or are unavailable.

        • Will Blankenship says:

          I agree that a gun isn’t always accessible and attacks are rarely announced, but a parking lot (IF YOU LIVE WHERE I DO, ESPECIALLY WALMART), a garage, a park, an outdoor wooded area… those are the places that you should be packing. Those places are the reason you have a gun.

          When you learn weapons training you should be taught to be aware of your surroundings at all times and how to arm yourself with your weapon of choice as quickly as possible. When awareness and preparedness becomes second nature, it becomes very difficult for an assailant to “surprise” attack you.

          IMO it’s important for anyone to learn self defense. It must be understood though that it takes a great deal of time and commitment to become effective. Especially towards an attacker with bad intentions. When adrenaline starts pumping, those skills better be engrained into your psyche, because it’s going to happen without thought. It must all be reflex and learning a couple different tricks every week doesn’t do that. I hate to see people develop a false sense of ability, and then they don’t find out what they really have until the situation turns sour.

          • Will Blankenship says:

            BTW… you’ve always got thumbs and teeth, and they’ve always got eyeballs and a face. 😉

    • Patrick says:

      The new Tazers are pretty cool. Ultra-portable and perfectly legal to carry it in your hand, in the open, down the aisles at Walmart. And… they come in pink.

  6. TashaW says:

    Can’t post this on FB or anything (due to the whole “Mean Girls Suck” thing) but I HAVE to tell someone who will be happy for me & you know, this is the place!!!

    Pre-pregnancy Joe’s Jeans 6 days after childbirth….. CHECK!! “Thanks, Crossfit!”

  7. Justin says:


  8. Robb says:

    95-150 PR by 35

  9. Will Blankenship says:


    Very frustrating. My PR is 160, so I wanted at least 165. I think I was hitting a mental block on 160. I couldn’t convince my body to drop under the weight. Plus I haven’t done heavy snatches in a while, so my form was all over the place. I still love this lift though.

  10. Penelope says:

    35-55#, made progress on technique (I think) – thanks Jake!
    QOD: Yes – definitely interested.

  11. Robert S. says:


    Everything after 135 was a pr. 155 was UGLY, but I got it up. I was hoping to hit body weight today. Only 5 more lbs, and I’m there.

  12. katieg says:

    Had to leave early to pick up Lexi from gymnasticd so I missed the WOD 🙁 … thinking about a home-made WOD tonight.

    Anyone hear about the TWINKIE DIET on the news today?? Can’t post the link from my droid… guy lost 27 pounds eating mostly twinkies (and only 1800 calories)… poses the question… quantity over quality???

    • Robert S. says:

      While one can obviously be successful in weight loss using simple caloric restriction, the weight loss experienced by this subject was most likely very different than the weight loss we experience using paleo/zone and CF.

      While the story says that the common health markers improved (LDL/HDL and triglycerides) it does not say anything about his hormonal response to the diet. He lost body fat, but let’s take a closer look at this.

      According to the story he weighed 201 lbs pre-diet and was 33.4% BF. This gives us 134 lbs of lean mass and 67 lbs of fat.

      His post-diet weight was 174 lbs and 24.9% BF. This gives us 131 lbs of lean mass and 43 lbs of fat.

      So, the first thing I see here is that he LOST some muscle mass. If he had not been consuming the protein shakes I would say it would have been more of a loss. Our diet, while still being calorically restricted, can facilitate maintaining lean muscle while loosing weight. It can even be an anabolic diet for some folks.

      The second thing isn’t so clear in the story, but if I were a betting man I would wager that the fat loss was not from around the mid section. Why? Because when you’re eating that kind of food, the insulin resistant fat around the mid section is gonna hang around. I’m sure his cortisol levels are nothing to be envied either.

  13. Patrick says:

    WOD: 95-155
    5/3/1 Press: 105(5)-125(5)-140(10)
    5/3/1 Squat: 195(3)-225(3)-265(6)

  14. KLowe says:

    165-210 with about 5 or so failed 215’s.

    One of those days where you realize that the Snatch MUST BE PRACTICED! This lift just doesn’t “happen”.

  15. Karen says:

    65-115 (PR by 20#)!

    I LOVED this programming! Form was still an issue but I really feel like I could have gotten more. I failed a couple of times at 115 because I was in my toes due to early pulls. Also did full squat snatches for entire workout, to grease my mental groove.

  16. Jake Naumcheff says:

    135/195 PR

    Very, Very close on 205. I will get this soon.

  17. Ramsay says:

    From not being able to do this movement at all 2 weeks ago to getting a 25# PR today, I’d say I like the format too. Practice and practice some more.

    Jake’s patience and ability to coach me is commendable.

    Yes to a self-defense class. The posts above, however, have brought new insight to what I thought was a simple idea. Thanks for the reality check.