Monday, 12 December, 2011

Posted by Mandee on December 11, 2011   |   12 Comments


400 meter Indian run

3 Rounds:

P1: 5 DB hang power clean, 5 Front Squat, 5 Push Press

P2: Ab-mat sit-ups







A. Clean x 4; Rest 3:00

B. Front Squat 2-2-2 @30×0; 90% 1RM Rest 2:00

C1. Dumbbell Split Squat 3 x 8/leg @30×0; Rest 1:00

C2. Reverse Hypers 3 x 12-15; Rest 1:00

D. GHD Sit-ups 3 x 15-20; Rest 1:00


Starting and Growing a CrossFit Kids Program” with Travis Harkey,CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

“Twas the Night Before Christmas” from CrossFit Full Potential (MA).


12 responses to “Monday, 12 December, 2011”

  1. AP says:


    40 pound PR, but the last and only time I did this was Oct 2009. Note to self: Start heavier.

  2. Brady says:

    Good times in 0600!

    • I lift heavy things and put them down! says:

      Your right we had some great lifting today and plenty of PR’s going around! Great job this morning Tye!

  3. Larry Lowe says:


  4. Ben Jarrell says:

    My shoulder has been bugging me the past few days so I think I will avoid these thrusters. Is there any reason why powerlifting would exacerbate this? It looks okay to me.

    • Not knowing the extent of the injury, or how it happened, etc…I can’t say exactly.

      What I can tell you is that you’re more than welcome to come in and we can try some things out. If something bothers it then we can find something different for you to do.

  5. I lift heavy things and put them down! says:

    Thrusters 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 : | 185 lbs, 205 lbs, 225 lbs, 245 lbs, 265 lbs FAIL, 255 lbs FAIL, and 225 lbs | Rx’d

  6. Will Blankenship says:


  7. Jason says:

    75-95-115-135-155-165PR-170F. Didn’t expect much since I’ve been out a month and not sure about my right knee tweak, but was pleasantly surprised.

  8. Ron Wood says:

    185-205-215-225(x)-225(x)-225(x) I learned that 225 was too heavy!

  9. Bear is a bitch says:

    Thanks for the pic! Embraces the hell we call the “Bear”