Monday, 19 Apr, 2010

Posted by Mandee on April 19, 2010   |   24 Comments

3 rounds for time of:
Walking lunge, 100 ft
50 Squats
25 Back extensions

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Compare to 070516.

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24 responses to “Monday, 19 Apr, 2010”

  1. Justin says:

    Back extensions were tough. I was doing them one at a time from early in the second round on.

  2. Larry Lowe says:


  3. J.D. says:

    12:44 as rx’d.


  4. Kyle Mosier says:

    11:34 as rx’d. That was painful. My lower back was on fire at the end.

  5. Emily D. says:

    15:59. Lunges were SLOW…….give me back extensions over lunges any day of the week.

  6. Robert S. says:


    Kind of pissed at myself for not getting sub 12.

  7. Robb Dempsey says:

    18:19 hip flexors said no more half way through 3rd round.

  8. Barry S says:

    we have 1 picnic table with a mat nailed to it, & someone to hold your feet down, so we really don’t do GHD, Hip or Back Ext all that much.

    today was:
    20# wall ball 21-15-11-9-4, alternating with
    burpees 4-9-11-15-21 for time
    12:42! (I hate burpess…and suck at them, too!)

    Some of the guys were doing 100 burpee pullups followed by 100 box jumps, wearing IBA…not an option for me right now…can’t do 10 pullups, much less 100!


    • Russell says:

      haha, I remember those days. I frequently made a GHD-like contraption out of a bench-press bench and a Smith machine. Don’t remember exactly how that worked but it did.

  9. Mandee Miller says:

    12:52 as rx’d

  10. klowe says:

    Squat cleans: Work up to max
    280 old PR
    290PR – 290 felt good and think I could have 295’d if enough time allowed.

    WOD – 8:55

    Post WOD drive to work with EXTREME Back Cramping ~20min

  11. LeshaS says:

    250m row instead of walking lunges (shin stitches come out SATURDAY, so no running, jumping, DU’s and other similar movements) Could lunge one side but not the other.

  12. Tasha W says:

    15:47, subbed hip ext for back ext.

  13. Kerri says:

    14:35 as rx’ed-BURNER!!!

  14. Katie says:

    15:01 whew a back burner!

  15. Katie says:

    Back Squats earlier: 110-120-130pr
    95lbs 12-5-6

  16. tracey says:

    9:59 I wanted to sub 10:00 sooooo bad. So the last 15 back ext. looked sorta scary:)- Kerri was frightened.

  17. klowe says:

    well…..looks like I’ll get to take a crack at 295 tomorrow! probably not smart at all but I’m gonna do it!

  18. Patrick says:

    As Rx’d: 17:58

  19. dunnbball says:

    Head spinning the whole time… worse than a hangover.

  20. AlissaRamsay says:

    Thanks to the Traceys and Kerrie, I was able to complete more than I would have without the “encouragement”. Thanks ladies.