Monday, 20 July, 2009

Posted by Mandee on July 20, 2009   |   30 Comments

Run 5 K

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30 responses to “Monday, 20 July, 2009”

  1. Mandee Miller says:

    32:39 (PR)

  2. Jakub Sikorski says:


  3. maxAU1807 says:

    I’m highly allergic to running….i made up the hang clean wod i missed last week results were – 185 – 195 – 205 – 210x 2 – 205 – 205- 210 (PR).

  4. Larry Lowe says:

    Beach workout #2

    “Sandy 50”

    Each participant had to fill their sandbag to a weight they deemed appriopriate. They had to used the same sandbag for all the events labeled with a star. Of course the girls named they bags.

    800m run
    *50 sandbag rows (25 reps each arm)
    *50 sandbag swings
    *50 walking lunges holding sandbag
    50 jumping knees to elbows (no pullup bar, so jump, raise knees to elbows, land on feet)
    *50 pushpress with sandbag
    50 situps
    50 pushups
    800m run


    My sandbag was around 50#. Great beach workout. I highly recommend taking a sandbag with you on your next beach vacation.

    Participants: me, Amanda, Armin, Paul, Rhonda

  5. Courtney Meyers says:

    31:05 (PR)

  6. JT says:

    did the filthy fifty – or it did me! 49:15 which suprisingly is a PR by 5+ minutes. That included laying down for 7 minutes at the 37:48 mark and 18 completed burpees. I was about to black out everytime i stood up from a burpee. Anyway, laid around for 7 minutes and got motivation from my 4 year old who was finishing up gymnastics! I think I’ll turn off the lights, lock the door and take a nap. Hold my calls!!

  7. Slade White says:

    Tried to stay with pack today, but they left me before we got to the half way point. Still, today was a PR with 29:32.

  8. klowe says:

    23.06 (1min off PR)

    My run times are trending the wrong direction……..
    Did a 5mile run in Cali that was concrete the entire time and my shin splints have not seemed to recover…..yet……from that stupid run. My legs from the knee down just felt dead and irritatingly achy.

    complaints, complaints, complaints.

    Larry that beach WOD just looks dang nasty! Congrats to all yall for “making it suck”


  9. Clint says:

    30 MU’s for time:

    12:51 (pr = +17 minutes)

    I was able to link 4 MU’s once I was warmed up. Look to break sub 10 for this one soon.

  10. Mandy says:

    Filthy Fifty: 40:39
    scaled to : 12 kg KBS, 35# PP, 16# WBS
    everything else as rx’d

  11. Clint says:

    5 x 5 Back Squat @ 185.

  12. Karen says:

    28:17 @ same Hampton Cove route as before. PR by over 1 min! And I hate running so that is a big wa-hoo!

  13. Will Blankenship says:


  14. Katie says:

    5K on Daytona Beach

    Only had my stopwatch, so I ran as fast as I could for the same time as my last 5K, 32:00. Kept a good pace and ran barefoot. It was beautiful!

  15. Zak says:

    22:28 a new PR and a 52 second improvement from last time.

  16. Robert Montgomery says:

    21:19. PR by 31 secs.

  17. Hudson Slater says:

    22:45. 30 Seconds above PR. Probably from eating crap all weekend

  18. Kerri says:

    Katie…just HAD to rub it in, didn’t you?? =o) Hope you’re having a great time!

    34:31 Why is it that 2 out of the 3 last times I’ve done the Cross Country trail, I’m the unlucky one that happens upon men (runners AND golfers) relieving themselves?!?!?!?! Such a disturbing thought, maybe that’s why I can’t improve my time….I’m so traumatized…
    Yes, it’s true…But, let’s just say, today left a little ‘more’ to be desired!!!

  19. Patrick says:

    Back Squat 3×5: 205-205(4)-185
    then 5k row 23:54

    Rowing is still a mystery. Are you supposed to feel like a hunchback afterward?

    Clint awesome MU time. One of these days I’ll get a MU…

  20. Katie says:

    Kerri – LMAO!!!

  21. Amy Tankesley says:


  22. LeshaS says:

    Rowed 5K because my big is still a mess! 25:31

  23. leah says:

    29:05 about 40 sec faster than last time

  24. JeffWomble says:

    26:50 – beat my old PR (the first lap of the 10K) by well over 2 minutes (old time was 29:32)

  25. Craig Herr says:

    5k in neighborhood 21:49
    Ok after a vacation and wearing new Innovates–toes are sore.

  26. klowe says:

    Lots of PR’s on this one!!!

    Congrats to all….feels good doesn’t it?

  27. dankno says:

    Obviously, I have missed something. I thought we were a day behind the WOD.
    Did the 5k today. I’m still slow, but got 3:45 better than last time.

  28. Daniel says:

    5K, broken into two intervals of ~1.5 miles each.

    Ran the first 1.48 with Krista at a 10:46 pace. 15:59

    Then ran another 1.54 alone at a 7:20 pace. 11:20

    Used my “Motion-X” GPS application on my iPhone to track the exact distance ran.

  29. Lauren says:

    5k 27:34